Tampere 2009

(c) Mia Bergius

"Cross the line"

Suiciderock: Please give a little introduction of your band to start up with the interview.
Jape: We are a quite new band. The band doesn`t exist for so long. We had our first rehearsal day in february this year. We won this competition and our album is scheduled to be released on...

Suiciderock: What kind of music is typical for the sound of Doom Unit?
Jape: I think we just play old fashioned Rock`n Roll. That`s all about it. You can find lots of different styles in our music.

Suiciderock: hat about the new record?
Jape: I think there is a lot of contrast on the record. All he songs are really different. You can find some stoner rock on it for example. 

Suiciderock: How many tracks does the record include? 
Jape: "Cross the Line" includes 10 tracks. It takes about 39 minutes to listen to it. So you can see it is really old fashioned Rock`n Roll. 

Suiciderock: Let`s talk a bit about the roles in the band. Who is responsible
for what musicalwise? 
Jape: Well, I write a lot with our bassplayer Nahka and two songs have been done with
another guitarist. 

Suiciderock: What kind of themes are you treating in your songs? 
Jape: I`s basically about sadness. I`m not sad, I`m a happy person that likes humor
but our songs are quite depressing. I really don`t know why. *laughs*

Suiciderock: What can people expect from your lifeshows?
Jape: Sweat and bad jokes and of course good music. 

Suiciderock: Was it always your intention to become a musician or to be involved with music? 
Jape: I own my own company, I`m doing films, music videos, commercials and stuff like
that. I have been playing music since I`m 15 years now but I have never dreamed to become a Rockstar.

Suiciderock: What about an own tour?
Jape: Yeah, we will play this release gig and we will play some other gigs here in Finland. All happens so fast, I hope we can play abroad soon as well.

Suiciderock: What can you tell us about the characters of your bandmates?
Jape: We are old, funny, we are friends since a long time. Even if our music is sad we
are a  bunch of guys having fun while playing our music.

Suiciderock: Your future plans for Doom Unit?
Jape: To make a new record. We have a couple of songs ready, but let`s see what the
future brings for us.

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