Gothenburg 2008

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"Read Between The Lines"

Suiciderock: Hardcore Superstar has become a well-known band all over the globe. But would you be that nice and introduce the band and it`s members before we start the interview?
Jocke: Jocke - Vocals
Adde - Drums
Martin - Bass
Vic - Guitar

Suiciderock: How would you describe the characters of each of your bandmates?
Jocke: Adde - Stubborn, energetic, the backbone in the band
Martin - The bear in the band, sweet and sleepy
Vic - The shortest in the band with the longest hair
Suiciderock: Who came up with the name for the band and is there any special meaning behind?
Jocke: The former guitarplayer Thomas Silver came up with the bandname in 1997. Hardcore to us is when you want something to be 110%, thats why we named the band Hardcore Superstar.

Suiciderock: You describe your music as “Street Metal”. What exactly does street metal mean for you?
Jocke: It is when you combine two styles "Sleaze Rock" and "Trash Metal"
Suiciderock: Since the formation Hardcore Superstar, how have you evolved artistically over the years?
Jocke: When we first started to play together, we played punk rock. I think that we didn´t know exactly how we wanted to sound like. It took us almost 7 years to figure that out. You can say that from the selftitled album "Hardcore Superstar", we found what we had been looking for the past years. Thats why we tend to say that year 2005 is the year 0 for Hardcore Superstar, and that stands for all of us.

Suiciderock: Listening to your music makes it obvious that you draw inspiration from artists such as the L.A. Guns. How has their music influenced your own style? Are their other artists that have also contributed to influencing your sound?
Jocke: LA Guns hasn´t influenced us that much actually. Our influences has come more from bands like Mötley Crue and Guns n Roses. Not only did the LA Rockscene influense us, we also listened to the Bayarea scene, with bands like Exodus, Testament and Suicidal Tendensies.
Suiciderock: You will open the NHL premier between the Ottawa Senators and Pittsburgh Penguins in the Globe arena in Stockholm  on October 4th which is quite a big thing as 100 million viewers in 100 countries around the world will be able to view this premier. How does it feel to play at such a big event?
Jocke: We were honoured to be asked to do it. With all that people watching, that show could be considered as our biggest preformance ever.

Suiciderock: What about you? Are you Icehockey fans as well? What team makes you scream?
Jocke: Three of us are big hockeyfans. But I couldn´t care less.

Suiciderock: You`ve played about 100 shows during your “Mentally Damaged World Tour”. Are there any special tour memories left in your head?
Jocke: It was very nice to visited Australia, because we have never been there before.

Suiciderock: How do you manage to keep yourself in shape while playing so many gigs?
Jocke: How couldn´t I? Every show is like an Aerobic workout for me! Except that, I also run 20 kilometres a week.

Suiciderock: What would you like your fans to walk away with after your shows?
Jocke: Happy, drunk and exhausted and of course, not to be forgotten, a lot of Hardcore Superstar merchandise. =)

Suiciderock: You are working on your next record. According to the information from your official website you`ve got 15 written tracks and the new stuff will sound as “if Guns`n Roses had a threesome with early White Zombie and Muhammad Ali”. Can you reveal a little bit more about the new songs?
Jocke: You have to read between the lines: It´s a real knockout!

Suiciderock: Will it sound similar to “Dreamin in a Casket”, which was released in 2007 or will the listeners find some new influences on your studio album number 4?
Jocke: There are no new influences, only more Guns n Roses this time.

Suiciderock: When creating the lyrics for an album, do you collaborate as a group or is it the product of one individual?
Jocke: To us it is a natrual thing to make the album, including the lyrics, as a group.

Suiciderock: The Band exists since about 10 years now. What would you say have been the Hightlights and what have been the Lows within the career of Hardcore Superstar?
Jocke: The highlights are definatly the two last albums "Hardcore Superstar" and "Dreamin in a casket". The Lows are our second and third album, because at that time we were still looking for our sound. Today we would have done it different. In an other way its because of those albums that we have the sound we have today.

Suiciderock: In February this year Vic Zino jumped on board as your new guitarplayer. How did he manage to convince you and how is he doing so far?
Jocke: He convinced us when he learned 16 songs in 2 days. Not many guitarplayers I know, could have done what he did. I think I speek for all of us when I say that he is the best man for the job.

Suiciderock: Is Vic still playing with his other band “Crazy Lixx”? If yes? Is it easy to combine the two bands when you are on tour most of the time? 
Jocke: No, he only plays with us.

Suiciderock: What does the future hold for Hardcore Superstar?
Jocke: Around Christmas we are going to start the recording of the noew album in Inflames studio in Gothenburg. The title of the album is "Beg For It" and it is going to be released in June 2009. After that a new world tour is waiting for us.

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