Rossendale / Manchester 2008

(c) Dear Superstar Official

"We plan on showing the future of Rock'n Roll"

Suiciderock: Tell us something about yourselves, who is Dear Superstar? What should people know about you?
Dear Superstar is Micky, Smeth, The Minge, Amadeus and Milton Gunns and we are rude, tattooed, straight talking, port drinking rockers, straight from the gutter and play rock n roll loud and proud!! Also, everyone should know that Dear Superstar will soon be your new favourite rock n roll band!
Suiciderock: The magazines are writing some pretty good stuff about Dear Superstar, e.g. Room Thirteen ment that you would sound "Like Motley Crue challenging Avenged sevenfold to a drinking contest" & in the eyes of the Metal Hammer mag you are "Destined to be as big as Motley Crue". What do you think when you read such stuff?
When I read stuff like that it just makes me think…Fuck Yeah! Dear Superstar are a band of gutter-rat, mancunian, rock n rollers that want to be heard and have a good time. And through all the madness, for someone to enjoy what we do and compare us to “legends of everything we stand for” is awesome and heart-warming.
Also, being compared to Motley Crüe or Avenged Sevenfold makes me daydream of magazine quotes in a few years like: “Motley Crüe set the standard and Dear Superstar trashed it, possibly no other band in history can out do them” I guess we shall have to wait and see wont we?

Today it seems that the style or the image of a band matters much more than the music itself? How important is style and image for you? What comes first, your rockstar image or your music?
Undoubtedly image is very important, especially to Dear Superstar. In reality our music is always first, but we have no fears of making sure we look our best! I think image and music have to go hand-in-hand but with Rock n Roll is ok to look battered, bruised and ready to fight - which is lucky for us I guess! So yeah, if only had 5 minutes before we hit the stage, I’d spend those 5 minutes warming my voice up with some port and tuning my guitar!! Hairspray and Eyeliner should have already been done - haha!
Suiciderock: You assure that you are looking after your MySpace profile all by yourself and that you try to answer all the incoming messages and comments. Do you think these networking sites have helped spread the word about your music to a broader audience?
Yeah without a doubt! Myspace is fucking essential and such a wicked portal to get your music out globally. We make sure we reply to everyone - no matter where they are from in the world! It’s a great way to interact with the people that really matter! Some people see it as the devil and believe it hurts the industry - but for so many bands it has been a great thing.

Suiciderock: You’ve just recorded your second album, called "Heartless" which will hit the stores on 20th of October. Can you tell us a bit about the recordings itself?
Recording Heartless was one of the best experiences in my life. We spent our last penny and all five of us lived in a guestroom for over a month! But this is why Heartless means so much to us all, I wouldn’t change the recording process for the world! We spent 6 months ironing out all the little annoyances in our album tracks, so when we went into the studio pre-production was done in 2 days! So we moved on to getting all the drums and bass recorded. Smeth and I did the guitar tracks with Micky laying down vocals track by track after us. This worked perfectly as it gave Micky’s voice a full days rest after each track, so he could be the best he could be.

Suiciderock: You’ve worked with Romesh Dodangoda who has already put his fingers on the mixing desk for Funeral for a Friend or Bullet for my Valentine. What was it like working with him?
Working with Romesh was a pleasure and an eye-opener. Romesh is the next big producer without a doubt - everything he touches turns to gold right now! Plus, I don’t think anyone else could have put up with Dear Superstar for 5 weeks and created the album he did. Romesh had a very commanding aura about him and has an inhuman pair of ears!
Suiciderock: Please tell us something about the songs on the album?
Most of the songs are written with some element of truth or personal experience. But the album isn’t a self loving ego-fest. It’s a just a party album, packed to the brim of debauched lyrics and catchy hooks. So grab a bottle of port and hook up with your friends, spin our disk and get drunk! The most meaningful track on the album is Live.Love.Lie, which Micky actually has tattooed across his chest. It’s a song about life on the road and how everything seems that little more different each time you come home. Touring takes something away from you each time you hit the road, but replaces that non-tangible feeling with something far superior! Besides everyone goes through it in life - You Live, you Love, you Lie!
Suiciderock: What will the album sound like? Will it be much different comparing to your forgoing album "Confessions of a Twisted Mind" or will it be similar?
Heartless is totally different from Confessions. We wrote so much of Confessions on the road and recorded it with a really tiny budget. We toured our first album for almost 2 years and in that time we all matured as songwriters and people.
With Heartless we took 6 months out to sit down and write properly, so with Heartless you are going to hear the real us! We wanted to put our frenetic live shows into someone’s bedroom, car or wherever they choose to spin our disc - we’re all so proud that we achieved that!

Suiciderock: Who had the idea for the album title? Why "Heartless?
I think calling the album Heartless is very fitting. The music industry has become a very dog eat dog business and there comes a time where you gotta stand up and look after number one! Most of the time the only people I care about is my band! It's not that I don’t care about people outside the band you just have to get on with it, as no one will “cut us a break” - we’ve got to do this for ourselves!

Suiciderock: You’re above mentioned debut album "Confessions of a Twisted Mind" was self produced. How did it feel to have a helping hand in form of a producer this time?
It was amazing working with someone to give us the direction we would have otherwise missed out on. We all knew what we wanted to achieve with Heartless, but the guidance of a producer who would kick our asses when necessary was invaluable! Romesh is an amazing producer and a genuinely wicked guy. It was weird for me because I have a keen interest in producing, so to get the chance to work with a true master was an amazing experience! We all learned a lot from recording with Romesh and I’m sure we will be back to haunt him with album number 3!

Suiciderock: People have the chance to see you until the mid of December. What expects them during your life shows?
We appreciate that fans spend their hard earned cash to come and see us live, so with Dear Superstar if you have paid £10 to come see us we want to give you a show that makes you feel you paid £100! We don’t pull any punches onstage; sometime I even think we forget there are 4 other guys up there. Smeth regularly gets a microphone in the face from Micky and Micky is always jumping headfirst into the end of my guitar. Micky is all about the show - he only cares about giving people the best he can, if he doesn’t come offstage battered and bruised then he didn’t do his job properly!

Suiciderock: You will support Hanoi Rocks as their Special Guest during their UK Tour in November. What are you expecting from this tour?
This tour is going to be amazing! Warming up the crowd for Hanoi Rocks is just a surreal prospect as they are rock legends and we really admire them! They will knock the crowd on their asses, doing what they did 20 years ago to excess and everyone will fucking love it! We plan on showing the crowd the future of rock n’ roll and what we will be doing for the next 20 years. Hanoi Rocks have been a huge influence to every fucking rock band in the world since the 80’s so I hope to learn a lot from them. Who knows maybe the Superstars can show them a trick or two along their way!
Suiciderock: What does the future hold for Dear Superstar? Any Wishes?
The future holds good things for us for sure - we have an album that we all believe in and some amazing tours lined up. Together with the backing from our dream record deal with Demolition/DR2 Records what more could we want? Now the hard work really starts! And in true Dear Superstar fashion, were going to hit the rest of 2008 at 110mph! We aint slowing down for no-one! I don’t believe in wishing or hoping for things to happen - so far we have made everything happen ourselves, through hard work and determination! As long as we can keep doing that we’re happy!
Suiciderock: Famous last words?
I don’t care how you do it - Buy it, Steal it, Copy it or Download it - just get your hands on our new album “Heartless”! Then come and see us at a show and rock out with us!

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