München 2007

“The hetero sexual version of Queen”

Suiciderock: If you had to describe your band to an alien? What would you tell?
Big Boy:
Well, as I usually say it`s like sex. You can hate it or love it.

Suiciderock: In your biography you said that you are the biggest German speaking entertainer since Marlene Dietrich but at the same time the biggest fake since Milli Vanilli. Was that really your biggest dream ever?
Big Boy:
No, it was absolutely not my biggest dream. I haven`t invented that, it`s something people say about me. I wouldn`t say that about myself. Ireally wouldn't call myself a fake.

Suiciderock: Why do you think that they call you a fake?
Big Boy:
I really don`t know. Maybe it's because they always have a problem when they see me walking around with short pants and nailpolish or whatever.

Suiciderock: You play a big showcase for Sony BMG tonight here in Munich. Is it
just like every other show or is it a little bit more special?
Big Boy:
No, you should know that there was a time when we really tryed to please all those people and all those labels, but those times are simply over and they rejected us so many times. So we just kept doing what we are doing and what we wanted to do. We found so much support and so much stuff so we gonna play our show for our fans. So many lovely people came from Switzerland, Austria, Hamburg, Berlin and so on. We will play for them. Sony BMG can sign usor let it. We don`t care or at least it really doesn`t matter.

Suiciderock: On your MySpace you said that you sound like a “hetero version of
Queen”. Would you say that the music of Queen had major influences on your own songwriting?
Big Boy:
Yeah, they definately had. Besides Turbonegro Queen is the only band that has a real meaning for us. The only difference between us and Queen is that we just have a higher rate of female groupies than they had. That`s why I call it the "hetero sexual version of Queen". Of course, we have guys, too butnot as many as Freddi. *laughs*

Suiciderock: But they are not as interesting as the girls, I suppose?
Big Boy:
Yeah, we use them all the time, you know.

Suiciderock: Any more idols to mention next to Queen and Turbonegro?
Big Boy:
Klaus Kinsky for me personally. There are so many like "bad" idols. You know people suck so bad and they make us do the things we do. Let`s saythey give us the neccessary aggressive to go on.

Suiciderock: The music industry always loves to put bands into certain corners.
How would you define your music style?
Big Boy:
For my opinion it's Rock`n Roll and I don`t care what they say. They can call whatever they want to call it. They can call it glamour or pop punk. Ireally don't care, it's up to them. It`s alright for us.

Suiciderock: Which criteria influences your songwriting?
Big Boy:
Well, I write with my brother. He`s a big inspiration, he`s our producer. He`s respecting the musical side more. He's just as much Big Boy asI`m.

Suiciderock: You will play more shows for example you will perform at The Wave Gothic Meeting in Leipzig. What can people expect from this shows?
Big Boy:
They can expect to be in the right mood to laugh and to have a good time. There are so many sad and depressed bands so maybe we make them laugh a bit. Hopefully at least a bit.

Suiciderock: Is there a plan for an own tour?
Big Boy:
Yeah, we'll do this festivals in the summer. We went on tour with the Backyard Babies in December. That was kind of a little warm-up thing and of course we`ll preparing our own tour. Maybe if the album goes well, we'll go out for a tour in autumn with another band. Some great bands will be touring like Extasy or The Pleasures. We really like them and it would be great to tour withthem. Maybe we manage to organise a tour together.

Suiciderock: In another Interview I read that you want to tour in Japan and in
the US, in Pennsylvania. Why exactly this countries?
Big Boy:
I have no idea. I think this originates from our MySpace. On our MySpace Profile you can see were all the different people come from. Many ofthem come from eg. Pennsylvania. For some reason I have no idea but it's always Pennsylvania.

Suiciderock: There was this fan who told me that ou are always wearing this
sailor dress, also in your private life. Is that true?
Big Boy:
Yeah it is. I actually spent the most time of the year in Sweden. So it`s a very nordical lifestyle.

Suiciderock: But you wear it in your private life as well?
Big Boy:
Yeah, yeah absolutely. When I go out with the boat why not.

Suiciderock: It seems that many bands are using make-up again. Would you say that the Glamrockstyle is getting back or has it never been dead?
Big Boy:
I don`t know. I don`t really feel like I`m part of this scene. I used make-up ever since. I stole my mom's eyeliner when I was a kid. When we started with the band it was just a natural thing to do. We've been doing it for a while now, but we haven`t invented it. You know? Nowadays more and more bandsdo the same.

Suiciderock: Would you say that the style is as important as the music of a
Big Boy:
For those bands? There are some bands for which the style is more important than the music. Maybe bands like Tokyo Hotel or whatever.

Suiciderock: You`ve played with The Pleasures and Malice in Wonderland. What
was it like to play with them?
Big Boy:
Oh it was really nice to play with them. They were super lovely guys. The only way to explain how it was. They are super sweet guys. I would love toplay with them again.

Suiciderock: On your official site you have this tattoo thing going on. What is it about?
Big Boy:
Well, fans get the logo tattooed and they get backstage entry for a life time. So they can party with us. First it was more like a joke but now people start to get the logo tattooed. There are 2 people for example they don`t have the tattoo on their ass, but on their arm. One of them is here. Soyou can see her later on. But people do that for real.

Suiciderock: Did you already have lots of naked lady butts tattood with your bandlogo infront of you than?
Big Boy:
No, unfortunately not.

Suiciderock: You have lots of tattoos yourself. Do they have a special meaning?
Can you explain all the artificial paintings on your body?
Big Boy:
I have a Queen logo over here, our own logo,... I have not so many. Our logo is a flag. We have this white background with a black cross.

Suiciderock: Let`s talk about your band. Your drummer is always wearing this
helmet. Is he afraid of getting hit by the lights above him or what is this about?
Big Boy:
Oh not always. He won't wear it tonight. He once got really scared and so he decided to play with a helmet but since that nothing has happened. So he decided to stop it again.

Suiciderock: Your future plans for Big Boy?
Big Boy:
Well, conquer the nation or at least Pennsylvania.