Vantaa 2008

(c) Incredible Nothing Official

"Punk, Rock, Grunge, Pop, Peace & Love"

Suiciderock: Please describe the band for our readers out there.
Teppo: Four guys with no better meaning in life than making music. All of us have once gone crazy for Nirvana's music and live expression. When starting the band in early 2000's we also adored bands like Muse and Placebo. Later on we have found our own style combining grunge kind of fuck-you-attitude to traditional Finnish kind of melancholy and pop melodies. We may be assholes but also sensitive guys so I guess we naturally express all sides of our messed up minds and souls in our music and performances.

Suiciderock: Choose 3 words who fit perfectly to each of your bandmates.
Teppo: I don't know if I get this right but the singer/guitarist Jukka is not only a great artist but also a great guy, the guitarist Jani is a true rock n' roll personality and the new bassist Oku is a talented little motherfucker and so fucking young that he can't even grow a beard. I'm the old bastard with beard and ugly mustasch.

Suiciderock: What made you start playing music and what type of musical background do you have?
Teppo: We were bullied at school 'cause we were sensitive nerds and poem writing guys so we try to get some respect from people to feel normal, you know. We are self-learned players except Oku who has boozed in some music school for a while 'cause he thinks he's a real musician or something.

Suiciderock:  Who is the mastermind behind your lyrics? is it like a bandproject?
Teppo: Jukka is a mastermind behind the lyrics. It's never a band project 'cause we think Jukka is a very interesting lyricist and we don't have the talent to challenge him. He's a bit mysterious guy so we are often thinking of the meaning of his lyrics and he never tells us what they're about. Asshole!

Suiciderock: Where do you take your inspiration for the songwriting from and who is responsible for the lyrics?
Teppo: When you're in spirit you don't think where it's coming from. It just happens. What comes to lyrics I think Jukka is inspired both by the happenings of his own life and all the shit happening globally. In his lyrics he often combines the themes of personal emotions and global issues so that you can get the lyrics in many ways. By the way, I love Jukka!

Suiciderock: Can you still recall your first musical memory?
Teppo: No. But I was a freak already as a little brat. My mom has showed me some videos of me performing to camera while some CCR record is playing. John Fogerty is the king!

Suiciderock: What can people expect from your liveshows and what do you want people to walk away with after one of your shows and what can they expect from your live performance?
Teppo: The most important thing in live appearance is some kind of feeling of everything to blow up in the hands in any minute but still everything to be perfectly controlled in some weird way. We go always crazy playing our songs and of course we like the audience to go nuts also. There is no shame while we play. I guarantee we are the greatest losers of the whole bunch so in our gigs you can do what ever the fuck you want to. No one is pointing at you. You are free. Yes, that's excatly what we want! We want people to walk away feeling FREE from our gigs. That's the greatest effect you can cause. Punk, rock, grunge, pop, peace & love!

Suiciderock: What are your personal music heroes? Any idols to name?
Teppo: I don't bother asking the other guys right now but I know Jani adores John Lennon. He also likes many modern rock bands like Foo Fighters, LostAlone, My Chemical Romance and The Sounds. Jukka likes very different kind of stuff. Right now he's into crazy and heavy stuff like Strapping Young Lad, The Dillinger Escape Plan and a great Finnish band Nicole. But like myself he also likes some truly sensitive stuff like Sia, Björk, Sigur Ros etc. Oku likes The Smiths and Morrissey, Jimi Hendrix and thousand other bands and artists like Soundgarden, Alice in Chains, HIM and The Hellacopters just to name a few. I love Michael Jackson and adore Jim Morrison and Kurt Cobain. We are all crazy about Nirvana and Muse until we die and even Axl Rose has much to do with our stupid choice to try to play a rock n' roll

Suiciderock: Your future plans?
Teppo: We will release a new EP in february or march 2009 and soon after that a new music video. Then we'll tour in Finland like we are doing all the time. We'll keep working with new songs and our forthcoming second album. In few, five or ten years it'd be great to have a chance to tour all around Europe and why not UK, US and any other country. Dreams are made winding through our heads...

Suiciderock: Any famous last words?
Teppo: I'm in love.

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