Helsinki 2013

(c) Anders Bergstedt

"Success shouldn´t effect your personality"

Suiciderock: Welcome Back to Helsinki. How does it feel to be back?
Jonatan: It feels really great to be back. Helsinki is a nice place and the Tavastia is a great venue to play at. I haven’t been around so much today so I didn’t see so much of Helsinki besides the Hotel. But we have been here before.
Rikard: Yeah this weather is not really encouraging you to take a walk in your bathing shorts. I have seen a bit of the town and I definitely want to see more. Maybe we will get the chance when we are back in the summer to play the Rock The Beach Festival. But we had the best sound we have ever had last time when we played here. We really wanted to come back to play here. I hope it’s gonna be as good as it was last time.

Suiciderock: You didn’t have a master plan when you started the band. However you wanted to get the best out of it. Did you expect that this band could bring you to the point where you are now?
Jonatan: Of course, the purpose of getting a band together is that you want to make music that reaches out to the people. But we didn’t think that we get this far with it.
Rikard: No, we never, ever thought that this kind of music that we play will make it into the billboard charts in Sweden and all that. However we had a plan that we wanted to focus on what we do and do this band thing for real, not just for fun. We wanted to be able to make a living out of it and get it as far as possible. We never thought about winning a Grammy or whatever. This just happened.

Suiciderock: You are still very down to earth guys.
Rikard: You should see us at home. No, no just kidding.
Jonatan: I think they are in the business out of the wrong reason. When it comes to us, we just want to play what people like to hear. I think that no matter how successful you are it shouldn’t effect you as a person.

Suiciderock: Let’s talk about what’s the most important tonight; Your music. Your new album “Lights Out” was released last year. It came up very close after “Hisingen Blues” which was released only one year earlier. Why did you hurry so much with “Lights Out”?
Rikard: “Hisingen Blues” came out to be a big success. We thought it would be good to come up with the next album right away as long as people still remember us. I wouldn’t do our next album so fast again because it was really really hectic for us. It would have been nice to have some more time to work on the songs and the record. I think we made the right decision to release “Lights Out” so fast after “Hissingen Blues”.

Suiciderock: It’s natural that every band evolves during their career. But what would you say changed during the two records? What is the difference between them?
Jonatan: I hope we got a little better when it comes to our instruments. I guess this is always the same answer you get to whoever you have talked to but it feels a little bit more mature maybe.
Rikard: Yes, I would say so as well. We tried to use a little bit more instruments for “Lights Out”. We tried to go into the direction of making it an album that is more dark compared to “Hisingen Blues”. Lyric wise we managed to do that in my opinion. Maybe it is a little broader or like Jonatan said more mature. Let’s see what we do with our next one, maybe we are going to have a symphony orchestra on it. Who knows…

Suiciderock: You worked with the same producer for both albums. Normally bands tend to change who they are working with for every record. What made working with him so special for you?
Jonatan: We trust this guy very much. He’s been doing a great job and he is kind of an extra member for the band.
Rikard: It is always nice to have a person from outside of the band you can trust and who can tell you what sounds good and what not. It’s been working out well so far. Why change it.

Suiciderock: Some magazines tried to squeeze you into musical genres. Decibel mag for example did that with the words “Beautiful Crafted Hardrock”. Would you agree?
Rikard: Well, I wouldn’t put it that way now
. No, I really appreciate that and it is a really nice compliment for our music. But I would more go for Blues  Hardrock. Like you said it is always hard to describe a band correctly. Maybe Blues Hardrock or Classic Hardrock does it in our case.

Suiciderock: Graveyard is a very dark name. It could lead you to a gothic band as well. Why that darkness?
Rikard: We just love Black Sabbath. We mostly like the bands out of the 60`s 70`s. There where a few bands among them who where really dark. When we started out we wanted to have a darker touch on it. I think it is always good to chose your name after the direction you play.

Suiciderock: “Lights Out” contains nine tracks. “Hard Times Loving” is one of them. What is the story behind that track?
Rikard: It is about a dog… No, it was Joakim who wrote it… I was just joking.
Jonatan: Yeah, all I can say is that it is not about a dog. You really should ask him. It is always hard to explain what somebody wrote. But I can promise that it is not about a dog.

Suiciderock: What does the future hold for you guys?
Rikard: We will tour more, we will do a lot of summer festivals and of course, we are going to work a bit on the next album. We have some kind of ideas but they are not ready yet.

Jonatan: Yeah the new album is still in the stars but it will come.

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