Helsinki 2006

“The story about Mr. Blake”

Suiciderock: What was the reason for you to become a musician? Did you all have a musically family?
Sami: My father was a drummer. He died pretty early so he wasn’t there for me. I think he is one of the reasons why I make music.
Aaro: No one in my family is that much into music. But I make music as long as I can remember. I always knew what I want to do. I tryed to study this and that but actually I just made music. I made my living from working in the studio, so music was and is always on my side. I`ve never done any „serious“ job in  my life.

Suiciderock: You are producing on an island. Which things would you take with you if someone suspent the whole band to an lonely island and why do you choose this?
Aaro: My kids and my wife and my brother (points on Sami). I wouldn’t be lonely anymore than... (laughs)

Suiciderock: Is there any album you ever bought which inspired you for any of your albums / demos and why has it inspired you?
Aaro: Black Sabbath, the first Black Sabbath album. That`s it. That`s how we started to play heavy metal, it’s my soul and my heart. I even have a Black Sabbath tattoo.

Suiciderock: Every song has its own story. Which own songs are your favourite ones and what`s the story behind them?
Aaro: Yes, there is one song that has a special meaning. But all our songs have a special meaning. If we make an album it`s always about a special theme.
Sami: All songs from this album because I had a really rough time when they were written. We wrote the lyrics together.

Suiciderock: Do you have to be in a special mood to write songs? Do you have to be happy or sad and which is the best mood to write a song?
Aaro: I write 90 % of our music in my summer cottage. It is located on a lake. That`s where I write most of our songs, almost all the songs. I sit there near the lake with an accoustic guitar to write the songs. I never use a electric guitar. I think that’s the right way to do it cause if you do it with a electric guitar and a lot of sound right from the start it get’s very heavy straight away. If it is working with the accoustic guitar it will also work with the electirc guitar.
Sami: So that’s another thing to take with you to a lonely island.
Aaro: The summer cottage is a very private place, you have to drive about 10 km til you get there.

Suiciderock: How does a perfect tour day look like for you?
Sami: Usually it starts with a good breakfast (laughs).
Aaro: The tourday starts when I open my eyes... A perfect tourday is always connected with a hangover. We have such a great crew with us. They take care of almost everything so we only have perfect tourdays. We are very blessed to have such great guys with us. Probably a good smoke does also belong to a perfect tourday...

Suiciderock: When we are talking about did you celebrate New Years Eve? Still tired?
Aaro: I was at the office of our recordcompany. There are so many great guys and it is such a good place to have a party. It was private. We had a nice party and we were jamming a bit, a nice place to be...

Suiciderock: Who had the idea to form the band and how did you make up the name?
Aaro: It was my idea. There are many stories about this thing with the name. There was this misterious „Mr Blake“ who teached us how to make Rock `n Roll... And believe it or not but this is a real story. I´m not sure where it came from... No, it is just a name.

Suiciderock: Did you made any New Year`s resolutions?
Sami: Yeah stop drinking (says that and takes a big swallow from the beer infront of him).
Aaro: He didn’t drink for three weeks. I never make any promises I`m just happy with what I do and who I`m.
Sami: I promised myself that I stop wanking.
Suiciderock: Is it so bad?
Sami: It takes a lot of energy. I can’t play my guitar after that. It is so hard after wanking. And it is lonely, too.
Suiciderock: There is noone to kiss you. Or do you kiss your hand after wanking?
Sami (laughs): Normaly not after wanking. Are you sure you wanna know?
Suiciderock: Yes.
Sami: Ok ok I do that... But I mouisture it first.
Aaro: His brain is a mushroom, so don`t wonder. Oh by the way, Taneli Jarva made his tattoos.

Suiciderock: Have the tattoos a special meaning? For example the mushroom?
Sami: Yes, mushrooms came from out of space and gave us unlimitted thinking.
Aaro: blablabla...

Suiciderock: What’s your biggest dream?
Aaro: My biggest dream is that our band makes it that far that we can give something back to the people who gave us so much.
Sami: I agree with Aaro.

Suiciderock: If you had the chance to make the world at least a bit better. What would you change?
Aaro: Kill George Bush.
Sami: That would be good. And it would make things much much easier. Aaro: I never think that much about things like that. I have to say and admit, I`m a guy who doesn`t care. For me it`s like, you do what you do and what you want to do and that`s it.
Suiciderock: At least you are honest...
Sami: Yeah, most of the people would say, I would like to stop the wars and feet the poor,...

Suiciderock: Thank you very much guys.
Sami & Aaro: Thank you.