Rovaniemi 2007

(Photo by Petri Vilén)

" It's all about punk rock`n roll"

Suiciderock: Dead by Gun exists since 2001. Can you inform us about the most important facts around the band to start up the interview?

Chris: We are four guys, punk rockers, from a small town at the South Coast of Finland,  called Pargas and we are all in the same age. We are all punk rockers, we are all drunks and good looking guys. We are just having a good time and we've been touring in England, Belgium, Sweden, Finland, Ireland and some more countries. That's pretty much it.

Suiciderock: Can you describe each of your bandmates by using ONE word?
Chris: Well, Gesto our lead guitarist is aggressive, our bassist is loud, our drummer is quiet and I`m an asshole.

Suiciderock: If you were to describe your music to a complete stranger, how would you describe it?
Chris: I would describe it as punk rock 'n roll. It's a mixture of Social Distortion, Backyard Babies and Manson.

Suiciderock: Who made up your band name? And is there any deeper meaning combined with it?
Chris: No, no, no. We just put together two words, like dead and gun and so we came about Dead By Gun. That`s it. It´s inked in our arms now. So it's too late to change it.

Suiciderock: You shot a video for "Abandoned Brothers". It looks like you shot the clip in your rehearsal room or in some similar location. What`s the concept behind the clip?
Chris: No, the location actually is an underground punk rock venue. We have done lots of good gigs in there and so it was only natural for us too shoot the video in there as well. It looks good and it turned out quite okay and it was fun.

Suiciderock: "Abandoned Brothers" was also your first single out of your debut album "Big Waves" which was released in May this year. What was the recording process like and were did you record "Big Waves"?
Chris: Big Waves was recorded in Tampere. We´ve been in the studio for like three weeks, we had a really great time there, because all rockers in Tampere are great guys. It was a blast and everything went just great for us.

Suiciderock: Of course there are some more songs on the record besides "Abandoned Brothers" so we have for example "Sensation", "Lucky 7", "I`m coming home" just to name a few. What inspired you for the songs and what are the stories behind?
Chris: I don`t know. Life in general. Our own opinion and friends, nothing big, nothing about war and president Bush or something like that. I take my inspiration out of good times and rock`n roll.

Suiciderock: What is a typical songwriting process like for you? Is it like a group effort or an individual thing?
Chris: Our guitarist Gesto is the composer and I do all the lyrics. Of course, we all do our parts when it comes to the songwriting. 

Suiciderock: The songs mentioned above can also be heard on your myspace profile. What is your opinion about MySpace in gerneral? Do you think that it helps especially bands to get their name spread?
Chris: Yes, it absolutely does. I think that many small bands get the chance to get more attention for their music. It really helps you. It also helped us when we were in the situation of a newcomer. Of course, there is also a lot of shit on myspace, but also a lot of cool people. It's a positive thing.

Suiciderock: What was the first song that cut right through you and made you decide to become a musician?
Chris: I always loved music and I always had the dream that I want to make music someday. I was 17 or 18 years old when we decided to have a band and now we have. It's a dream come true.

Suiciderock: Any heroes that should be mentioned right now?
Chris: Mike Ness, Jim Armstrong, there are many. 

Suiciderock: After some time playing in a, as you said "small and shity reahersal room with cheap epuipment" you got signed by SONY BMG. What has been the most difficult step in trying to get your music out to the people and to the recordcompanies?
Chris: I don't know. You have to do a lot of gigs and you have to be open to all the different kinds of ideas and wishes. You have to do your own thing and you have to see the picture. I think that`s the secret. Every band should try to do this.

Suiciderock: Today we are at Simerock which takes place in Rovaniemi, Lappland. What can people expect from your show tonight?
Chris: It's gonna be sweaty and cold, because it's cold as hell here. We will see what's going to happen and we will have a fucking great time. 

Suiciderock: If you have the chance to make up your own festival, who could we find in the line-up?
Chris: Wednesday, Guns ´n roses, the original line-up, Backyard Babies, The Clash, also the original line-up. I would invite lot of good punk rock bands and rock`n roll bands.

Suiciderock: Your future plans for the band?
Chris: To play many gigs, a lot of touring and just having a good time. It's all about rock`n roll.

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