Helsinki 2005

(Photo by AJ Savolainen)

Mental Circus

Suiciderock: Is it true that the name „Bloodpit“ was taken because John Lennon appeared in Paavo`s dream and told him to found a band bearing this name?

Matthau: Yes.
Paavo: I can’t really remember ‘cause I was sleeping at this time. It wasn’t exactly „Bloodpit“ what he said but...
Matthau:... Because of the accent.
Paavo: Yes, because of the Liverpool accent I didn’t understand him clearly.

Suiciderock: Are you very into spiritual stuff and do you believe in destiny?

Matthau & Paavo: Absolutely, yes.

Suiciderock: How would you define your music style? Is it more rock or more punk?

Matthau: It’s more like rockmetal.
Paavo: The good parts of rock & metal!
Matthau: Melodic and heavy riffs...

Suiciderock: Which criteria influences your music?

Matthau: We all listen to very different types of music. He listens to this and I listen to that and so it is very difficult to kind of make out one specific criteria that influences our music. I don`t know it is really difficult to say.  

Suiciderock: You`re compared to other Finnish bands, which have become famous all over Europe. Does this botter you or how do you cope with that?

Paavo: That`s normal. When a new band comes up the media has to compare them to some other band.

Suiciderock: Is there any favourite band you like to be compared to?

Matthau: I would say "The Doors" would be great. I would say "The Doors" because of the lyric and so on.
Paavo: I don`t know. It makes me laugh when I read some article about us and how they compare us to some other band. They never compare us to any of the bands who have influenced our career.

Suiciderock: Let`s talk about your current album. „Mental Circus“ was recorded at the Petrax Studios in Tampere. Did you have some special equipment like candles to create the right atmosphare and to get you in the right mood to work on the album?

Matthau: No, it’s not in Tampere, it is in Oulu. We have this huge disco-and flashlights. You can also dim the light to create a certain atmosphere.

Suiciderock: Why did you choose this titel for the album and who`s idea was it?

Matthau: His (points to Paavo) idea.
Paavo (laughs): Yes, everything is my fault.
Suiciderock: Is there any special story behind the title?
Paavo: Yes, we had that kind of meeting and we said that noone can leave before we have the title for the album. It took us a couple of hours and many drinks and so the idea came up to take „Mental Circus“ as the albumtitle.
Matthau: I think it is a great name for an album as everything went very fast for us. It felt kind of mental for us. There were a lot of drinks, a lot of mentality and a great sense of humor. We are not that serious.

Suiciderock: „Mental Circus“ jumped straight to number 4 in the Finnish album chart in it`s first week. How do you feel about this?

Paavo: I thought that the album would make it maybe in the top 20. That would have been enough for us at this point. But than it went to number 4 and I was just speakless. It felt good, there was a lot of  hard work behind.
Matthau: It`s very easy to get your single into the top 5 but to get your album into the top 10 that’s something completly different.

Suiciderock: The album will be released in Australia in February 2006. Will you also play some gigs over there?

Matthau: I think we will go on tour in Australia. I don’t know if this happens next year but I can defenetly say that we will tour in Europe and perhaps in Australia as well.

Suiciderock: You`ve just returned from Italy. What was it like to perform there and is there a difference between the Finnish and the Italian audience?

Paavo: The Italian audience doesn`t want any encors.
Matthau: It is really different cause the Italian rockszene is not as developed as it is here in Finland. They have this rock clubs and it’s not like here where we have all this clubs where you can dance and that kind of stuff. But it was really great to be there though we had a really tight schedule so we didn’t get to see a lot of Italy.

Suiciderock: Are you always nervous before going on stage and what are you doing to prepare yourself for your gigs?

Paavo: Well, it depends on the gig. Sometimes you just go on stage and play your gig but sometimes you have this strange feeling and you don`t know what`s going on and what happens than you are nervous.

Suiciderock: How do you normaly celebrate New Years Eve?

Paavo: I always need to be quiet but I always find myself at this weird places.
Matthau: Everybody get`s really drunk on New Years Eve and so it is a proposal to stay sober because it is a special exception.

Suiciderock: Are you going to make any New Year`s resolutions? For exampel stop smoking?

Matthau: absolutely not. I can’t keep them.
Paavo: It is better not to make any promises when you can`t keep them in the end.

Suiciderock: Is the „Helldone Festival“ a fresh idea?

Matthau: I think it is great and it is very great for us to have the chance to play there.
Paavo: It is a great thing from HIM to make such a festival and to invite some bands to play there in front of such a big audience.

Suiciderock: I read that you`re planning to release new material next spring. Do you already have some ideas or did you already work on new songs? If yes, can you tell us what people can expect from the new stuff?

Paavo: We have some songs ready.
Matthau: But we need to write lot`s of new songs in january, within a month.
Paavo: We will be in a hurry.
Matthau: We’re gonna release an EP and in spring we will hopefully release the new album. But we really need to write new songs so it`s gonna probably more autumn.

Suiciderock: And besides this your future plans?

Matthau: I don`t wanna think about that.
Paavo: It would be nice to tour in Australia for instance or at least in Europe to see different cultures and to play there.
Matthau: I think the upcoming year will be more busy for us. I really hope that it will explote.

Suiciderock: Thank you guys.
Matthau & Paavo: Thank you.