Tampere 2007

" Everything Happened Little By Little"

Suiciderock: It would be great if you introduce Filthy Sixx to start the interview?
Haiwe: The band exists almost since five years now. We`re a rock`n`roll band from Valkeakoski. We have six members playing in the band.

Suiciderock: Was it always your intention to become a musician?
Haiwe: Yep it was. I always wanted that. Since I was in the age of 8. Since that I try to make it. I haven`t managed it yet, but I`m on the best way.

Suiciderock: If you have to describe your bandmembers in one word, what would you say about them?
Haiwe: Lazy might be the right word. I think lazy would be the right word that fits for everyone of us.

Suiciderock: Every band has its own musical heroes. What are your idols?
Haiwe: We have such a different taste when it comes to music. Some of us listen to very heavy stuff like “Children of Bodom” and something like that. Maybe our music is like “Hanoi Rocks”. We also like the “Backyard Babies”.

Suiciderock: Was there a special happening in your life that made you choose to become a musician?
Haiwe: I have no idea. Many years have past by since I started to make music, but there was no special happening that let me fell the decision to play music. I just decided to buy a guitar and to play it. Maybe it was because I`ve never been good in sports and that`s why I started to make music.

Suiciderock: Can you still recall your first musical memory?
Haiwe: I can only remember the day when I got my first electric guitar. No other memories from that. Everything happened little by little. After I got my first guitar I started to play in some bands. I think I´ve played in four or five bands so far. That`s great.

Suiciderock: About the roles in your band. Who is responsible for the songwriting?
Haiwe: I`m responsible for the songwriting in Filthy Sixx. I write almost all songs.

Suiciderock: How can people imagine your live shows?
Haiwe: Just come and you will see by yourself. If the people wants to see a good rock`n`roll show they are right at our shows.

Suiciderock: What was your worst and your best live show so far?
Haiwe: A bad show only show you that you have to put more effort in the next one you will play. Our best show? I think the one we played back in 2003 in Hämenlinna. The crowd was great, our show was good and something like that.

Suiciderock: Halloween will come up soon. Do you celebrate it in Finland as well? Haiwe: No, actually not. Some years ago we had a little Halloween party. We were drinking and stuff, but we don`t celebrate Halloween here in Finland.

Suiciderock: Your future plans for the band?
Haiwe: We plan to organise some gigs. You must know none is selling our gigs. We have to do it all by our own. We will have a demo soon. It would be nice if someone could sign us. Let`s see what happens.