Aschaffenburg 2006

“It just comes from one initial riff.”

Suiciderock: Tonight is almost the last show for you in Germany, tomorrow will follow your last one in Munich. Can you tell us something about the experiences you made during this tour?
Padge: Well, I think it`s our third tour, but I think this one is very special `cause everything is sold out. The clubs are really full and it`s hot and sweaty inside. It’s good for us. That’s the way it also worked out for us back home. We filled venues with the size for 2000 people and I hope it will be the same here. We have all the fans stuck in and they’ve payed for the tickets and they can sing all of our songs back to us. That`s great.

Suiciderock: Do you have any special tourstory to tell?

Padge: Ehm... Not so much on stage but in the backstage yesterday there was a dressing room trash last night and the police came up. I didn`t really know what’s going on `cause I was already passed out because of Jägermeister. I drunk a half bottle myself.

Suiciderock: You will go on tour in the US with Rob Zombie and Lacuna Coil in March and April. Who had the idea for this tour? Did you choose or was it the record companies choice?

Padge: It had more to do with our American management. We were supposed to tour the states with Children of Bodom and Godforbid, but than we got the chance to play at the „Hellfest“ with Rob Zombie and now we can’t wait till it starts. We decided to drop on the Rob Zombie Tour than. Venues with a capacity of 2000 and more people are good for us.

Suiciderock: So you are nervous?

Padge: No, no no... Normally I’m always nervous before a show but apart from that we will be glad.

Suiciderock: You get around a lot. Is there a country that impressed you the most and why?

Padge: I think Japan. It is so far away. And we went over there like three weeks ago and we played 4 or 6 gigs there. I was surprised that they could sing all of our songs back to us. That was amazing and it totally blows you away.

Suiciderock: Aren’t the Japanese a bit more quiet compared to the Europeans?

Padge: No, not at all. During the songs they go crazy.

Suiciderock: Do you collect souvenirs, when you are away?

Padge: Sometimes.
Suiciderock: What was the weirdest souvenir you bought?
Padge: I bought a guitar in Japan. There are the best in the world and a lot cheaper. I’m a collector of anything. I just collect guitars and this (points on his Backstage-pass and laughs).

Suiciderock: You did the clip for your new single „All these things I hate“. How was it?

Padge: We shot it in Hollywood. The weather was great and it was the first time when we made a clip with a big crew. We’ve choosen the actors in the video by ourselves and the director had a good vision. When we gave him something he came up with a great idea.

Suiciderock: Would you say, that the success of some bands, who come also from Wales for example „Funeral for a friend“ or „Lost Prophets“ inspired you for your own music career?

Padge: Well, I don`t think about that too much. It kind of opened the doors for us, but you have to be yourself and I guess we are more harder than both bands. They are some inspiration, but we have our own melodies and songs.

Suiciderock: Would you like to tour with them again?

Padge: Yeah. I would do a tour with „Funeral“ and I’m also a big fan of the „Lostprophets“. But we do our thing and if you like it, you like it and if you don`t, you don`t. I would be definately up for a „Funeral“ Tour. They have to support us. (laughs)

Suiciderock: What inspires you for your song writing?

Padge: All I need is just a guitar. You just play and than someone is coming up with an idea.  Then we speak about the idea and maybe the idea fits, then we take it. It just comes from one initial riff. I think touring around with the band is a good inspiration because you are only concentrating on the music. As well, bands like Iron Maiden and Metallica are a good inspiration, in my opinion.

Suiciderock: What advice would you give to a young band?

Padge: Practise. Practise all the time and be prepared to give anything up. That sounds hard, but that’s it.

Suiciderock: Your future plans for „Bullet for my Valentine“?

Padge: Drink more Jäger. I hope to push it as far as we can and to spread the word to as many people as we can. Just wanna be the biggest band possible. We want to be as big as Metallica.

Suiciderock: That’s it. Thank you.

Padge: Cool. Thank you.

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