Helsinki 2011

(c) For the Imperium Official

"Better than the tradition"

Suiciderock: Can you introduce the band to start with the interview?
Ville: Well, we are a young band if you consider the fact that our self financed demo, which included all in all three songs came out in 2008 and our first gig was early 2009. Things have gone pretty fast for us. However this was not a problem as everybody in the band is an experienced musician. I mean For the Imperium is nobody`s first band. What else could I say about us? We are the best band in Finland and certainly soon to be the best band of the world so what more do you need to know. *smiles*

Suiciderock: You played a very special gig last week at the Tavastia Klub here in Helsinki. It was your record release gig, how did that go?
Ville: The gig went really well. We had almost two times more people than I dared to expect. It was great. We had about 300 or even more people there. It was very crowded though Tavastias balcony was closed that night. I have to admit that I´m never pleased at the end of a gig. There is always something that we could have done at least a little bit better in my opinion but after that gig I didn`t have that feeling at all. We had a new backdrop as well as a new light guy for this gig. Everything worked out pretty well. We just played our songs and tried to give the best rock show we could give to the audience.

Suiciderock: Your selftitled album “For the Imperium” hit the stores this year. Can you give us some information about the album?
Ville: We are all very pleased when it comes to the album. It was a tough process and it took a while to make it because we had decided that we didn`t want to take any old songs from our foregoing EP for example so we had to do all from the scratch. We started with the recordings from “For the Imperium” last fall and the album was finished this summer. It was a really hard process but as I said we are more than pleased with it but at the same time we are already eager to work on the next record.

Suiciderock: “For the Imperium” has just hit the stores and you are already working on new material?
Ville: Yeah exactly. We already have lots and lots ideas for new songs. But time will tell how this is going to be like. It is too early to tell anything.

Suiciderock: Why did you name the album like your band?
Ville: I would say because the album reflects what we are. It is as simple as that. We tried to come up with different names but we came to the conclusion that this is what we are and as it is our first album we should give it the same name as the band just to tell people, this is us and that`s the music we make. This is For the Imperium.

Suiciderock: The album has a quite special cover. It`s a little bit scary as it shows a naked dead body of a woman who has been torn apart. Where did you get that idea from?
Ville: Yeah it shows a naked chopped up lady. The artist who is responsible for the cover and we liked the idea. We had a few other options before that but we weren`t satisfied with them so we told the cover artist that he should just tell us what comes to his mind. What you can see now on the cover is the result and I think it is awesome.

Suiciderock: Your musical style is quite hard to define as far as I read on your page. Genres like Rock. Pop, Metal where used but also Experimental. Where would you put the band if you had to?
Ville: Maybe I should go now *smiles*, I really don`t know how I can describe it. If you put a gun to my head and force me to describe it I would define it as Punk, Hard Rock, Metal with a little touch of Pop. Pop referring to the harmonies.

Suiciderock: You will go on tour with the album through Finland this fall. What can people expect from your lifeshows?
Ville: Oh, they can expect a lot when they come to see us life. We don`t rely on the show itself, I mean we don`t use any special effects like dragons and fireballs or whatever. We rely on our own songs, that’s what everyone should do. And we rely on the way we play our songs on stage, on our skills. We are not focussing so much on the show we do, but the way we play. I don`t wanna sound over the top now but in my opinion each member of the band is a really good player. In that sense people can expect a traditional rock concert but better than the tradition.

Suiciderock: “For the Imperium” is your debutalbum, did you feel any special pressure while working on it as the debut album always is a very important step in a bands career. Or did you just go for it to see what`s going to happen with it?
Ville: No, we didn`t feel any kind of pressure at least not when it comes for the release of the album. Everyone from the record company and all the other people around us have given us all freedom to do what we want on the album. Recording the album was a new thing for all of us in the band and we probable knew best at the beginning of the whole process what to do with it. We just brought the best out of the album that way. So I would say that we didn`t feel any special pressure when it comes to that, only the normal pressure that you want to get the best out of the material you have written. Just the basic stuff, long recording hours and nerv breakdowns… no, I`m just kidding…

Suiciderock: The record includes 11 tracks. Who is responsible for the songwriting in the band?
Ville: We do it as a group. Of course, there are different kind of roles in our band like you have them in every other band as well. Everybody had his strengths and you can always expect certain things from certain people. For example I haven`t done any ballads so far so nobody would ask me to come up with a ballad. Different guys are making different stuff.

Suiciderock: So you are not the ballad, romantic kind a guy?
Ville: I am, I am, I just haven`t done a ballad for For the Imperium. I tried but somehow they other guys have come up with better ballads than me, so my ballads have been pushed aside.

Suiciderock: Any personal heroes to name?
Ville: They tent to change all the time. When I started and the reason why I started to play guitar was Metallica, little later when I got older I turned to Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin. Than I went more into that progressive stuff like Dream Theatre and Opeth, Faith No More, lately I have been really into Hip Hop. You have to keep your ears open.

Suiciderock: You have signed a record deal with Warner Music. Many bands have to struggle a lot to get signed. How did you convince the record company that your music is what they are looking for?
Ville: It actually was a funny thing. We never send anything to Warner Music. We have never sent a demo or whatever to them. It was last summer when my phone rang, I was still in bed and after I woke up I heard somebody asking me if I would be in the band as we are interested in that band and so on. But she didn`t mentioned which band she actually ment. She didn`t tell me the name of the band. I was in a couple of bands so I didn`t really know what she was talking about. All I knew was that she was from Warner Music Life Company and she was a booking agent. She asked me how many bands I would have… It came by surprise than. We were actually supposed to sign a contract with Spinefarm records back than. However we haven`t put our names on the contract by the time Warner called to offer us the deal. We actually had three offers at that time…Anyway, we kind of hopped between Spinefarm and Warner Music and the decision was that we are fine with Warner Music Finland. It`s a great company. We are happy with the decision at the end of the day.

Suiciderock: Your future plans for the band?
Ville: Just to give all our best and to continue to make music. We hope that we are able to bring records out constantly, to play as many shows as possible. Also to tour outside of Finland. Of course, we don`t want to play one or two club tours in Finland only. We really hope that we can hit the road in Europe soon as well.


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