Tampere 2008

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"Different People make different Songs"

Suiciderock: Can you introduce your band to our readers of Suiciderock?
Kata: The band has been existing since 1998, Bulldoser had some line-up changes in the meantime. I`m with the band from the very beginning on, that means I`m a part of Bulldoser since 10 years now. As I already said we`ve had some changes concerning the band members and the sound. We have been playing lots of punkrock back than. Nowadays our sound is more rock.

Suiciderock: How comes that you`ve changed your musical direction from punkrock to rock?
Kata: Well, I would say that the time was right for this. *smiles*
Maze: That`s right. We had to change our bassplayer and our guitarplayer, and Jakke who`s next to me is in the band since one year now.

Suiciderock: What are the reasons for the line-up changes?
Kata: Everything started after our German tour. It was quite wild over there. I guess that`s the best word to use when it comes to describe that situation. After that tour we decided that it is really time to do something, not so much alcohol anymore. We decided that it is better to concentrate on playing instead on drinking. I guess we realised that you can`t drink the world empty.

Suiciderock: Could you describe the band in one word?
Maze: I would describe the band simply with “Rock `n Roll”. That matches perfectly in my opinion.
Kata: I agree with Maze, just “rough and straight Rock`n Roll”.

Suiciderock: What is different if you compare the time with your old band mates and today?
Maze: I think we have more motivation for what we do. It is better and healthier for us as a band.
Kata: We can make different kinds of songs today. Not only punkrock stuff. Some people out there may think that it was the wrong decision and they don`t like our new style but those people are punkrockers and so it is clear that they prefer the “old Bulldoser”. But luckily there are also some people who prefer our new material. I like both sides. *smiles* The new songs got me very much motivated.

Suiciderock: Who had the idea for the name of the band?
Kata: I was the one who made it up. There is no special story, it developed itself 10 years ago.

Suiciderock: Who takes the responsibility for the songwriting?
Kata: It`s a bandjob. The guys write the songs and I write the lyrics for them. It really is a common project, everybody`s ideas are involved.

Suiciderock: Where does the inspiration come from?
Maze: Life itself is the best inspiration. I know Jakke since about two years now and when we started to play together we realised that we have a good connection when it comes to music and that it`s easier to write the songs together. So we can share our ideas and it works out pretty well. *smiles*
Kata: This rockstyle offers me much more opportunities to impress myself in a different way.

Suiciderock: Are you still playing the old songs on stage or do you want to get rid of the old stuff ?
Kata: At the moment we still play the old stuff as well. But we are eagerly working on new material, so we can leave the old stuff out step by step.
Maze: We try to go on and on on our way. We try to leave the old style behind though we are not trying to forget about it.
Kata: Different people make different songs.
Maze: Yeah. We are planning to get our new record out soon. I hope we can release it next year. Bulldoser clebrates it`s 10th anniversary and so we were talking about an “10 Years surprise album”.
Kata: Yeah, something like that, a celebration cd, I would call it “10 years and 10 different ways to go”.
Maze: Let`s see what happens to that plan.

Suiciderock: What about new material for that album? Are there any tracks ready to record?
Maze: Yes, we have some songs ready. They are at the demo level. We have the plan to hit the studio soon and make the best out of them.

Suiciderock: Can you reveal something about the upcoming record already?
Kata: It will be completely different if you compare it to the other songs we`ve done so far. So if you ever have listened to Bulldoser before you will be surprised.

Suiciderock: When can the album be expected?
Maze: I think that next year is realistic. Of course, we want to get it out as fast as we can, but we have to take our time for the songwriting and arranging as well.
Kata: We will have to do a lot of work before we can go to the studio to start the recordings.
Maze: We are very much looking forward to play the new material to the people. It`s always fun to play gigs but of course it doesn`t make any sense to play the same stuff on and on. I`m looking forward to next year.

Suiciderock: What can people expect from your life shows?
Kata: Our life shows are pretty wild usually.
Maze: We are wild and rockin on stage. You should definately check us out if you ever get the chance to!
Kata: We offer our audience well-played and sharp gigs.

Suiciderock: If you look back to your time on the road. What was the best and what the worse life show you`ve ever done?
Kata: Oh I can remember the worse show we`ve played! This show happened when Maze and Jakke haven`t been in the band. It was back in 2000 and there was SUE, which is a big magazine here in Finland. SUE had this list. Our band was the 3rd best band at that time. Than we had this gig. Our bassplayer wasn`t there, he was somewhere out, so was our guitar player, I tried to sing but it was a mess. It was terrible, an awfull gig. Something like that never happened again since than.

Suiciderock: What about your best show so far?
Kata: We had lots of nice gigs with the new line-up.
Maze: Our first gig at Vastavirta was cool. It was our first gig with Jakke and our new bassplayer, Toni with us. It was our first gig together and it went quite well.
Kata: Some people told me afterwards that this gig at Vastavirta was the best Bulldoser gig ever. The best gig with the old line-up was in Latvia. We played in some kind of garage and all the people were able to sing along with us. I don`t know if they have heard our songs before but that was a great feeling!

Suiciderock: How is the feeling about the new guys? Will you keep that line-up after so many changes?
Kata: It was very difficult for us as a band but now it feels like this is how it`s supposed to be all the time. We have seen too many coming and going again and again.
Maze: That`s true. I remember when all the shit happened we were discussing if we should move on or not but we decided to go on and not to give up and here we are!

Suiciderock: Your future plans for Bulldoser?
Kata: Rehearsing very hard, writing songs, playing gigs,…
Maze: We will work on the new songs very hard and try to get the new record out.

Suiciderock: Any famous last words?
Kata: Keep it rockin!!!


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