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"A new Start"

Suiciderock: It has been a little quiet around the Hellcity Punks. The last time we`ve talked was New Years Eve 2008, you`ve just released your debut EP “Result in Disaster”, what happened since than?
Janze: Actually a lot has happened since than. I mean not necessarily visual for the people outside but backgroundwise. A lot of things have changed. For example Johnny left the band, so we had to find a new bass player. Furthermore we had Otto joining our band as a second guitar player. We weren`t that happy with our music anymore. We were convinced that we could do a bit better than we we kind of made the decision to start from the scratch. We contacted that producer, Ilkka Wirtanen. He has been working with Reckless Love and some other great names. Luckily he said yes, when we asked him if he would be interested in working with us. It was a pretty long process when we started to work on the new songs but I think we are a lot better now. You see, although people didn`t hear from us we have been quite busy all the time.
Dennis: Exactly. We had to think about many things and a lot of work had to be done and still needs to be done. We didn`t want to play any gigs, we just wanted to concentrate on how we wanted the new Hellcity Punks to sound like. We also had to see what the new band members can bring into the whole process.

Suiciderock: How are the new guys doing?
Dennis: Pretty good I would say. We are happy to have them. I think the fact that we get some fresh air in the band with the new guys also helped a lot to create something new. You can do a lot more musicwise for example when you have a second guitar player.
Janze: That`s true. Otto is a quite creative person. The new band mates really helped us when it comes to the new material. We didn`t want to play any gigs with the old songs. That`s another reason for not seeing us life that much or at all.

Suiciderock: Are you ready to return to the stage than?
Janze: I think we are yes. It was a bit of a struggle to get enough songs for a whole show done but we made it and I think we are ready to perform the new material now.  
Dennis: Well, at least we should be. We have one more day to write something for the gig in Berlin. So lets see what happens. Maybe we should start doing remixes of the old songs.

Suiciderock: “Result in Disaster” got some great reviews, not only here in Finland but also abroad. So it for example managed to become “Demo of the Month” in the German Metal Hammer magazine.
Dennis: That was indeed awesome. The EP was an online release. You could donwload it and buy it from Amazon, you could also get it via Itunes and stuff like that. People seemed to like it. That was great.

Suiciderock: You got some really nice headlines. For example the Stalker magazine wrote “ The band has potential and it remains to wish that they soon bring trouble also to places outside of Finland”. You have done that, besides Finland you have been touring in Germany and Austria as well. How did you like that? Tell us a bit about your first tour experience abroad?
Dennis: The first tour was pretty ok if you see it as a whole picture. The gigs were ok. It could have been better but of course you have to remember that it was our first tour abroad. The people who came to our gigs really liked what they`ve got from us so it can`t have been totally wrong. Can it?

Suiciderock: You have gained a big fan base all over the world, you have lots of street teams out there who want to help to promote you and get you to play in their city, even in countries you haven`t played in yet. How does that feel?
Janze: It`s really not on us. We would come and play everywhere, spread the disease wherever people want us to play. Nothing planned yet, but let`s see what happens after the release of our full length album. I really hope that we get to play in lots of different places, not only here in Finland.
Dennis: We really would love to play everywhere. Let`s hope the next year brings some news on that.

Suiciderock: How important do you think is that kind of a promotion for you?
Dennis: It surely is very important. I think any kind of promotion is good. It`s always something special if someone likes a band and starts to work so hard for it without even getting paid. But you also have to be a bit careful with that. Many of those people out there want to help us to organise a tour or some gig outside of Finland. But of course a tour needs to be planned to the very detail and on a professionel level. So it is pretty hard for us to simply go somewhere under uncertain conditions. But I mean that only businesswise. We love all our streetteams out there and they definitely should keep on doing the good work. They have done a great job so far.
Janze: Right, the idea that people out there want to help us to promote then band is simply amazing but when it comes to playing a tour it is also very riski to trust someone who hasn`t done that kind of job before. You know?

Suiciderock: The new album has been mentioned many times during this conversation now. Can you reveal something about it yet already?
Dennis: The work on the album is still in progress, we are writing, recording and it`s set to be released next year. That`s all I can say from now. Stay tuned.

Suiciderock: The last time we`ve talked you said that you have been a bit lazy when it comes to put some effort in getting a record deal. Have you meanwhile taken some action when it comes to that?
Janze: Well, we have a couple of conversations going on when it comes to that. Nothing is fixed at this point. We are looking for a label that takes some effort in promoting us . It makes no sense to be signed to some big record company where you are doomed to be stuck in some corner and nothing happens.

Suiciderock: What happened to the Hellcity Fest? Shouldn`t it be held annually?
Janze: That`s correct, the idea was to have the Hellfest every year. But than all those changes came up for us and we wanted at least to be part of the festival as we invented the whole thing.
Dennis: It didn`t make any sense for us to put so much work in all the organisation without even playing there ourselves.
Janze: I think that we will do the Hellfest again in the future. Maybe not this year, but after the release of our album.

Suiciderock: You are going to play at the Suomi Darkness Festival / Popkomm this Wednesday. How did that come up?
Janze: The promoter of the festival heard our new stuff and he liked it. He had already heard the former material from “Result in Disaster”. He invited us there. The Popkomm is a great channel to bring our music to a new audience.

Suiciderock: The Popkomm is a very important come together in the music scene. Did you prepare yourself any special for that particular gig or is it just a gig like anyone else? It`s also the first time you will perform your new songs?
Janze: It`s going to be interesting as well I think. We haven`t played life for a long time plus this is our completely new material.
Dennis: Yeah, we just try to manage to be there and to give our best. We believe so much in the new material. Let`s see what happens in Berlin.

Suiciderock: You are not going to play anything from “Result in Disaster” there?
Dennis: No, we respect the old stuff a lot but now it`s time to move on. In Berlin we don`t have that much time either so why should we waste this time which is anyways very short with playing old songs?

Suiciderock: Your future plans for the Hellcity Punks?
Dennis: Well, of course to get the record done and out and to tour a lot…
Janze: Basic answers… I read in an interview that you have done with Santa Cruz a while ago that Archie said, his future plan is to get married. Well, I have done that already. So I`ve done that, I don`t know what `s next. Maybe I should get a baby. I mean not my wife but I should get it.
Dennis: So Janzes future plans are clear: He wants to become a fulltime father and forget about Rock`n Roll…
Suiciderock: Let`s close the interview with that sad words… Thank you for doing this interview.
Dennis & Janze: Thank you.

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