Tampere 2008


The Deal with the Devil

Suiciderock: Could you introduce Black Jezus to everybody out there who has never heard about it before?
Macceus: We met each other while “having holiday” in Alanya, I don’t mean the Turkish city by that. *smiles*
Christus: Yeah, we met there, where we also decided to put a band together.
Macceus: We started to think how we could name the band. Somehow we came to the conclusion that "Black Jezus" would be a good and fitting name for our project. First it was written “Black Jesus” but we thought it would look better and more original to write it with an z in the middle instead of the s.
Christus: We spent some nights together in some bars before we decided to name the band like this. When I woke up after one of this nights and I opened my eyes in the morning I thought that Black Jezus sucks but now I really like the name.
Macceus: The logo will look like the liquorice package and we played our first gig before Christmas. The set was built up in ten days.

Suiciderock: Where did you play your first gig?
Macceus: It was in a bar called “Ottopoika” here in Tampere. I had this other band, named “Sister Shotgun”. Actually I was supposed to play there with them but the band doesn’t exist anymore so we played there as Black Jezus. We only had cover songs for this evening but I’m sure that we will have some own songs ready within a few month, they really gonna rock you. It was a funny situation when we agreed to perform at Ottopoika as we even didn’t have a real line-up for the band. I mean imagine that! *smiles* It was a really weird situation but we managed it somehow.

Suiciderock: Which songs did you play?
Macceus: All different kinds of cover songs. It was a mixture between Alice Cooper stuff, tunes of The Rolling Stones,… it was a very nice gig.
Christus: Yeah indeed, it was kind of refreshing for us. We also had a very interesting deal with the pub.
Suiciderock. Which was?
Christus: We got free drinks.
Macceus: They haven’t sent the money for the gig yet!
Christus: Unfortunately you always hear that bands having problems with the bars and the organisers when they perform in a pub or wherever as many of them don’t want to give you money for the gigs. It’s easier for them to pay you with free drinks. That’s why we have to drink all the time. It’s the only way we can get paid for our job.
Suiciderock: But you won’t be able to pay your rents that way…
Macceus: That’s true, but we have some good social contacts, so this isn’t a big problem for us. I don’t know about you (points to Christus) but I guess he is very social as well.
Christus: Yeah, yeah I’m.
Macceus: Some people out there might see us as a group of freaks but we are very open and warm-hearted people.
Suiciderock: Maybe open and warm-hearted freaks…
Macceus: Yep, open and warm-hearted freaks and gentleman at the same time.

Suiciderock: Please describe the characters of your band mates.
Macceus: Ah, in my opinion we have the best chemistry than ever. We spend a lot of time together.
Christus: I agree with Macceus, we spend many hours together. It’s important for a band.
Macceus: We hate if someone is talking shit behind our back… We like to say everything straight. If there is some bullshit coming up we talk about it. But let’s get back to the question. I start with our drummer, Eero. He is a “maniac”, only 20 years old.
Christus: And he has no home. That’s also one of the reasons why we spend so
much time together. *smiles*
Macceus: He is just like I was in my 20`s.
Christus: Macceus is kind of a stepfather for Eero.
Macceus: What about Sir? He is my best friend. We have the same hobbies.
Christus: And Macceus? Well, he stole my words again as he usually does. I also have to say that he’s my best friend. Let’s describe the bass player as “Hippie”. I call him a hippie because of the way he looks and his lifestyle.
Macceus: By the way one of our favourite hobbies is flying in a balloon.
Suiciderock: So you are not afraid of heights?
Macceus & Christus: No, no not at all.
Macceus: Our second guitar player, Raffe he is one of my old band colleagues from Sister Shotgun.

Suiciderock: Is Black Jezus just some kind of joke or is it a serious project?
Christus: No, of course it is a serious project. You should take Rock`n Roll never too serious.
Macceus: That’s right. You still should be able to laugh about yourself.
Christus: I mean how serious is it when you wake up in the morning and you see yourself in the mirror with all this spots in your face or what ever than you suddenly realise that this is your own face what you see after a heavy night out. You really should be able to laugh about such stuff.
Macceus: It’s just a way of life and we’ve been living that life for many many years now.

Suiciderock: What about the style of your own songs?
Macceus: I would describe them with the words “quite angry Rock`n Roll”. If you put Alice Cooper, the Backyard Babies and The Stooges together you may get an impression how the material will sound. We don’t know an exact answer to this question yet as everything is still in progress.
Christus: I think it is some kind of force that makes me working quite fast on  our own songs. We will sound like a real Rock band should sound.

Suiciderock: How many songs are ready so far?
Christus: Three tracks are almost ready.
Macceus: There are about six more to come.

Suiciderock: Is there any fix date for studio sessions?
Macceus: We don’t know the exact date yet but we want to record as soon as possible.
Christus: We have to rehearse the songs before we can hit the studio.

Suiciderock: When will you open your band homepage?
Macceus: Hopefully we can open the site soon. Our designer is working on it at the moment.
Suiciderock: Jann Wilde will design the page?
Macceus: Exactly he already designed some stuff for Sister Shotgun, I hope we can put it online already this week.

Suiciderock: Where can people check out your songs? Will there also be a profile on MySpace?
Christus: Sure, it will also open in the near future. I guess the first single will be out in about two month. This is our deadline at least. But I can’t promise anything yet.
Macceus: Let’s say that spring time sounds good to me. The lyrics are still in Finnish. We have to translate them into English first.

Suiciderock: Why don’t you consider singing in Finnish?
Macceus: English is the language of Rock`n Roll. I never sang in Finnish, that means if you won’t count my performances in some karaoke bar.

Suiciderock: Will we get the chance to see you performing live soon again?
Macceus: Sure you will. We’ve done three gigs so far. One was an acoustic gig with Raffe, Sir and me.
Suiciderock: Did you play only cover songs or did you also try your own songs?
Macceus: No, we haven’t played our own stuff. We performed cover songs. Our next gig will probably be on 4th of April. So pretty soon.
Christus: Or even earlier this month. But we will have more gigs to come.
Macceus: We will have the dates on our website when it’s finally open.
Suiciderock: Don’t you have to pay for playing the cover songs?
Christus: You don’t have to pay for that. We don’t have that kind of rule here in Finland. You first have to pay when you record them, but before it’s free.
Macceus: There are many bands who play cover songs only, they earn their money with that and they even go on tour through Finland with the cover songs. You get paid very well for such gigs, but we are not interested in being a cover band, you know? It just helps us learning to play together.

Suiciderock: What can people expect from your life shows?
Christus: I don’t know how to describe our show. People react so different, there are so many different opinions.
Macceus: Just a great show, it’s not boring at all. You have to come and see us playing.

Suiciderock: What about the new law that forbids you to smoke on stage and during the show. Does it bother you?
Macceus: I don’t care about that law.
Christus: If we want to smoke we smoke. We have our own rules.
Macceus: The whole cigarette law sucks anyway. It’s disturbing when you have to walk outside to smoke. Imagine you would have to do that in the middle of the gig. That’s not possible.
Christus: Ah about the gigs I have to add something: we had fireworks outside after our gig in Ottopoika. That was great!

Suiciderock: Your opinion about MySpace?
Macceus: I like it. It is a good chance for bands to gather more listeners and to get the songs out to the people. It’s quite easy to handle, too. I don`t spend so much time on the computer.

Suiciderock: Your first memory regarding music?
Macceus: Some rockabilly band and the usual idols like Kiss, Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, W.A.S.P. I get millions to mention. I could spend the whole day telling you their names. Christus probably has the same to name, the basic old school Rock`n Roll stuff. That kicks ass.

Suiciderock: What do you think about the Finnish music industry?
Christus: It simply sucks.
Macceus: You should do everything by yourself, because this is much more better.
Christus: There is no real Rock`n Roll band around anymore. They are just products of some labels or whatever, but there are not real rockbands anymore. Everything is so fu**ing clean and made up nowadays. They all want to get into this pop charts. Every band wants to become famous and stuff, it’s not about the real Rock`n Roll feeling, the music scene has nothing to do with that anymore. If you listen to the radio you hear the same shit all the time.

Suiciderock: So you gonna produce your songs by yourself?
Christus: Yes, we do it by ourselves as much as we can.
Suiciderock: So, no record deal at the moment?
Christus: Just one deal: The deal with the devil. :-)

Suiciderock: Your future plans for the band?
Macceus: Gigs, gigs, gigs and a record. Everything before the upcoming summer.
Christus: We have some plans to play some festivals in the summer, but we have to work hard before that. We have to make our songs ready. :-)
Macceus: There will be some rough Rock`n Roll songs and some blues ones too. Stay tuned!