Helsinki 2013

(c) Imperial Age

"A sense of something great, lofty, majestic, powerful and strong being present"

Suiciderock: Please be that nice and introduce yourself briefly to our readers. 
Aor: Hi Suiciderock! I am Aor from Imperial Age! It's really cool talking to you! All the best for your zine and fans!

Suiciderock: The idea of Imperial Age is to do everything as perfect as possible. Don´t you think you put a lot of pressure on yourself and the musicians around you?
Aor: I certainly think I do and all the musicians around me would agree, I suppose. But its absolutely necessary and 100% worth it if you are there to really kick ass and achieve something solid.

Suiciderock: So you could say that you are a perfectionist? Only when it comes to music and the band or would you transfer that to you as a person in general?
Aor: I am a perfectionist only in some selected areas. If you are a perfectionist in everything, you wont have enough time and energy for all the things that have to be done. I think you can really be a perfectionist only in one or two things which are really important. And all the other things are virtually sacrificed.

Suiciderock: What`s your idea of an ideal band?
Aor: Powerful and catchy music, strong ideology, well thought-out imagery, high record and video quality and a good promo campaign.

Suiciderock: It took you 1.5 years until you found a appropriate name for the band. What made the search so difficult and what made you choose “Imperial Age” in the end?
Aor: Well the name had to be catchy on one hand and on the other it had to be new (not used by any other band in the world) and also it had to reflect the music and the atmosphere that Im trying to convey. So that turned out to be pretty tough.

Suiciderock: Your songs are related to prehistoric empires and their legacy. How did you get interested in that? This are not the most common themes when it comes to song writing inspirations.
Aor: Well, I graduated from the historical faculty on one hand and on the other I am interested in the occult and in ancient mythology so Ive been digging in this direction for quite a while and there is some very useful information there. I mean those civilizations, they were much higher developed than we are now, and there really is a lot to learn. Although the official science can't and won't ever admit it.

Suiciderock: You had another band before Imperial Age. However there where some problems that many bands have to experience. Some of your fellow band members didn´t share the same passion when it comes to the hard work you have to do if you want to achieve something. Was that the only problem?
Aor: Well, that was the main problem. In fact, they were drawing me back, because I always had to spend time and effort in either solving their problems or convincing them into the right mindset or simply arguing around things that were obvious for me but not for them. In the end when I started working alone I managed to accomplish over 2 months more than I had accomplished in the previous 5 years with a team. And this is the problem that 90% of bands face and the main reason why most of them never make their dream come true.

Suiciderock: After firing all your former band members you decided to start all over again. However this didn`t happen with a “real” new band, you worked with session musicians instead. How is the situation nowadays? Is Imperial Age a group project nowadays?
Aor: Yes and no. On one hand all musicians are session, although I could have easily found a permanent team at this stage, but I have no will to do so. On the other hand there is just a certain amount of what you can buy for money, and the people I work with tend to do more than that, they really put their soul into it. So I can't say that its just a solo project anymore. It becomes more and more of a team project every day. But touring with session musicians is allways easier. If one of them cant go you dont have to cancel the tour - you just hire another one.

Suiciderock: The perfectionism shows again when it comes to your recordings. You had already recorded some parts for your record “Turn the Sun off” when you decided that they haven`t been good enough and you had to do them again. What was wrong?
Aor: Well, the guitar parts were changed at least three times, the drum parts - at least two. Some songs were written back in 2004 and over the next years and these had many editions. The oldest and the first one - The Castaways is presented on the album in its 11-th edition! So a lot of things got changed over time. The least changed songs are the last ones written - Battle Heart and Anthem of Valour.

Suiciderock: Talking about the album. “Turn the Sun Off” is out since the very end of  last year. You had a lot of guest musicians on it. There was for instance Mr Maxim Gusakov who is known from the Russian band Witchcraft. Was it easy to get all this people into the studio and how was working together with them?
Aor: Well actually surprisingly it was quite easy. They are all professionals of a high level and that makes working easy. You tell them what your vision is and they do it. And for most of them I had all the notes ready so all they had to do was play the right part.

Suiciderock: What expects people from this long awaited Record? What can you tell us about the songs?
Aor: I tried to make them as majestic and powerful as possible. One of our fans said once that when you listen to the album you get a sense of something great, lofty, majestic, powerful and strong being present. I think thats the best way of saying what I tried to achieve.

Suiciderock: As said you are already very well known in Russia but what are your plans to conquer the rest of the World? Any plans for a tour?
Aor: Yes, we are strongly working at the moment on concerts in Europe and the US and would take into account any offer!

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