Helsinki 2013

(c) Carved in Ashes Official

"We keep on trying"

Suiciderock: How would you describe the band?
Juanma: Not easy to describe, because we mix several elements of rock and metal music. We came up with a word and that‘s “progmospheric" rock, and besides progressive and atmospheric elements, you can find doom, gothic, and even some jazz and Latin vibes.

Suiciderock: You are from Spain. What brought you to Finland?
Juanma: Mainly the music scene, as I love metal and rock music, and Finland is a top country for that. I also like Scandinavian culture in general. I was probably a Viking in a former life.

Suiciderock: The fact that you are from Spain might add a little Latino touch to the band. Would you say that your Spanish roots can be found also in your music?
Juanma: Not especially, but a bit yes, especially in two songs, “The shadow of your ghost” and “Sad wet eyes”. There’s a slight flamenco vibe if you look at them from that point of view. And not yet, but at some point there might be some lyrics in Spanish coming too.

Suiciderock: Your debut EP “Neversary” that includes three songs was recorded at the own studio of the famous Sibelius Academy here in Helsinki, than mixed in Argentina. Why did you decide to have the mixing done outside of Finland?
Juanma: As most of the amateur bands, our budget is small, and through some friend‘s friend we heard about this guy in Argentina who could make it for free and there it went.

Suiciderock: “The Drowned Silhouette” is your second EP that was released last year. You said that “The Drowned Silhouette” would start where “Neversary” ended. What do you mean by that?
Juanma: Some songs from TDS were written even before some from Neversary, so they could have been released in the same album, but we didn‘t have time nor money for that. I think that all our songs somehow follow one same path through the recordings; it could be the story of one same character.

Suiciderock: Please tell us something about the songs? As far as I’m informed it is you writing them. What inspires you?
Juanma: Most of the songs we've worked with so far were mine at first but re-done by all the members to fit the band's style; some others are the band's work. Inspiration comes to me in different ways: sometimes lyrics come first, and some others music first...And I can just write about something that happened to me, or about something I've heard from a friend, or that I've seen in a movie, or from a book...Or I just imagine a story.

Suiciderock: You said in an former interview that you are not able to write new material when you are feeling fine. How comes? So you always have to feel miserable to be creative?
Juanma: I didn’t say that exactly. I said that I can’t write about good feelings generally, so when I’m feeling not so good, inspiration comes easier; but if I’m feeling fine, I somehow play a role to myself and I pretend that things are not going well to write about it.

Suiciderock: You are working on new songs at the moment. What about an full length record? Any record company offers so far?
Juanma: We don’t have a particular deadline about the full length record, but we would like to make it better sooner than later. We’re already working on new songs. Unfortunately, no record deal offers yet, despite all the good reviews we have had, so everything is more difficult. But we keep on trying.

Suiciderock: Would you say it is had for a new comer band to get a foot into the whole touring business? Is it hard for you to get gigs around the Helsinki area?
Juanma: If you want to play in small bars and just have fun with your friends, it’s not difficult in Helsinki and around the region. But getting one or two steps above that is not easy at all. There’s a lot of good bands around and if you don’t have a record deal or someone who really helps you out, it’s very difficult to get anywhere higher than that, not even as a support band.

Suiciderock: Your future plans?
Juanma: When I‘m writing this, we have a real chance to open for Antimatter in Helsinki soon, which is a step ahead for us, and we‘re also working on new songs. We're also probably shooting a video in the summer for the song "Midnight solitude".


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