Tampere 2008

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Suiciderock: A lot has happened for Bloodpit since our last interview. So, tell us what was the reason for this big change?
Paavo: Everything went out of control. That`s the best way to describe it. The situation began to get worse and worse. The gig in Karkkila where we split up was the grande finale of the whole thing. After that it was impossible even to think about that we could ever work with Matthau again. It`s sad but sometimes this things happen and sometimes they can ruin your friendships.

Suiciderock: But luckily you moved on and you even kept the name. What happened when Matthau had left?
Paavo: Aleksi, Alarik and me decided to fly to Cologne despite we won`t play there. We were supposed to play at the Amphifestival the day afer the Karkkila happening. There was no chance to get the money for the flights back so we thought we should go. We made a little holiday trip out of it. We were sitting in a bar where we started to talk about everything and I asked Aleksi if everything is really as bad as it seems to be. I told him that I really would like to go on playing with him and Alarik as we had become good friends during all the years. We didn`t know what to do at this point. A while later Alarik broke his arm during a football game so we had to pause for one month. We played a couple of coversongs just for fun. Than we decided that it is time to go on and to write new songs. After we had tried some of them we realised that the songs sounded like our old Bloodpitsongs. We thought that we should try to find a new singer and to go on with the name.

Suiciderock: And you got that new singer,who`s name is Antti Ravin. How did you run into each other?
Antti: Actually I was watching the Karkkila gig. I was watching their split up gig. I don`t know if that was destiny but I was there. I was singing in Mockshot back than and they saw me playing with them.
Paavo: I saw the gig and afterwards I told Alarik and Aleksi that Antti has a good voice and that he seems to be a good guy. It was Antti who came into our minds always when we were thinking about a good singer for the new Bloodpit. One night when we were drinking I asked him if he wants to play in our band.
Antti: Yeah, it was in January this year when Paavo asked me if I want to join Bloodpit. I was pretty busy with Mockshot. I was thinking about that suggestion for about one week. Than I came to the conclution that this is an opportunity for me that I can`t deny. I haven`t regret it so far. This guys are like brothers to me.

Suiciderock: So you`ve kind of stolen him from Mockshot?
Paavo: *smiles* No, of course it was not like stealing someones singer. After I asked Antti to join our band everything started to go so fast and it turned out to be so well. The record company told us that we really should go on. Furthermore it isn`t possible to be the frontman of two bands. Everything is fine between us and Mockshot.
Antti: Another reason why I quit my job at Mockshot was that I suffered from a burn out because I didn`t have any day off anymore. I had my regular job and I was playing in two other bands that was too much. I decided that it is better to play in one band, now I don`t need to do my day job anymore, too.

Suiciderock: Besides a new singer Bloodpit got also a new guitarplayer named Pietu Hiltunen. Can you tell us something about Pietu?
Paavo: He is an old friend of Alarik. He comes from Nokia. Alarik thought that we need another guitar player and Pietu tells us since about ten years that he wants to put up his own band one day but he never did. He was listening to Bloodpit since we`ve recorded our first demos. He came to our rehearsal place and so he was in. Pietu is probably the best musician in our band.

Suiciderock: How is the chemistry within the band nowadays?
Paavo: It has never been better.
Antti: Like I said, we are like a band of brothers. We never thought that it could ever be like it was before when things were still good with the old Bloodpit but when we talked later we said that everything is so much the same, that`s why we wanted to keep the name.

Suiciderock: Wasn`t it connected with legal problems to keep the name?
Paavo: No, no not at all because I was the one who invented the name and so we had no problems to keep it. I`m the owner of the name so it was clear that we can keep it if we want to.

Suiciderock: Are you playing the old material or at least some of our old songs as well?
Paavo: Yes,we`ve been playing some of the old songs. We play the songs that have mostly been written by Alarik, Aleksi and me. Of course we won`t play any of Matthau`s songs like “Wise men don`t cry” and so on but e.g. “Play your role” isn`t any problem. Some persons have been very angry of us that we`ve played those songs. I don`t know why, this are Bloodpitsongs so why shouldn`t we play them?

Suiciderock: Are the old songs soundwise remaining the same?
Paavo: We`ve changed them a bit.
Antti: I`m singing the songs like I want to sing them.
Paavo: I think that Antti could do a very good imitation of Matthau but we don`t see any reason for that.

Suiciderock: And what about your upcoming album?
Paavo: It will be a mixture of some new stuff and some Bloodpitsongs. It`s hard to describe it yourself because you are so into it.
Antti: You will find out! *smiles*

Suiciderock: Who wrote the songs this time?
Paavo: Aleksi writes all the lyrics and melodies. Alarik has also been very productive.

Suiciderock: Can you reveal some of the songtitles already?
Antti: Mmmm…
Paavo: Some songs don`t have a name yet. We have so many working titles, so let`s see what happens to them.

Suiciderock: You will release your “Recovered EP” on the 1st of October. How many songs will the EP include?
Antti: Two of our own songs and than of course the coversongs. But actually we don`t know which songs we are gonna take.
Paavo: Yeah, that`s true it`s a license thing. We have to clear some points first. But it will defiantly be out on 1st of October.

Suiciderock: Why an EP first?
Paavo: Because we didn`t want to rush into the studio and make a bad album so we decided that it would be better to release the EP first. After that we want to go on tour and than we`ll go into the studio to record the album. Hopefully we will do that in the beginning of next year.

Suiciderock: Will you release the EP only in Finland or in some other countries, too?
Antti: No, not only in Finland. We will release it abroad as well but I don`t know when. We only have the release date for Finland so far.
Paavo: I don`t know so much about that stuff, I just try to play and to write good songs and of course to make good shows.

Suiciderock: You had that gig at Dogs Home here in Tampere. It was the first show with the new line-up. What was it like?
Paavo: It was great!
Antti: This day was probably the best day of my life cause all my friends were here. I was totally confused and surprised because some people came from Australia, some from Cananda, Germany and Russia.
Paavo: It was a very important moment for me. I realised that I`m the only one who`s left from the first line-up and it was very touching for me. I`ve seen everything going down in what I believed and than we played that show and I knew everything goes on. I felt very good when I saw the people in the audience and everything went well that day.

Suiciderock: So the reaction of the people must have been good?
Paavo: *smiles* Yeah, it was. And we were so scared before the show as nobody knew what will happen and what we should expect.
Antti: I was so scared, I had to threw-up before the gig. I`ve been so nervous. I said to my brother who was there as well, if I can make this gig I can play any gig anywere.
Paavo: It was a very special gig for all of us. Usually I`m not nervous before a show. But before that show I was shaking.

Suiciderock: You had special tickets for that show…
Antti: Yeah, the people had to buy t-shirts that they could go in. The t-shirts have been the tickets for the show. It was the idea of our manager.
Paavo: When I heard about this idea I was quite sceptical. I was in doubt that there will be enough people who will buy the shirts. I tought it would be better to sell some normal tickets at the door. But it turned out to be a good idea as the gig was sold-out and there was no single shirt left.

Suiciderock: Did all the people wear the t-shirts during the show?
Paavo: Not all of them. Some put them into their bags but most of the people in the audience had put the shirts on. We had kind of a dresscode for that show. We had problems to get in because we didn`t wear the t-shirts. *smiles*

Suiciderock: When will Bloodpit go on the road again?
Antti: We will go on tour this fall.
Paavo: Yeah, we will go on tour after we have release the EP. We will tour a couple of days after the release.
Antti: I think the European Tour will start next spring. But that`s not clear yet. I talked to our manager just today and he started to plan and stuff like that.
Paavo: This is just a plan but as we all know plans can change so fast especially in this business so let`s see what comes up.

Suiciderock: Your future plans?
Antti: Acutally I don`t want to know what the future holds for me. It`s much more exciting if you don`t know what will happen to you in 10 or 20 years.
Paavo: I`m happy if I know were to get the money to pay my rent and when one month is over I start to think about how I can manage to pay my next rent. Let`s see what the future brings.
Antti: I just can say that this is one of the greatest moments in my life with Bloodpit `cause it`s the first time that I can do what I want.


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