Hey Heather
Helsinki 2011

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"The Hidden Message"

Suiciderock: Hey Heather exists since 2008 now. It is quite hard to find something about your band on the net. So can you tell us something about you? How you started everything and introduce yourselves.
Pete: Well, that`s correct, the band was found back in 2008. It`s a bit hard for me cause I came into the band just last year. So I`m kind a new in this group. So Hey Heather had several bassists but they were not permanent members of the band. Than they had a tour coming up and they asked me to play 17 gigs with them. So I volunteered for that. That`s how I got into the band than. As I`m quite new I don`t know that much about the actual history of the band.

Suiciderock: Was it very difficult for you to adapt to an already existing band or did everything go easily?
Pete: Of course, they already had their songs and their style and everything but I think it was not that difficult for me to adapt to them as a band. I just trained the songs and than I started to play them. It was quite easy. We know each other since 2008.

Suiciderock: Why don`t you have a own website? The only information about your band can be found on facebook or myspace. Do you think that this media tools have replaced the need of a own homepage?
Pete: We are kind of working on our own website at the moment. I don`t think that facebook or myspace replaces the need of an own website but at the moment it is all we got so it helps us out quite well in my opinion.

Suiciderock: Your Debut album “We are not save here” is to be released this month. What expects people when it comes to the album? How many tracks does it include and what are the songs about?
Pete: Well, there are 13 tracks. One of them, “Drop Dead Time” was remixed by Jay Lamar and Jesse Oliver. And actually the video for the song just came out about four days ago. When it comes to the other tracks… they are about Hey Heather`s history. I think the album is a very good one.

Suiciderock:Let`s talk a little more about the songs… Who is responsible for the songwriting and where do you take your ideas from?
Pete: It works like this, Joonas our singer writes the lyrics for the songs and Jony takes care  of the arrangements of the songs. So they are the first ones who get their fingers on the songs than we meet up at our rehearsal place and put them together as a whole piece.

Suiciderock: What are the songs about?
Pete: The songs treat themes and stories out of Joonas history.

Suiciderock: Your first single called “Regrets” came out in September last year. The song was very successful cause it went straight to number one of the charts of some Finnish radio station. “Drop Dead Time” followed “Regrets” as your second single. You just got out a music video for that song. What can you tell us about the clip?
Pete: In the clip you can see kids fighting, there is a hidden message to be found in the video. But I won`t be the one who tells the secret now. The viewers have to make up their minds and find out themselves.

Suiciderock: You will rock the Finnish clubs soon again. Your upcoming tour bears the same name as your upcoming album “We are not save here”. You`ve  played dozens of shows all over Finland. How have people to imagine a live show of Hey Heather?
Pete: They will get very energetic shows along with good music and Rock and Roll.

Suiciderock: The many faces of Heather -competition. You had that  competition going on , where fans could draw and design Heather, or a part of Heather. How did that go or is it still going on? Did you find a winner on that already?
Pete: It is still going on. People could be creative and paint something for example and than they are able to send the results of their creativity to us via facebook or myspace and than our streetteam will decide the winner. The winning layout will be the theme of our myspace streetteam site. The competiton still goes on for one month.

Suiciderock: Who had the idea for the name, is Heather really existing or was it just some fantasy idea?
Pete: There was this woman, Heather Donnaly, she was a crocodile hunter but one crocodile eat her by accident… So the name is kind of a tribute to her. *smiles*

Suiciderock: Your future plans for the band?
Pete: To play lots of gigs also outside of Finland. We already had this minitour, containing 2 life gigs and 1 accoustic gig in Switzerland. Our label organiser got that for us. That was great. We want to play more shows. 

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