Tampere 2007

(Photo by Kalle Björklid)

"Out Of The Lights"

Suiciderock: Can you give us a little introduction of your bandmembers and the band itself?
Sami: We are Garage 13, we are from a small town, called Tähtari. It`s 150 km north of Tampere. The population keeps under 10.000 people so you can see, it is a very tiny town. Everybody in the band comes from Tähtari. We spent our youth there, we went to the same school and stuff like that. Our bandmembers are Petrol, he does the vocals and is responsible for the lyrics. Our leadguitarplayer is named Flanagan, our drummer is called Johnny and last but not least I´m Sami and I play the bass and I`m also writing songs for Garage 13.

Suiciderock: So you met in school. Did you start the band there?
Sami: yeah we know each other since we were in the age of seven. As I already said it`s such a tiny city that really everybody knows everybody.

Suiciderock: How would you define your band to someone who has never heard it before?
Sami: I think it is a mix of hardrock, punkrock and also lot`s of pop melodies. Yeah I would describe it like that.
Suiciderock: If you had to describe your bandmates by using one word. How would you do so?
Sami: I think I would call our singer, Petrol "jolly", maybe "crazy" would fit best to Flanagan, "important" would be the word for Johnny and I`m "quite bussy all the time" *smiles*.

Suiciderock: What inspires you for your songwriting?
Sami: Well, in my opinion the melodies are the main thing for our band. We are always focusing on them first when we start to write a song and there we also get the inspiration for the lyrics from.
Suiciderock: Is the creation of the melodies a group project or how can we imagine the process of their creation?
Sami: No, of course we are a part of it but the melodies are coming mostly from our singer.

Suiciderock: Any new releases of Garge 13?
Sami: Yep, our first album "Out of the Lights" was released just two weeks ago. I think it is a very good rock album. We gained some good critics for it.

Suiciderock: Can you tell us something about the recordings for "Out of the Lights"?
Sami: The recordings were quite funny because the album was recorded every were else except in the studio. It was done at our singers home, in the cellar and locations like that. The recording process took almost a year. So it took quite long but we like the result that came out in the end.

Suiciderock: You just signed a deal with Hype Records. What made you choose this label?
Sami: Thoose guys seem to be quite cool. I`ve heard lot`s of good things about Hype. They are really working hard for their bands. So I think this was the main fact why we came up with this decision.

Suiciderock: A question about your bandname. Why "Garage 13" and not "Garage 15"?
Sami: Well. 13 is the unlucky number… and "Garage" because we have been like a garage band when we started. We were singing and rehearsing in a garage so the name fits quite well. There isn`t such a big story behind this name. We are a garage band which is a little bit unlucky. *laughs*

Suiciderock: Any plans for a tour in Finland our maybe outside of Finland?
Sami: It is so hard to talk about touring in Finland cause it is such a small country. Nothing is confirmed yet but it seems that we are playing some shows in Finland by the end of August and that we have some shows in Germany and Austria.
Suiciderock: Festivals or your own shows?
Sami: No not festivals. We will do our own tour. We have been to Germany two times before already. The first time we played like nine shows only in Germany but at our second visit we also got to play some shows in Austria. We played everywhere in Germany.
Suiciderock: Than you still remember some German words?
Sami: Do I remember any? I don`t know maybe we just drank to much Jägermeister. Maybe that`s the reason why we can`t remember anything anymore.

Suiciderock: At least you remember Jägermeister.
Sami: Yeah we do. I guess we drank like 20 litres of Jägermeister within three weeks during our first visit to Germany. We were ten guys and it was a very cool time. I think it was some kind of mirical that we survived this.

Suiciderock: Let`s stay with the touring theme. What was the worst place you`ve ever played?
Sami: There is this small town called Wachenroth in Germany, near Nürnberg. It was a Sunday evening and we could decide if we want an off-day or playing a show. We decided to play the show. The chaos was really big. Some local guy organized something. It was his parents place, very very small and there were something like ten people waiting for us to see our show. It was nice to play there but the place was not that nice.

Suiciderock: Your future plans for Garage 13?
Sami: I don`t know. Of course we want to make new songs. We already have some ideas for new material. We were rehearsing them yesterday a bit. We want to release an new album.
Suiciderock: Will the material sound similar to your current album?
Sami: It`s quite hard to answer this at this moment. But I think it is going to be pretty much in the same style. The melodies will be very important this time as well.

Suiciderock: Actually that`s it. But there is still one thing left. You have to pick one question out of the question box, read it loud and answer it.
Sami: Ok the question is: "What`s your idea of hell?" Hm… my idea of hell is that there are good parties all the time. *laughs*.