Interview with Jolle - the new guy on the drums

The interview was done by the German Hanoi Rocks Street Team!!!

Since you are the „new guy in the band“ would you be that nice to introduce yourself to start this interview?
Well, I am a swedish guy like Conny and AC, but I live in the south-east of Sweden. I have been in a band called The Quill for most of the time and also in a british band called ¨The Firebird¨.

More than 200 drummers applied for the job and five of them were invited to the audition with the guys of Hanoi Rocks. You were the lucky one who stood out of this five candidates. How did it feel when the guys told you that they want you to rock with them?
When I applied for the job it was more like ¨OK - I am one of 200¨ My first thought was that they already knew a bunch of drummers and would take somebody the already knew.
Then when I understood that they really wanted a new drummer I went to the Gothenburg gig in February and checked them out. I hadn´t seen them with this line-up, so this was great.
Virpi - Hanoi Rocks manager and ¨sixt member¨called me up at easter evening and told me that I was one of the choosen one for the audition. That was really the most happiest easter evening ever and I was really happy to be able to show myself as both a person and a drummer.
At the audition I felt excited and nervous as hell, but everything went fine.
The longest wait was the two weeks I waited for the answer and one rainy boring Saturday finally Mr Mc Coy called me up and asked me if I wanted to join them for a bunch of Lapland gigs and I was like out in the town totally soaked by the rain but I guess I said yes...

How would you describe yourself by using one word?
Mjuk ( means soft in english)

Why did you apply for the drumkit at Hanoi Rocks and what do you think made you that special for this job?
Well, I needed to go futher musicwise and Hanoi Rocks needed a drummer. I think I can contribute lots of things to the band - and hopefully some new inspiration for all of the guys.

Every artist has it`s own musical heroes. Yours are?
Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Kiss, Mötley Crue, Aerosmith etc etc - the list would go on...

Due to their long career Hanoi Rocks have a big list of songs they could play. Is it easy for you to get yourself into the material?
NO. To be a simple rock´n roll band with balls the arrangement in each and every song is unique and I had a hard time to learn the songs. I can understand why the inspired so many bands in the world.

Is there already a song you like to play the most?
¨High School¨ is one of me fav songs.

Is Hanoi Rocks your first band or did you play in some other bands before?
Like I said before I played The Quill for many years and then UK band Firebird. With The Quill i made 5 studioalbums and with Firebird one album.

Beeing a member of such a successfull band is tightly connected with travelling a lot. At the moment there is this petition were fans can wish Hanoi to their city by voting for the band.Which country or city would you like to play the most and why exactly this place?
USA - New York or LA and it´s because the fans over there never had the opportunity to see Hanoi Rocks and I think they missed out.

And now some questions from our streeteam members:

What was your most embarrasing situation on stage?
Once when I was young ... I was so drunk that I fell off my drumchair. After that I decided I won´t drink before I do a gig

I can`t life without...?
My family.

What`s the most embarrassing cd in your conncetion?
I don´t have any embarrassing CD´s but I do have a vinyl with Samantha Fox.
(Touch Me), but I don´t think I am the only one...

What would you take along with you when somebody leaves you at a dessert Island?
A knife, Snus and matches….

Is ther any happening in history you would have liked to witness?
Jimi Hendrix at Woodstock.

What made you choose to become a musician?
When I saw Kiss for the first time on a poster.

Can you still recall your first musical memory?
When I heard ¨Dressed to kill¨ with Kiss for  the first time.

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