Helsinki 2012

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"It was all about dedication"

Suiciderock: Could you please give us a brief introduction the band to start up the interview?
Lee: We have found the band in  Southern Finland  back in 2005. We had a couple of line up changes since than.
Domino: Not only the line up has changed. Also we have changed when it comes to our personalities. Letís say our minds are not the same anymore as they have been back than. I think you have to be mentally ill to life that kind of life we are living. Otherwise you would take the whole thing too serious and that wouldnít go well at all.

Suiciderock: I read in an interview that you had a rocky road to get where you are today.  What did you mean by that and is the line up as it exists nowadays fine or are there any changes coming up again?
Domino: That is correct, we had a hard time when we were forming this band. Iím about to get fired from the band which is quite bad considering the fact that I donít have anything else than this. So Iím about to lose my life tonight. Just to tell something about this line up question. No, no, Iím just kidding.
Lee: Well, our current line up is great. I wouldnít change anything. But you never know what happens in the future.

Suiciderock: You are still looking for a label. Is that right? This is some difficulty which you share with a lot of your music colleagues out there, even the big bands have their difficulties to find a suitable label when their old contract runs out. What makes it so difficult? Did you have any offers?
Lee: You know there are a lot of record labels out there and we received many offers but it is so hard to make the right decision. It is so simple to open a label for basically everybody out there. The question is if it really brings you further as a band when you accept one of that deals. There are many so called undergroundlables out there but I donít know if signing a deal with them is a step into the right direction for the band. Of course, it would be nice to have a label but it also has to be good for the band. We just donít want to get ourselves into a deal that makes it basically impossible to leave. We donít want to be bound to something like that. Not only for the sake to have some kind of label.
Domino: Yeah, I agree with Lee here. The whole label thing has lost its meaning.

Suiciderock: You are everything else than one of this newcomer bands. You have played shows abroad for example in Australia. There has also been a very flattering review in the Metal Hammer about you guys. So how comes that if a band goes that far to perform canít find a record label here?
Lee: I think there are too many bands out there. The whole industry is over floated with all different kind of bands. Itís not that important anymore than it was before. I mean they donít care so much anymore to discover something new. Nowadays you have to make a certain amount of money before one of the bigger labels would even think about signing you. That sucks in my opinion. Even the bigger bands donít sell their records like they did a couple of years ago.
Domino: They even lowert the amount of records a band had to sell to reach gold here in Finland because it was not achievable anymore. That tells a lot already. I also think that the people who are in charge at this record companies they donít know anything anymore when it comes to that. I mean they are not in touch with the people, with the band itself anymore than they used to be. They donít go to the clubs anymore to listen to a new band. They just stick to the old stuff they already have and try to squeeze more money out of it.

Suiciderock: So the whole situation is hopeless than?
Lee: No, I wouldnít say that it is hopeless. Times are changing from good to bad and from bad to good. There is always something happening. You just have to take it as it comes and stay focused on what you really want. Than it will always work out somehow. I wouldnít put it as hopeless, just difficult.
Domino: Exactly. There will always be good bands and they will always find their way to play gigs. Even if it is only in smaller clubs like this now. It doesnít matter. There will always be bands even if the whole music industry brakes down tomorrow. That doesnít mean that the music dies with it. And as long there is music, there is always hope.

Suiciderock: Your first album was recorded by yourself.
Domino: Yeah, nowadays you donít need a big studio anymore. You can do a lot on your own even in a smaller not so professional one. I think you need a studio though. Many bands record their album at home or wherever. I donít think that works out unless you have some kind of gear there.
Lee: Right. We have always believed in that. I mean you can still make it professional also if you are not going to one of the big studios.

Suiciderock: As we were talking a bit earlier, you have already played in Australia for example. How did that happen without having a record company behind you and how did you feel about actually performing there?
Lee: It was all about dedication.
Domino: The people wanted us so we went there to play for them. There was a demand for us and so we did it. We didnít just go and try to find some gigs. Everything was organised beforehand. People found us on You tube and somehow we got their attention. That was awesome. I mean some people listen to you on You tube and all of a sudden you receive a call along with a invitation to play in Australia. How cool is that? We had lots of fun and we met a lot of great people. I had lots of new friends at facebook right after. Pretty insane and cool.
Lee: It was a great experience. We headlined a festival there at the Bike and Music Expo. It was a hell of a trip for just one show but it was worth it. It took us about three days to get their and around the same amount to get back. We stayed there for a week but it was totally worth it.

Suiciderock: There was already a band with a similar name than yours existing. An American Hardrockband from the 80īs. Did you know about their existence?
Domino: The name may sound similar but if you look correctly the letters of the two names are different. But we know about their existence of course. We donít get confused with them that often.
Lee: They have retired already and I donít know so many songs of them.

Suiciderock: I heard that there is some kind of secret behind your band name and that you didnít actually choose it, it chose you. Would you reveal it for us today?
Domino: No, we canít reveal that kind of secret. But it has nothing to do with that American Band we were talking about earlier. That what happens. People misread our band name and than it comes to that guys.

Suiciderock: Youíve said that nowadays most of the metal bands suck, but you have the fortune not to do so. What makes the difference in your opinion?
Lee: Domino said that, so he has to explain it.
Domino: Ok I try to. I canít really explain but all I can say is that this words are 100% true. Thatís all I have to add.
Lee: Well, I would put it like this: We donít suck, we blow. But thatís something different.

Suiciderock: We are at Zombie Love Club today here in Bar Loose. Are you guys stay to hang around to party a bit after your gig?
Domino: No, we will leave right after our gig. We will play around 22.00 and than we have to leave right away.

Suiciderock: Your future plans for the rest of this year?
Lee: Maybe you already got the picture. I mean everybody who knows us, will know how our future looks like.


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