Helsinki 2008

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Right Here, Right Now

Suiciderock: Please introduce your band to the people outside. How did you meet?
Matti: We`ve met each other about 10 years ago at some music camp. Mikko played chello and I played violine. I guess Mikko was six or seven years old at this time and I was in the age of eight back than. I don`t know where we meet the other guys. We were in the 7th grade, I guess we met there. When we met we`ve been four totally different guys.
Mikko: Yeah, we came from different music styles. We also had a completely different style comparing to our look nowadays.
Matti: We were listening to pop music, we had this short haircuts and stuff. Totally different than nowadays. Mikko e.g. liked to listen to rapstuff like Two Pack, 50 Cent and so on.
Mikko: I still like that kind of music. I doesn`t mean that I stopped listening to rap only because I play Rock`n Roll. I`m very open when it comes to that.

Suiciderock: How long do the Dirty Licks exist?
Siggy: The band exists since three years. We had different bands with the same guys, so only the names changed from time to time but the band members remained the same.

Suiciderock: If you had to describe each of your bandmates how would you do that?
Matti: I would describe Oli with the words “Music Television”, Siggy with “Mustache”, guess why *smiles*, and Mikko with “Jazz”.
Mikko: Yeah and I would describe Matti as “Human”. If I describe Matti as “Human” I guess Oli is a “True American Highschool Guy”. Siggy is just “Impossible”.
Oli: Ok, it`s my turn now. Well, I start with Mikko, he is “gay”, Matti is “super gay” and Siggy is “super gay gay”.
Siggy: I just agree with the other ones. Everything has been said already.

Suiciderock: Was it always your intention to make something serious out of the band when you started?
Siggy: Of course, it was a big dream to get payed for our music.
Matti: Of course, it started out of fun when we began to play and to form a band. But we began to play and to form a band. But we always took it serious what we did. That`s how it always should be. You have to have this special twinkle in your eyes while doing something otherwise it makes no sense. That`s at least what I think.
Mikko: You know we had a lot of fun when we started the band three years ago and we still have lots of fun today. I think that this is very important. Otherwise you couldn´t move on with the stuff you do.

Suiciderock: Does your bandname have a special meaning for you?
Siggy: Oli invented it. We woke up one day with a terrible hangover…
Matti: That`s true and we needed a name for the band quite quickly…
Mikko: It`s just a name, we thought it would fit perfectly to us and to Rock`n Roll as well. We are not that kind of guys who lick pussies all the time, it is just a name.

Suiciderock: Every band has it`s own musical heroes. What are yours?
Matti: Sure, “Reverrent Bizarre”, it`s a small band from our hometown Lohja here in Finland.
Siggy: I like the Backyard Babies pretty much.
Mikko: My heroes are guys who made / make great songs, I don`t have a special band or artist to name.
Matti: We all have a different taste and everyone in the band has it`s own personal idols. You can also find that in our own style again. Mikko likes jazz a lot, Oli is into punk rock and Siggy likes disco stuff as you probably can see from his style.
Mikko: Matti is into Heavy Metal.
Matti: No, no that`s not true. I`m not so much into Heavy Metal. I like dark and melodic music. I don`t mean that gothic stuff. I like angry music with deep feelings. I like the German band, Kraftwerk.

Suiciderock: What made you become a musician?
Siggy: I watched some Hanoi Rocks gigs and I liked them very much. I wanted to learn to play guitar like Andy Mccoy, Hanoi Rocks are very cool guys.
Mikko: I play lots of different instruments. I started to play music as a little child, I started when I was three years old. So I play music ever since. That`s why I have never thought about why I`m doing this, it always has been a part of my life somehow.
Matti: Of course, we all started because of some heroes. When I was a kid I watched tv and I saw all this cool guys wearing make up an so on. That`s how the whole idea came to our heads. My mother forced me to go to piano lessons when I was a kid. Even if I didn`t know what`s going on, my fingers were too small to play anything.

Suiciderock: Your first musical memory was?
Matti: When I learnd to play piano with two fingers. I had to go from one side to the other side of that instrument and I spent hours doing that.
Mikko: My first memory is the following: My father and a friend of our family started to play this child song on the piano with me.
Oli: I actually don´t know or can`t remember my first musical memory anymore. Well, I remember when I got my first guitar from one of my cousines. When I was four years old we had a acoustic guitar at home. One night my dad came home totally drunk and he broke it. That was funny, we had a good time.
Siggy: By the way, Oli and I are cousines. That leads also to my first memory regarding to music. When my older cousine (not Oli) came to me I saw him playing the guitar and I got addicted. He became sort of a hero for me.

Suiciderock: What`s your opinion about bands who sing in their native language instead of singing only in English?
Mikko: I know Tokyo Hotol. It´s a famous German band. Right? I think it`s great that they sing in their own language. They have big success here in Finland.
Matti: It`s the same with Rammstein. The music is great, you don`t necessarily have to understand the lyrics of the songs. Russian is very hard. It doesn`t fit so well.
Mikko: I know a jazzsinger who sings in Russian and he is pretty good and talented.

Suiciderock: Who is responsible for the songwriting?
Mikko: Actually everybody in the band is responsible for the songwriting.
Matti: Many songs come from Mikko. He has great ideas! It`s always like that. Someone has a good idea, we test it during the rehearsals and than we decide if the whole band likes it or not.

Suiciderock: What can people expect from your lifeshows?
Oli: It`s a hard `n heavy show with emotions.
Matti: We don`t have a real plan what we`re doing to say or what we are going to do on stage. If I had to describe it to someone who has never seen us before I would describe our show as well as emotional but it has nothing to do with this whole Emo-thing. I think everything we do comes from the heart.
Siggy: The people expect something from us so we have to be good to proof them that we are worth to come to our gigs.
Mikko: The problem is that we aren`t such good players. That means that we have to entertain the audience to cover that fact. *smiles*
Matti: So the name “Dirty Licks” fits perfectly again. I guess we take that name too serious when we are on stage. Oli for example gets totally wild. Now he`s sitting there and he is calm and quiet but if you see him on stage he is very energetic. All the girls love him. We don`t care if there is only one guy in the audience or if the whole club is crowded.
Mikko: Our music is wild and dirty!
Oli: We can be ourselves on stage. That`s fantastic!

Suiciderock: Any releases we should talk about?
Oli: We will release a single very soon.
Suiciderock: Which song?
Matti: We don`t know yet. We have two songs but nothing is confirmed yet.
Mikko: We are doing the photos for the cover of the single today here in Helsinki.
Suiciderock: You will have the cover before you know which song you are going to release?
Mikko: Yeah, I know it`s funny. Next weekend we will have the shooting for the clip for the new single. We should know then song than. You have to come to our MySpace to check out our songs.
Siggy: The album will follow in May.

Suiciderock: While talking about MySpace, what`s your opinion about this medium?
Matti: It`s not easy to use for me. I know how to post a comment nowadays.
Oli: I think it is a good idea. Especially for unkown bands as they have the chance to upload their songs there.
Matti: In the past you had cd`s or cassettes or whatever to listen to music but nowadays you simply click somewhere and you get the lyrics, the songs and so on. It`s not my cup of tea. But it`s very good for promotional stuff.
Mikko: I like it. If someone tells me about a good band. I go to MySpace and check them out. Than I decide if I want to buy their album or if I want to safe my money for something else.
Matti: It`s too much information if you ask me.
Mikko: it`s better than downloading songs illegal.

Suiciderock: Your futureplans? What does 2008 hold for the Dirty Licks?
Matti: We haven`t booked any gigs for summerfestivals yet.
Mikko: It would be nice to play at some festival. You get free tickets and you happen to see good bands. I mean summerfestivals are quite expensive. Provinssirock costs about 95 Euro, that`s too much money!
Matti: We never make any future plans. We live right here and right now.

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