Sauna Open Air / Tampere 2011

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"In every career there is the right portion of luck and persistence needed"

Suiciderock: The video for your song “Pandemic“ just came out.
Wolf Hoffmann:
Well, the video for Pandemic is a video we`ve been planning on  for a long time, it was almost one year ago that our “teutonic terror” clip has been released. Our producer was busy with other stuff and finally now he had the time to put it all in action. From what I understood it is a tremendous amount of work to get a clip like this done. We loved the concept so we are very happy with the result.

Suiciderock: The song wasn`t really released as single?
Wolf Hoffmann:
We released the song as kind of a promotional teaser. We just love the song, it has this driving beet and it is one of the catchier tunes that we have, I guess that was the reason.

Suiciderock: “Blood to the Nations” is said to be the most successful album of your entire career. Would you agree with that?
Wolf Hoffmann:
Yeah, I would. I mean we never had this kind of a reaction for any album before. We never had that immediate reaction if you look back to our so called classic albums from the 80`s. It`s also a matter of fact that this album really brought us back from the dead so to say. It`s an amazing feeling to see what we achieved with that album.

Suiciderock: Yeah, it was Nr. 12 in the European Charts, Number 4 in Germany just when it was released…
Wolf Hoffmann:
We got so many great reviews apart from the success in the charts and it was so well accepted by the people out there. It has been album of the year, album of the decade, just to name some of the titles it reached in so many places. I would say it is more acculate than anything we have ever done in the past.

Suiciderock: So what did you do different this time comparing to your former albums?
Wolf Hoffmann:
I don`t know, it was just the right album at the right time. I guess the world was ready for this kind of old school metal again. We really didn`t change anything regarding the musical style. We have done our thing, the same old school metal we have done already back than in the 80`s. We didn`t really try to do anything different.

Suiciderock: That means it was not your intention to work on something totally new or different for your come back?
Wolf Hermman:
No, not at all. I mean it was a little bit different of course. We have a new vocalist and so on. When we started to work on the album we didn`t make the plan to do a totally different album with a complete new style. We just wanted to see and to try if we can do it.

Suiciderock: The album brings you on a extended tour. You had your first sold-out show in South America. How was that?
Wolf Hoffmann:
It was amazing and it always is amazing to play especially in South America. We have been there once or twice before, but only in Argentina. This time we got the chance to tour in Bolivia, Peru, all this exciting places we have never been to before. The fans in South America are just crazier than anywhere else in the world.

Suiciderock: They seem to be very enthusiastic?
Wolf Hoffmann:
They are, they are. Metal fans are always very into the music and they show it with a lot of enthusiasm. I don`t wanna say anything negative to the rest of the world but maybe it is the South American spirit that makes the people even more excited about something than anywhere else. It was just great to play there.

Suiciderock: This tour will last almost the rest of the year. How do you cope with living the touring life for such a long period of time?
Wolf Hoffmann:
We have been non stop on the road since January this year. I would say we have done more touring within the last 2 years that we have ever done in our whole career. It has been a really long and exhausting trip but it`s been worth it. It was super successful and it was a honour to be back at those places we haven`t been for such a long time. You have to remember that we almost had been retired. We haven`t been on the road for about 15 years and than you come back and see this. This is quite remarkable.

Suiciderock: The band exists since the 70`s. There are many bands that even don`t make it for 5 years. How did you make it to last so long, even if there was this break?
Wolf Hoffmann:
Persistance, I guess. We have been fortunate in the sense that we have been in the forefront of this whole Heavy Metal movement. Before us there haven`t really been any Heavy Metal bands in Germany for example. We just came out when this whole Heavy Metal hype in Great Britain started and I guess we were the German part of it. It was just luck. And like in every career there is the right portion of luck and persistence needed. I can`t really say that we are more talented than other people. A lot of things have to come together. At the end of the day it is a lot of work, too. You have to want it, it`s not that you just wake up one day and you play at big festivals. You have to work hard for it.

Suiciderock: That sounds like you always had the dream to make your living out of that?
Wolf Hoffmann:
We all had that dream and we were working really hard for it every day, even in the early years when we started the band. We didn`t know anything about the business back than. What I see nowadays, is that bands know so much more about the music business itself but at the same time they expect so much more from it. They want to be famous over night. They sit down, make an own record on their laptop, maybe they manage a hit and play some festivals but how long does that kind of a successtory last? In our case it took years and years and years til we had achieved what we are now. That is something a lot of bands tend to forget when they are heading for the sky.

Suiciderock: Was it hard for you to go back on stage or on tour after your break?
Wolf Hoffmann:
Not at all. I have missed it terribly during the years. I missed the excitement when you go on stage to play infront your fans and all that kind of things. It is a tremendous kick that you don`t get in any other way, at least I don`t . Nothing that I know brings me the same satisfaction.

Suiciderock: You wouldn`t work as a plumber than?
Wolf Hoffmann:
No, that`s funny. I worked many years as a photographer now. I love that job as well and I`m very successful in that job, too. I made a great living but something was still missing in my life. Now I`m back here and I`m really happy about that.

Suiciderock: Beeing a photographer has something to do with art as well though…
Wolf Hoffmann:
That`s right, I really love it but music still is something bigger and more exciting for me.

Suiciderock: As you already mentioned, Tornillo has joined the band as your new singer. Was it hard to adapt to his style or was it hard to adapt for him to the bands style?
Wolf Hoffmann:
No, that wasn`t a problem at all. When we met it felt like we have always know each other. It`s bizarre, his voice fits so well for our band and the music. I don`t know if it was difficult for him but it wasn`t for us. We just stayed the same and he found his place. It works our pretty well. We weren`t even looking for someone but when we met, we tried some songs and than we decided to reform the band together. That was exactly two years ago from now and it feels just great.

Suiciderock We are here at the Sauna Open Air today. Is there any band you want to see yourself? Everybody is dying to see Judas Pries tonight?
Wolf Hoffmann:
I saw Judas Priest already when we played at the Sweden Rock together, but yes I would also go for Judas Priest tonight. I can`t wait to see their whole gig. At the Sweden Rock they played on another stage far away so we couldn`t really enjoy the gig but tonight we get the chance to see the whole performance. We are looking forward to see a little bit of Queensryche as well.

Suiciderock: Your future plans for Accept?
Wolf Hoffmann:
Well, we will tour the whole summer, til the end of July than we will take a long break from touring to start working on the new record right away.

Suiciderock: Do you already have new material which you can reveal a little bit?
Wolf Hoffmann:
Nothing, no but we will start working on it right after our summer shows are done. We will start from the scratch. Just as we did last time. But hopefully it goes quite smoothly. We are in a good spirit and if all goes well we will bring out the new record next year than.


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