Italy 2008

(c) Enrico Caputo

"Fast, dirty & synthesized"

Suiciderock: For everybody who does not know so much about you could you be that nice and give a little bit of information about you and the rest of the guys?
We started this band back in 2003, it was spring and we recorded and released our first EP. Afterwards we signed with Trisol and released 2 full length albums (Neuromance and Gigahearts) and released on EP for the single “Make A Star”. Now we are recording the new album that will come out in april 2009. We make a mix of Industrial Rock with Techno/Trance elements, distorted beats and rock’n’roll attitude.

Suiciderock: How would you describe what you do to someone who has never heard of your band?
Well, I usually just say we make some kind of Industrial Rock’n’Roll with Cyberpunk visual concept and lyrics. But there are a lot of different styles trough all our songs as we got also some very aggressive stuff and synth-pop or rock ballads. It’s Electro-Rock music after all.

Suiciderock: Who made up your band name and who was responsible for your artist names? Is there a special story behind them?
We were just throwing names each other to find out some cool ones. We wanted a combination of words and then among all of them we choose these ones. It was just about feeling, besides they were also representing part of the concept. Dope can be considered connected both to the immediate and addictive sound of our music but also to the world of synthesized drugs and cyberpunk influences that find a connection to it. Stars is more related to our attitude in songwriting and stage that is strongly influenced by rock, punk and garage. Inc. instead is about the cyberpunk themes and the mechanical style of our music. So they were just sounding also perfect  together and we liked it by the times.

Suiciderock: If you can pick one word to describe each member of the band which words would you use to do so?
La Nuit: sex, Darin: redbull, Ash:class

Suiciderock: What inspires you for your lyrics and who is the mastermind behind the songwriting?
Since the start of the project I’ve been the mastermind of all songs both on the music and concept side. Also I’ve always been producing, recording and mixing most of the material. So usually I just start dropping some ideas and work on demo versions that are then re-recorded and arranged with the other bandmates. Also I do a lot of versions and demos so we choose together which one to choose to develop, which stuff to trash or keep or make evolve. Right now for example we’ve worked out like 4-5 songs already but after more material will be ready we’ll spend the rest of the time in studio to record, rearrange or also write more. This time we also found a great deal with different labels that supported a great production so it will be the best work ever!

Suiciderock: You are from Italy. How would you describe the Italian Rockscene at the moment?
There is no Italian rock scene at the moment, and there has never been any. At least if compared to foreign countries. Unfortunately here it’s all about Italian pop, stupid tv shows, or real-tv shit about stupid dancers want to become rockstars and having no clue about the difference between performing and composing. Here is all just about popularity, stupid concepts or just cool image for the common people. Fortunately this are also a lot of great young people in Italy that mostly prefer to listen music outside. This is anyway a bad thing for us, being an Italian band, as we are also considered the same way and there is no much support from the local scene.

Suiciderock: You had some troubles in the band with one of your former bandmates. What happened exactly?
Well I actually had no problem. Basically Grace had a problem that nobody understood as he was asking for something he could never afford to do or either ask. He has thrown a lot of shit on the band and also on me just to generate confusion and gather attention but as he also demonstrated after 2 years he’s doing nothing and we are going ahead better than before. With Alex was different as it has always been clear he was not feeling comfortable in the band for the kind of music and style of image and this is well explained by his new band (that I am also a fan of). So as said nothing changed actually in the core of DSI as I’ve been always pushing up the band not only on the music and concept side but also on all the other administrative and business sides. Apart from being all slowed down by these issues we are now stronger than before also on the distribution setup as we just singed a lot of great deals that will be announced soon on our website.

Suiciderock: What expects people when coming to your shows?
We make hell out of it. It’s just fast, dirty and synthesized.

Suiciderock: What does the future hold for Dope Stars Inc?
I think 2009 will be an important year for DSI as we’ll have both the possibility to work out a perfect production in a very professional studio, to work a lot more on arrangements and sound research, we will also have real drum performances on the album and next live shows will also feature a live drummer. Besides we also have a very strong support thanks to the new deals so I can really hope this will be the year of a consistent break in International scene as we are also arranging and International Tour that will follow after 2 months the release of the album that will come out this April.

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