Munich 2008

(c) Niclas Brunzell

"Big Future Plans"

Suiciderock: You can look back on a band history of 20 years. Within this time the Backyard Babies have developed into one of Sweden’s most wanted rock bands. What have been your personal highlights of this history?
Dregen: Well, my personal higlight is that we`ve managed this 20 years. I don`t know there have been a lot of highlights in our career, we didn`t have so many downs during this time. It has just felt great when we started to form the band and to write and play our songs. Our first record deal was a big highlight for us of course. It was fantastic when we got honoured with an gold album or when we got the grammy award. Our fans are kind of a highlight for us as well.

Suiciderock: Your new and selftitled record “Backyard Babies” that hit the stores last August is your sixth album. Why did you decide to name the album like your band?
Dregen: When we started to write the songs for it we thought that this is the most Backyard Babies sounding album. I think if you are a new fan and you buy the Backyard Babies album and you don`t like it, than you should stop to listen to any of our songs we`ve done before because than you are not a Backyard Babies fan. It really represents the sound of our band and also as you said next year is our 20th anniversary so it is a little kind of an early birthday present for our fans.

Suiciderock: You said that “Backyard Babies is clearer than your previous records”. What makes it clearer could you describe the record in a few words?
Dregen: We said that? *smiles*. I don`t think that the album is more clear, I think we`ve been clearer on what we wanted to do this time. I guess that we were more focused on the whole thing. Well, just listen to it and you gonna hear it.

Suiciderock: The album was produced at Polar & Big Island Sound Studios in Stockholm. Can you tell us a bit about the recordings?
Dregen: We started in our rehearsal room in Stockholm where we pretty much do all the stuff beforehand in the beginning when we start to write the stuff and record the demos. After doing this demos we`ve had a lot of meetings with different producers. We`ve met this guy called, Jacob Hellner. We started discussing the material and we liked the Polar Studio as we`ve been there before already. Actually the studio is new now but anyway... it has always been good there so we decided to record there. Big Island Sound Studio is actually Jacobs own studio. So that was natural that we`ve worked there as well.

Suiciderock: The first single of the record, “Fuck off and Die” was released just some days ago, on the 3rd of October, it includes the track “Saved By The Bell” featuring Dizzy Reed of Guns `n Roses. How did that collaboration come up?
Dregen: Yes, but actually it was not a single, it was more a wynils single which is very rare as there are only 1000 copies existing from it. Dizzy Read also plays on our album. Well, we are just good friends with him and so it was nice to work with him. He thought about it for awhile. He plays in Guns`n Roses and they are touring a lot and they`ve been working a lot on their "Chineese Democracy" *smiles*
so it`s been hard to find some time, but we made some time to record this.
Suiciderock: There is this Swedish mobile communication company who develops touch screen technologies and designs mobile handsets. They have announced the release of a Backyard Babies Limited Edition Neonode N2 multimedia touch screen phone. Who had the idea for that?
Dregen: Yeah that`s right. That was a quite cool idea. It`s a own Backyard Babies cellphone. It`s like an Ipod where you can also make your phonecalls from. It`s kinda cool thing. This company is pretty small, very underground and not that many people work there and they asked us if we are willing to make this special Backyard Babies edition.

Suiciderock: We are in Munich today and you have lots of shows behind you already but there are so much more to follow this year. How do you manage to keep your self in shape during the tour?
Dregen: I don`t know, maybe good jeans, I really don`t know.

Suiciderock: What keeps touring interesting and special even after all this years on the road?
Dregen: That`s a hard question. For example now, I don`t know if Munich was a magical night but it was definately a good night. You know this is what we do and it`s always something special for us to play life because this was what we`ve always wanted to do. We always wanted to deliver our music to the people. You know? In my opinion we are more a life band than a studio band.

Suiciderock: Your future plans for the band?
Dregen: Uff... This is gonna be the most boring answer you`ve ever got... I think and hope that we gonna do this for the rest of our lifes. We will release a new single...

Suiciderock: When can we expect that?
Dregen: I would say in about one month or something. The single will be called "Nomadic", we will also shoot a video for that one. After this tour we are going over to tour in Japan, than we go to Eastern Europe, we will also rock Russia. Than we are taking a little break to celebrate christmas at home. Than we are going on another European Tour and a Scandinavian tour, South America and last but not least the USA. Oh, and I hope that we will be back in Germany next summer to play some festivalshows.

Suiciderock: Ok thank you that`s it.
Dregen: No, thank you that was cool! *smiles* 

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