Helsinki 2011

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"Take me to your leader"

Suiciderock: Let`s start the interview with a little introduction of you guys? When was the band found?
Aleksi: We started the band back in 2008. First it was only me, Markku and Erno. I remembered that I still have this guitar somewhere in my closet. It soon started our to be like a snowball effect. We started to play together, to write and arrange songs. Than our bassplayer, Ville joined the band and here we are.

Suiciderock: Where do your inspiration come from? You cover a great variety of genres?
Aleksi: You can find inspiration in everything basically. I wouldn`t say that we have a specific source of inspiration.

Suiciderock: So you are not going to sit on some kind of lake here around Helsinki and start writing depressing music?
Erno: No, no but maybe we should try that one day. It would keep our sound more refreshing maybe. We should consider doing a lake-concept album in the future.

Suiciderock: How would you define your the style of Fuerteventura?
Aleksi: Well, I would describe it as Rock. I would say basically it is Rock. I write most of the songs and I think you can hear some of the bands that I admire in it but still it is our unique sound. For example I`m listening a lot to Nirvana or The Smashing Pumpkins, also Foo Fighters and a lot of stuff from the 90`s. These are the basic elements you can find in our music again. Than I also play a lot of old Nintendo games, which can be very influencing as well.

Suiciderock: What can be that inspiring about an old videogame?
Aleksi: Not the game itself but the soundtrack it includes. There are many good soundtracks for the older games.

Suiciderock: So it`s always you who is writing the songs or do you get some help from your bandmates every now and than?
Aleksi: Well, I write some pieces for the songs, than we meet up at our rehearsal place to work on the tracks. So you could see it as a group project. We are composing them together but the lyrics are mainly done by me.

Suiciderock: What kind of themes come to your mind when writing the songs?
Aleksi: All kind of themes. I also use a lot of humor when writing the songs. The songs are dealing with themes and stories out of my life and out of the life of our band members. 

Suiciderock: You have your first record out, it`s called “Take me to your Leader”. Tell us something about it?
Aleksi: “Take me to your Leader” is our first record, it just came out here in Finland. We actually didn`t plan to make an album. We wanted to make some good demos first but after recording the first seven songs we started to think that we could press them to an album as well. At some point our record label got interested in the stuff we`ve done and they asked us if we were willing to record some more tracks and than we could release a record. So we did and “Take me to your Leader” was ready to be released.

Suiciderock: With “Day by Day” you have also your first single out.
Aleksi: Yeah, the single was released around Christmas last year. So you can see it as kind of Christmas present to us or to our fans.

Suiciderock: You played on the So Next Season Tour together with Lucy was Driving which we interviewed a bit earlier. How was that? What expects people when they are going to see you life?
Aleksi: People will get a huge amount of energy when they come to see us life. Basically it is about having fun. The tour was great. Four different bands. And we had a blast, it was really funny. To play at Tavastia was a great honour. The tour ended there. It was just great.
Erno: It is like a collection of songs that hits you right in the face. We are a very energetic life band.

Suiciderock: Any touringplans?
Aleksi: We are not sure yet, but we hope that we will get the chance to play as much as possible. We would play everywhere. We really would enjoy to tour the world, well or even to tour the galaxy.

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