Rovaniemi / Simerock 2007

" Everything comes honestly from the heart"

Suiciderock: Fumble was actually formed in 1991, but you broke up in 1994 and reformed the band again in 2003. What happened and would you say you`re the same „Fumble" as back in 1994?
Rami K:
Well, back in the days we have been 20 years old and we started moving to different cities to study. The original line-up Ville, Pekka and me also had some personal difficulties. So we decided to quit the band. Some years passed `til Onni and me met up at some club in Helsinki one night. There we decided to start the band again. We went to the rehearsal place and within about ten minutes we`ve already created one song. That was so great. We had several bands while our break, but this is definately the music we want to play.

Suiciderock: For everyone who doesn`t know about „Fumble", what would you tell him?
Rami K:
Well, we play melodic punk rock, we love all kinds of music starting from the 60's over the 70's to the current music styles. We love what we do. I think everybody who comes to our shows can see that.

Suiciderock: Did you start just for fun or was your intention to get something serious out of this band?
Rami K:
We`ll see what happens. The reason why we found „Fumble" was to make as good music as possible and play to as many people as possible in as interesting places as possible. For example at the Arctic Circle as we do today or in Germany or wherever the people want us to play.

Suiciderock: Does your bandname have a special meaning for you and what is the story behind your band name?
Rami K:
The name was just a short name, which is a little bit funny as well. It comes from the early days. We have heard lots of stuff about the name and we also got lots of critics regarding the name. We were thinking about a new name, because we have two new members in the band. We tried stupid names like „Idiot Heroes" and even performed once with that name, but we decided to simply keep the old one.

Suiciderock: Every band has his own music heroes. Who are your heroes and which band or singer do you want to make a song with?
Rami K:
Well, there are so many. I can only tell you about my personal heroes, because everybody has his own special taste. Bruce Springsteen is one. My mum once took me to a piano lesson and I was afraid that I`m going to learn something from Beethoven. The teacher looked at me and asked me if I want to learn to play classic music or rock. I made the decision for rock. After that we watched Bruce Springsteen for 3 hours. I actually use the same system when I write songs. Of course, I also like The Ramones, bands like Bad Religion made me become interested into punk music. Also Snuff, but nowadays I`m into different bands such as Descendents, Samiam, Jawbreaker, The Clash, early Oasis etc. as well.

Suiciderock: What is your first musical memory?
Rami K:
I can`t exactly remember my first musical memory, but I remember when I was at the summer cottage of my family. My 8 years older brother had this Greatest Hits tape from the 80's and we listened to it in the car. It was really hot inside this car and we were partying to the 80's music. I think the tape was one of these "Wow! That's what i call music"-tapes with a groovy pig on the cover. I think it had songs from Bowie, Duran Duran etc.

Suiciderock: Who is responsible for the songwriting and where do you take your inspiration from?
Rami K:
Our guitarist and me are responsible for the lyrics. Sometimes we play the songs three month to one year until it finally finds its place on our setlist. I probably bring most of the song ideas and lyrics for the band and than we make a song out of that together.

Suiciderock: Your debut album „Rise" has been released on 04th of June this year. Could you tell us something about the time in the studio?
Rami K:
Yeah, we didn`t spent any time in the studio. We didn`t have a proper studio for the recordings, but the mastering was done in one of the best studios in Finland with one of the best mastering engineer called Minerva Pappi. The actual recording was done in interesting places like an old farmhouse in the country side. It was a very beautiful place. Most parts of the other recordings were done at the rehearsal room of a good friend at a mini hobby studio. We were lucky enough to do some recordings there. I`m not sure if we gonna do the next record the same way.

Suiciderock: What can people expect from the album?
Rami K:
They can expect eleven songs. Each of this songs will have something that you can remember, that you can fell into. So, buy the album and come to our shows. When we get together you will start singing with us and we will have a great time.

Suiciderock: You already toured three times in Spain. How did that happen and how went the tour?
Rami K:
After we regrouped in 2003 we became an semi-active rehearsal band, meaning that we played in the basement, but almost never played shows or were in anyways active publicly. Then in late 2005 our guitarist Onni suggested that why don't we go to play in Barcelona. I don't know where he got that idea. Anyways, it seemed so impossible that we took the challenge and after calling about dozen venues without knowing Spanish we finally managed to book a show in a great club near Barcelona called Sala Seattle. We played there one Sunday and everything just fell into place during that show. We had such great time and people liked us. The promoter of the venue thanked us and said that if we want to tour in Spain he will organize it. He is a guy called Juanan and has his own Management company. Then we went on tour in summer 2006. We had great time and became friends with Juanan and he organized also the tour this May. These tours have been very important in gluing us together as a band and making us see what is possible with Fumble.

Suiciderock: While talking about live shows. How would you desrcibe your own gigs?
Rami K:
I would say that there is some special pure and positive energy in our shows. We've been around for so long that everything comes honestly from the heart and it seems that people can really sense that. I think everyone in the band has a distinctive stage personality. Like for example Mäksä is so great just taking it cool while me and Onni mess around like overcharged duracel rabbits. Our drummer Mikko has a great sense for show dramatics so there is always some surprises for all of us. Also, people are starting to sing along more and more in our shows and there's starting to be some stage diving occasionally.

Suiciderock: What was your best and your worst show so far?
Rami K:
The worst was probably in Tampere late last year when we played right after the National Day and hardly anyone came to the show. It was tough, because Tampere is such a great rock city. The best vibe so far was this year in Cartagena where we played in this really cool Irish rock bar Underground. We played with a great local band Lazarus and the night turned into an incredible mega-party. The evening before we had hard time finding a place to eat or a bar to drink in the same city. We just walked on empty streets and thought that this place is pretty boring. Then the next night it was the greatest action in the whole tour.

Suiciderock: What was the most embarassing moment in your young music career so far?
Rami K:
I've always been very bad with the equipment. Once I was complaining to our guitarist Onni that my amp is broken. He opened the amp, checked electricity, changed the tubes and still it did not work. I think he spent something like 40 minutes fixing it, but nothing worked. Then after a while I realized that I had actually inserted my guitar to the pedal input, not the guitar input. So actually the amp had worked fine all along. I did not get much technician points from Onni. I think I'm getting a little better with the equipment now.

Suiciderock: If you have the chance to organise your own festival. Who would perform?
Rami K:
That's a tough one, but if we would do it Finland it would be great to have bands that have not been here before, like for example Social Distortion, AFI and Alkaline Trio. In my dreams get Rocket from the Crypt play together once more. Coheed and Cambria would be cool to have as well. And then all the cool upcoming bands that we have played with in the past years.

Suiciderock: Your future plans for the band?
Well, we want to keep on playing and we want to make great albums. And we want to come to Germany.

Suiciderock: Some special words for the readers of suiciderock.com?
Rami K:
Listen to our music on MySpace, come to our shows and experience something surprising, exploding and fun. We're catchy and our music is sometimes dark, but we're always a bit different from the polished mall-punk you get from everywhere else. Check us out yourself.

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