Tampere 2006

" We want to give something to everyone, but also to us"

Suiciderock: Some people out there may not know about you so far. Can you tell us something about Bullet Ride?
Flick: We are Bullet Ride from Tampere, Finland.
Angie: There are many bands from Tampere, but we are one of the best!
Flick: We are trying to do something else than this guys with all this heavy make-up, glamour stuff and so on. Our lyrics are strong.
Angie: We have attitude and we use strong riffs.
Flick: So you won`t find any glamour in our band. I think many bands are missing the whole point about Rock`n Roll itself. You know there are some rock bands, who play at little birthday parties. You can simply call them and ask if they would play for your daughter. That's nothing for us. We are different than that. Our band consists of a singer, a drummer and two guitar-players. I play the bass and do the vocals.
Angie: So we have one singer and three background vocalists. I recommend everyone who has yet not heard about our band to visit one of our live shows. I would describe them as powerful and hectic.

Suiciderock: What was the reason why you found Bullet Ride? Was it just for fun or did you want to get something serious out of it already?
Flick: Actually both. We aren't serious about anything but music. We just wanted to play Rock`n Roll and we want to bring that over to the people. Inspite of the fact that we are trying to be something else than most of the other bands. We have our own message. It's not our thing to influence the minds of the people. If you want to think about fucking, drinking or whatever it's up to you. There are a lots of people in the rock bizz, who don`t think anything.
Angie: We want to give something to everyone but also to us.

Suiciderock: I read that you are looking for a record deal. Do you have one by now or are you still searching?
Flick: We actually had one, but it was such a small company and the whole image of the company was totally different compared to what we are doing. There are these Emo-Rock-Pop bands. We recorded a single and the date when the single was supposed to be published got postponed. We got really confused about that.
Angie: The copies were sold in about two weeks by ourselves. We have been amazed about that. After that some companies got interested in us and we started to make some demos.
Flick: At the moment we are negotiating which deal looks best for us.
Angie: And those negotiations are still running on.
Flick: Our drummer Don takes care about these kind of things.
Angie: He knows what is the best choice for us. Wether it´s a bigger or a smaller company. He knows best what fits for us.

Suiciderock: You mentioned that many bands come from Finland at the moment. Can you explain that success?
Flick: I think Hanoi Rocks started up with that in the 80's. This whole glamrock vibe comes from Finland. HIM, The Rasmus and many others came after that and they are completely different than Hanoi Rocks, but it`s still Rock`n Roll. Hanoi Rocks have been a style phenomenon and then all this "good looking guys" followed their roots.

Angie: It`s amazing because we are living in a small country and we never had a president revolution or whatever like bigger countries have.
Flick: It sounds pretty crazy, but I think it's not about music itself it`s more about all the other things around. I would say I prefer bands, who are not that famous.
Angie: We have experienced that many people came for example from Italy, Germany or France just to see these famous bands. They come to Tampere because they want to meet some bands and that`s why they spend their holidays here. It has been great to notice that they have discovered us also.

Suiciderock: Let's talk about the roles in your band. Who is responsible for the songwriting?
Flick: I do that.

Suiciderock: What inspires you for your songwriting?
Flick: Everything. Life, simply everything around me. Maybe I could write about you next. I mostly write about my life. I`ve been through a really shitty time and I considered this as a good source for my lyrics. I sing about my point of view of this whole life. Of course, everybody gets stamped by the things happening around him. And 80% of my lyrics are related to my life. I`m not singing about myself, it`s more that I`m telling a certain story about a imaginary character. So it is not that obvious that it's about me. And on the other hand I love it to sit in some café, smoking, watching the people outside and to write about their stories. I make notes of their acting and stuff like that.

Suiciderock: I found out, that you played in different projects. Can you tell us something about those projects?
Flick: Of course, we all played before in many different bands. But this is really important to us. We like many sorts of music. I for example love jazz. We have lots of this jam sessions with great people and great musicians. That usually happens in the night at some afterparty. You can compare it with women. Some of this sessions are like one-night-stands for me and of course there are also longer lasting relationships. So Bullet Ride is my wife!
Angie: Yeah, we are married and we never get divorced!

Suiciderock: Your debut single "Wavering & Violent" was sold out in two weeks. How did that feel?
Flick: It was amazing. Many people came to us on the streets, at our gigs or in some bar and they kept asking us for a copy of the single. It was such a pitty that we didn`t have enough copies of the single.
Angie: I can't remember anymore how many we had. I guess hundreds. We got our beer money from them. *smiles*
Flick: I remember that we went to this Ale Pub, where you could sing karaoke. Normally the singers in this bars are really crappy, but when I was singing the people came to me and told me that I`m doing fine and so I asked them straight away if they want to buy our single. So we got more money for beer. *laughs*

Suiciderock: On your myspace it said that you will have a new edition of the single out soon.
Flick: We actually wanted to do this, but then we quit our collaboration with this small company and so I don`t know if we will bring out a new version of the "Wavering" anymore. In fact couple of labels who consider to sign us have asked us not to make a new edition anymore by ourselves.
The next release we will record is going to be more public and hopefully it will find it´s way to Europe also. We haven`t played the single´s first track "Best I Can" in the last 3 or 4 shows because we think that we have much better songs coming all the time.
Angie: The discussions are still running. So let`s see what happens. We are going to play our new songs on the stage. Then we can think about the next record. We have enough material for our first album.
Flick: If someone's interested...

Suiciderock: The year is about to end. Did you ever make any stupid New Years resolutions?
Flick: Actually I`m not going to stop smoking, but I will try not to drink the whole January, because we have this bet with our friends going on. And I have a friend and she said if I make it to quit drinking for the whole January, she will pay my tattoo.
Angie: I don`t have to proove anything, I don`t have to promise anything, because I`m single right now.

Suiciderock: How will you celebrate New Years Eve today?
Angie: We had plenty of nice plans for this night.

Flick: And none of them is going to happen ;) After this interview we will eat something, have a shower and than we will return and drink some more booze.

Suiciderock: What are your future plans for next year?
Flick: We never make big plans because they never happen as planned.
Angie: Of course, we are looking for a record deal.
Flick: I hope we will have an album in stores in the end of next year.
Angie: I think we will play more gigs next year than we did this year. Of course we will make new songs and we will rehearse, rehearse and rehearse. I think it is going to be a successfull year for us!

Flick: Especially the non-alcholic-January.

Questions out of the questionbox:
Flick: I take the red one. What is your most hated song ever? I think the most hated songs for me are some Finnish songs. There was this aweful summer hit "Mikä kesä" from the band called Valvomo. It was so bad that I thought I have to vomit everytime I hear it. I don`t like Hip-hop neither.
Angie: Which kind of underwear do you wear? I think I wear red shorts right now. Should I show it to you? I have many kinds of underwear and I love them all, but I prefer those red ones, because you can wear them perfectly under your jeans.

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