Helsinki 2013

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"Heartbreaking music pumping out of your stereosystem"

Suiciderock: It would be great if you give us a brief introduction of the band to start with the interview.
We’re three piece band originally from Parainen, a small town outside Turku, the archipelago capital city! We play melodic punk, kinda like the 90’s era punk. Me and Affo played our first gig in -93! Since then we’ve been in different bands and actually gotten a lot better. HBS was formed late 2004 when Robin joined in on bass. 2005 we released our first EP which got great feedback and 2006 we did our first European tour. Since then we’ve been doing records and tours and having an awesome time.

Suiciderock: You have been playing in various bands since you have been kids. When did you join your first band and can you still remember what made you decide to become a musician?
Antte: Me and Affo formed our first band around -91. Back then we made our own instruments out of cardboard and even wrote some songs so we’d have something to play when we finally got real gear. Not really sure what got me into becoming a musician. Metallica?

Suiciderock: You were influenced by bands like Against or Rancid, just to name a few. What other bands have influenced you and who had the most influences when it comes to your own music?
Antte: Pearl Jam, Foo Fighters, Nirvana, The Bronx, Off with their Heads.. anything good really. Most influences on our music got to have come from everyday life. Touring, relationships and so on.

Suiciderock: After two full length albums, “Inspiration” in 2008 and “Carried through this Waltz” you have a double EP out which is simply called “Double EP”. The EP is limited to 250 copies. Why did you decide to release an EP instead of an third album?
Antte: The b-side was to be released on a split 10” record with a Swedish band. So we were waiting for that to happen but, something happened and it didn’t work out. So we recorded some new songs and released them all as 2 EP`s on one record. We still wanted to do the 10” format so this was just right... plus we didn’t have any more songs to record!

Suiciderock: Is there a third record in planning?
Antte: We actually don’t ever plan anything in advance until we get enough new songs to start thinking what to do with them. So not at the moment.

Suiciderock: The cover of “Double EP” shows a heart. What is the idea behind the artwork and is there some kind of hint to your band name?
Antte: Just some kind of band logo.

Suiciderock: Which leads us straight to the next question: Why Heartbreak Stereos? What’s the story behind the name?
Antte: The band name is Heartbreak Stereo.. No story really, just a band name.. heartbreaking music pumping out of your stereosystem.

Suiciderock: You played a gig at the “Dark Punk Rises” event in Helsinki. What was it like for you? How did it go?
Antte: It was fun! It was our first gig this year and it went really well. Got the people dancing and the girls screaming.. just like we like it!

Suiciderock: You have toured Europe quite a bit over the last years. Any nice tour story to share?
Antte: This is the hardest question ever.. so much shit happens everyday on tour that in the end you don’t remember anything, really. Well, one nice memory is when we played a show in Hungry there were old drunks playing ping pong and watching porn in the same room... That was awesome. Good show too.

Suiciderock: What are your plans for Stereo Heartbreak for 2013?
Antte: To play a bunch of great shows!

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