Trashfest  / Helsinki 2012

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"I would start the band again"

Suiciderock: We are at the Trashfest. You will be headlining the festival tomorrow and today you are the DJ in the house. How does it feel to be here tonight?
It feels great to be here as a DJ tonight and even better to play here tomorrow. I love it. Trashfest is always a lot of fun. It is just a big family. I think itís the best way to describes the feeling for this weekend. I was here three years ago already and at some Trashfest in the US as well.

Suiciderock: This year has been full of big moments for you guys. You supported Rammstein for example on their sold out European  tour. How did that go?
Well, the whole thing started with Rammsteins singer Till. He wanted to tour with us. So we played a couple of shows together and the shows started to work pretty well. Thatís why we also did the second leg of the tour with them. It was simply amazing. Itís definitely one of this memories you can better canít remember after all. We really had a blast.

Suiciderock: The Rammstein Tour was not all; you could celebrate your 10th anniversary as well. 10 years is a long time.
Yeah, it feels like Iím older *smiles*. Of course, it feels great but we had a lot of ups and downs during this ten years considering the band itself or people we have worked with. But itís not that I want to complain about it. I think it is normal to go through things like that for any band. It is like gathering a hand book or a manual how to do things right. You have to make some mistakes to learn from them or you have to go through some hard times to grow stronger.

Suiciderock: How is the feeling within the band now?
The feeling within the band is great. We just overlook certain things a bit different and a bit more careful but we still love what we are doing.

Suiciderock: Would you go for it again? I mean was it worth all this struggle from todayís view?
Hm, I think so. I just think that it is so much easier to do it when you are younger. When you get older there are so many different things to consider and to take care of. Itís natural though. But of course, I would start the band again but I would do some things different than I did or we did in the past. I for example would make sure that the people we are working with for example the record company is on the same page and they want the same what we want. You are not that careful when you are younger. And you donít know that many things because you are missing the experience.

Suiciderock: Your highest ups and your lowest low?
The highest must have been the Rammstein tour. It was just such a massive tour, huge and cool venues with a great band. I canīt really think about the biggest low now but I would say when you get really tired as a band that can be a big low. I mean when you get annoyed with each other and all that kind of things. It starts to become like one of this bad relationships. Those times are pretty hard to cope with.

Suiciderock: You found a very own description for your musical direction: ďDeathglamĒ. Never heard that term before. Since you are the pioneers of that expression what elements does it need to end up in Death Glam?
We had to come up with something. It was too boring to say we are playing metal or whatever so we came up with that. It is about our music style combined with glitter and glammer if you want so.

Suiciderock: You have released a best of album regarding your anniversary. The album is simply called ď The Greatest Hits on EarthĒ. It also contains two completely new songsÖ
Our first ten years have been kind of tough for us. Itís not that we are gonna change our style completely however there will be some changes. We had so many ups and downs but through them we became who we are today. So all in all it has something positive. With the album we wanted to close those then years. The album has been released just before we started to tour with Rammstein. It was also a bit because we couldnít bring that much merch with us on that tour so it was quite practical that we had one Album with our best songs on it. That saved a lot of space when it comes to the merch stuff. The Album was a little preview for the Rammstein fans so they could get a clue about us.

Suiciderock: Before you went on tour with Rammstein you took a year of from playing. Why that?
We had to do that break. We had a pretty hectic time before that. It wasnít like we had a complete break, we just didnít tour during that time. We got a new drummer to play with us, we were writing songs and all different things.

Suiciderock: Whatís happening at the moment? I heard you are working on a new album?
We are writing songs for the new album at the moment. Itís gonna be great. We have a lot of ideas for the new songs. I canīt tell anything about it right now. Cause the songs are changing all the time before we hit the studio. It would make no sense to say something about the album yet. People can expect it next year. Maybe not January next year but it will be out next year.

Suiciderock: Which band do you definitely wanna see tonight?
Itís always fun to see Dope Stars Inc. Night by Night is also great, I simply want to watch them all.

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