Bologna 2009

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"We don't plan our songs, we write down the feelings"

Suiciderock: So for everybody who does not know about DNR, could you be that nice and tell us the main facts about you as a band?
The band is a Visual band! It’s difficult to say exactly what we mean with “Visual”... We try to play music, make shows, share feelings, for all of your 5 senses... ears are not the only target! Sound, Make-up, fashion, light game, gift, rose, chocolate... We want you to feel our music deeply, it`s not about hearing only.

Suiciderock: How would you describe the characters of the band members?
Kira - he’s the best friend we could get. Always there if anyone of us has a problem. Sieg - he’s the most quite and mature of us. The one who you can call “good guy”! DeLord - he’s... ehhmmmm. He’s DeLord. The romantic side of DNR?!? Ok I play the Joker card... next one! Ash - he’s accurate, always on time, organized and my best trip partner! Glam side! Me - actually the opposite of Ash... always late, forgetful, approximate. I guess I’m the rock dumbass side of DNR!!

Suiciderock: In your Bio it says that you were planning to „draw up a project which has the fusion of Oriental melody and Occidental Groove as target” and that the band’s purpose is to find the right dimension between these two worlds. Do you think you managed to reach that target already?
Not yet, but a lot of big J-bands gave us a good feedback. We need more time to reach that target, study and choose the right sound. It’s like a music balance...

Suiciderock: The band was found in 2005 already but it took you 2 years of exhausting casting session to recruit a singer for DNR. What do you think made it that difficult to find the right person for the vocals?
Well, you have to search for the best!! ...and also I live in the suburbs!

Suiciderock: Music industry easily tends to put bands into a certain corner. You are strongly influenced by the Visual Kei scene and by Japanese J-rock. But can you name us some of your own personal idols?
As a band we like X-Japan, Alice9, Dir en Grey, L’Arc en Ciel, Dio Distraught Overlord, Mana for the J-Rock scene but we all have very different influences in music. Personally i love also the Finnish scene.

Suiciderock: You are Italian first Visual Band. How did the music scene react about you?
Well, at the first moment the most thought we would just copy the J-Rock style and sound. Now it’s quite clear we are more than a copy. We can’t sing in Japanese, we can’t wear the same clothes (I’m 1,90mt x 87kg, not exactly the typical Japanese body) and the most important we have not sufficient culture in Japanese Kabuki Theater. We try to do our best to reach out a good fifty-fifty and we’re sure to keep our good feedback from Japan! Of course we can have good chances in Europe (Eastern countries, Germany, Uk, France, Spain...) but i think not in Italy. To be honest: The Italian rock scene sucks... Thank you Germany!

Suiciderock: As far as I know you have lot`s of Fanclubs and Streeteams all over the world already without being there once. You have a fanclub in Japan and some streeteams from Czech Republic, Hungary, France just to name a few. How does it feel that so many people are into the band without having seen a single show?
Honored... it means we’re doing good, means that we’re giving emotions even if not within “walking” distance as we’re on a stage. It’s also a big responsibility, we can’t be less on tour. We won’t be.

Suiciderock: While talking about shows… What can people out there expect from your life shows?
You can expect more than music, more than 5 musicians... more than songs.

Suiciderock: You are all wearing lots of make up and everything around you seems to be very styled. How important is that image for you? Could it be even more important than the music itself?
Nothing is more important than the sound in music, we want to transfer feelings to the people who come to our shows and who listen to our music and the image helps.

Suiciderock: What`s the thing with your artist names? Could you explain why you decided to use them? Do they mean something special?
Mantis Le Sin:
My name means a lot of things, the only one i can say is PsychoMantis, a character from Metal Gear Solid. "Ashley Delgado" from the great movie: The Army of Darkness where Bruce Campbell interpreted Ashley J. Williams!!! “Give me some sugar, baby”... "Kira" is a name from the mythological Kyra. "DeLord" a name for his romantic style. "Sieg" another videogame character!

Suiciderock: The J-rock Scene seems to become very popular all over the world at the moment. What do you think are the reasons for that?
It’s a different musicstyle comparing to all the others around, it`s original, sexy, interesting and full of culture.

Suiciderock: Let`s talk about the roles within the band. Who is responsible for the songwriting?
We make the songwriting all together. Someone get the idea, the band works around this idea and then try, try, and try again until the song becomes ready to enter in the Miraloop’s studios.

Suiciderock: What are your songs about and what inspires you for the lyrics?
Our songs talk about hopes, love, sickness, time flowing, motorbikes..depending on the mood in which they were written, the season and so on... We don’t plan the songs, we write down the feelings.

Suiciderock: Do you have any specials plans for a own record yet?
Yes, we are working for the debut album 8\9 tracks. I hope it will be ready in May.

Suiciderock: People have the chance to listen to some of your songs on your Myspace Profile. How are the reactions? Did you get any feedback?
Oh God, people have the chance to BUY our single on iTunes... I really hope they are not just listening from Myspace everytime!! PLEASE TAKE US ON YOUR IPOD!!!!! ...Or even better, come to see our shows

Suiciderock: Your band name DNR means “Do Not Reanimate”. That`s kind of a special one. Who had the idea for it and is there a special story behind the whole thing?
We live in the side of this world where we can be what we are. Our politic is made by feelings, lyrics, melodies, truth and in our church the holy cross that you can see is the one made on the calendar that eliminate the days before the shows. So, “Do not reanimate” us from this sweet torpor..

Suiciderock: Your future plans for the band?
“Yeah, the debut album with Miraloop and the European tour. Since a couple of months  we’re working with our new manager, Harris Ghouse, there are great plans this year!”

Suiciderock: Famous last words?
Sure: “De visu melius quam de auditu gaudere.“

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