Sweden 2009

(c) Dollface Official

"Mars Attacks"

Suiciderock: For everyone who is not familiar with your band. Would you tell us a bit more about your band called Dollface?
Five Swedes playing rock, drinking beer... and Mapman(the manager) cleaning up after us.

Suiciderock: The music industry always tries to put bands into a certain corner. How would you define your music style?
Post punk revival with influences from hard rock and stoner music. Hmm.. or maybe just indie rock like all the other bands. We’re really good, so you should probably listen and form your own opinion instead of just reading this description.

Suiciderock: Let’s talk about the roles in your band. Who is responsible for the songwriting? What inspires you?
Harder writes most of the songs, but with a lot of help from the other retards. Usually the best songs comes after late nights out when a lot of things have gone wrong. So we try to stay positive no matter what happens, since we can always write a song about it afterwards.

Suiciderock: Who had the idea for the band name?
Matti got inspiration to come up with the band name after having a spiritual experience with gin and julmust.

Suiciderock: The band has been formed in 2004. How did you guys met?
Harder and Matti partied a lot together in the beginning of 2004. After a while it got old and we needed more people to party with, so we formed a band. Now we’re meeting a lot of nice people every day on tour.

Suiciderock: You just played a couple of gigs in Germany. Is there a special tour story you can tell us?
After one of the gigs in a small rural town Matti got soooooo drunk. He stayed later than everyone else to hit on girl even though he was too drunk to stand straight. After the girls dad drove him to the apartment where we were sleeping Matti went in to our managers room and started pissing on his clothes on the floor. He said it wasn’t him, but it was kind of obvious. The day after he claimed to have no memory of it.

Suiciderock: For everyone who missed your gigs. What can people expect from your live shows?
Tinnitus and hangover.... uh I mean  a really great time and sleepover with the band members.. .damn. ..just a really great time!

Suiciderock: Can you remember your worst show ever and the best one?
Once after a gig in Falkenberg (Sweden) Harder got his gear stolen, so the gig the next day really sucked for him. The gig went ok, but Harder looked and felt like crap. Thankfully we could borrow enough stuff from a friend to go on until we’d acquired new gear.
One cool gig was in the Czech republic. The venue was packed with people and in front a bunch of pretty girls fought to get our attention. Before the gig was over Harders mic-stand had gotten a blowjob from one of the girls and Mattias had to be pulled into the bus like in some kind of zombie movie, otherwise he’d probably still be there. Matti never thanked Mapman for that.

Suiciderock: Your debut album "Mars Attacks" was released in March 2008. Can you tell us a funny studio moment?
One time after a great night out we got back to the studio and recorded a really amazing stoner song. Weird thing is that it sounds like crap on the recording, so it was probably some technical malfunction or maybe the studio engineer messed it up. The recording will hopefully never be released, but we can tell you there was a lot of distorted cowbells and jingle bells with flanger effects. It really sounded fantastic live... damn technical malfunction.

Suiciderock: The festival season will start soon again. How would the perfect festival line-up look like for you, if you could choose the bands? What name would you give the festival then?
The name of the festival would be “Bajs-i-valen” and the main line-up would be Arctic monkeys, Moose, Modest House and Queens of the stone age.

Suiciderock: If you wouldn’t be a musicians what would you do instead?
Dollface: We would be misunderstood geniuses.

Suiciderock: Your future plans for the band?
We’re working on new songs for the upcoming album, which probably will be out some time this winter.

Suiciderock: To end up the interview any words for the readers of suiciderock?
Don’t go kill yourself because that would suck. Buy our album and be happy  instead!


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