Tampere 2008



Suiciderock: Be that nice and give us a little introduction of your band.
We are Axentry. We know each other since a very long time.

Suiciderock: Which bands have influenced you?
Simo: I would say Megadeth is one of this bands, the Finnish band Tarot, Nightwish, Dream Theatre just to name some.

Suiciderock: I bet that you are also a big fan of Metallica as you have a big similarity with James Hettfield...
Simo: *smiles* Do I?

Suiciderock: Who is responsible for the songwriting in your band?
Simo: At the moment I`m the one who is to blame when it comes to the lyrics of our songs. But I`m not the only one who works with our songs, also Henkka, Heikki and Timo help me, it`s a band project if you want so. I have the ideas for a particular song and than the others help me to make it complete.

Suiciderock: What inspires you for the songs?
Simo: Our songs are pretty hard. They are about rough times in life. I`m not one of this people who write about all the happy things that happen to me. You know? When something sad happens or comes up in my life I write a song about it. You can find my own experiences in our songs, I write about stuff I`ve been through in my life, but I also write about stuff that happens around me, about people I know, friends and so on.
Henkka: Our demo mainly consists of Simos experiences.

Suiciderock: What about an own record? Are there enough songs for an own album yet?
Simo: Yeah, defiantely. Actually we are able to go to the studio right away but I guess this takes a bit until we can hold our first own record in our hands.

Suiciderock: What can people expect from your lifeshows?
Simo: They will find a hardrocking band, not a Hard Rock band! It`s gonna be hard and loud, massive.
Henkka: Yeah I think massive is a nice word to describe us.
Simo: Sweat and tears. *smiles* I would say that we are a honest lifeband. There is just us and the audience.
Henkka: We keep concentrating on playing.

Suiciderock: What made you become a musician?
Simo: I don`t know what it was exactly. I mean there was no special happening, it just developed itself. I always loved music very much. It has always been a good opportunity for me to handle my feelings. One day my dad bought me a guitar than I started to play and I liked it.
Henkka: Actually my big brother forced me to do something music related. I was about ten years old when I started to play drums. Luckily he did as I really enjoy it nowadays.

Suiciderock: Can you still recall your first musical memory?
Simo: There are some pieces here and there.
Henkka: Maybe some life show.
Simo: All of my sisters and brothers play an instrument and I`m the youngest so I had to learn one, too. I remember my brother playing guitar. That was also a reason why I started to play this instrument.

Suiciderock: When will we have the chance to see you life?
Simo: I don`t know. We don`t have any concrete plans for a tour or whatever. Maybe in January. We`ll let you know.

Suiciderock: Your futureplans?
Simo: To dominate the world *smiles*
Henkka: I would love to make music all of my life.
Simo: Same here. I hope we can play lots of gigs. I hope that we can play outside of Finland.

Suiciderock: Famous last words?
Simo: Not really.
Henkka: I`m a quiet man.
Simo: Cheers!

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