Helsinki 2005

The invention of a new genre

Suiciderock: Your debut single „Play“ was released on 2nd of November. Why did you choose this song to become your first single?
Caleb: I think this describes the music of Bleak.
Madu: Actually it was one of the first songs that we really liked as a band together. We felt proud of it and it was like our first baby. It felt great right from the start.

Suiciderock: You hit the studio for the first time to record your upcoming album, which is supposed to be released in spring 2006. What was it like? Can you tell us a bit about the recordings?

Caleb: We are still recording.
Suiciderock: Yeah I know. Okay what is it like for you to record it at the moment?
Madu: It definatly sounds great and my expectations are high.  You first can see it after Caleb did his vocal part.
Zeta: We count on him.
Madu: It’s a little bit more pressure on him.

Suiciderock: Have you found a title for the album in the mean time?

Caleb: Actually we have one. But we not gonna tell you (laughs). No, it`s just a working title.

Suiciderock: What can the listeners expect from your upcoming album?

Caleb: The songs will be heavier, some of them will be a bit poppy and we have also some kind of accoustic songs. But we mainly will have the classic Bleak songs on it.

Suiciderock: How would you define your music style? I read you describe it as „boy metal“. Can you explain this term?

Caleb: It’s a joke. You always have to fit in some genre and it’s hart to explain our music with one word. It is rock, melodic, sentimental, heavy, crunch...
Madu: ... With some popelements.
Caleb: So it`s easier to say we play „boy metal“.
Madu: When we recorded our Demo our recording engineer said that this sounds like metal, including boy band vocals so it happend. But that`s more like a joke.
Caleb: We are not dumb (everybody was laughing).
Madu: That term is actually more like a pain in the ass for us.
Caleb: When this term came up we didn`t recon that we will support e.g. HIM one day. Love Metal and Boy Metal are quite simillar so people could think that we are copying.
Madu: And that it is more like a parody of Love Metal or something like this.
Suiciderock: So you invented this term?
Caleb: Yes, we are first!!!

Suiciderock: What was the most embarrasing thing that happened to you while being on stage?

Madu: I think there happened something with your belt Caleb...
Caleb: Yes, my belt broke during a show and I had to hold up my pants the whole show...
Madu: ... And you could see his ass.
Caleb: Yeah, I weard this red boxershorts and you could see them pretty well.
Zeta: At the same gig some guy came on stage.
Madu: Yeah, he made his way to the front row and we thought, Oh no he will come on stage. Than he took the microphone, Caleb was like „Ok I’m ready to push him back“ but the guy said „Why are you guys sitting there, there is a great band playing. We were really gratefull but it was quite scary at the moment `cause this guy was looking a bit crazy.

Suiciderock: What was your most impressing situation?

Madu: I think it was when we played in our hometown last summer. We played at a festival with a lot of good bands. There were nearly thousands of people to see our gig. It was a great atmosphere there. The stage is in the middle of a river and people jumped into that river. The security guys had to get the people out of the water. It almost became a riot.

Suiciderock: Why should people come to see your show?

Caleb: It’s gonna be explosive. Of course because of the music.

Suiciderock: Are you nervous before you go on stage and how do you prepare yourself for it?

Madu: I think we are all a bit nervous. But it`s good to have this tension before you perform. It get’s you concentrated. Tonight we will be really nervous. Maybe we will have a few beers before the gig and than we will do it.
Zeta: It helps you to concentrate.

Suiciderock: Is the Helldone Festival a fresh idea?

Madu: It is good cause we have the chance to play infront of such a big crowd.
Caleb: There are many people from outside of Finland. So we can „show off“.

Suiciderock: How do you normaly celebrate New Years Eve? Do you keep it quite with your families or do you get wasted?

Caleb: Acutally we get wasted with our families (laughs).

Suiciderock: Are you going to make any New Year`s resolutions? The best example... Stop smoking or something like this?

All together: Nooooooooo
Madu: We will do a good album. That’s it(laughs).

Suiciderock: What comes up next for Bleak?

Caleb: We will release the album. We`ll do a tour and than continue with making new songs. We try to spread our music as wide as we can.

Suiciderock: Okay that’s it. Thank you very much.

Caleb, Madu & Zeta: Thank you.