MTR / Helsinki 2012

(c) Insomnium Official

"Having a good time with friends and making music"

Suiciderock: You just came back from Germany, you’ve played at the Wacken Open Air yesterday. How was that?
Niilo: It was very good. It has just started to rain when we reached the Festival area. So basically everything was muddy over there but that luckily didn’t affect us too much as we played at that very nice huge tent full of people. So we stayed dry during our show.

Suiciderock: Did you see any other bands there?
Niilo: No, we didn’t. We just arrived there, got some food, went to the stage and then we went back to the hotel. It was like rushing in and out. But it was a pretty good show.

Suiciderock: The band was found in 1997 but it took until 2006 when you reached the Breakthrough with “Above the Weeping World”. Would you do it all again considering all the hard work that’s behind that success?
Niilo: It has never been some kind of goal for us to get famous our rich with that. We started that band to have fun. I think that is the only good reason to start a band or to start to make music. You will lose your own soul in it if you start thinking how you could get the most money out of this or how you manage to become the most famous band in the world. That’s not going to work out. It’s all about having good time with your friends and making music.

Suiciderock: Unless many other bands you kept your line-up over the years. What’s the recipe for that?
Niilo: Well, now I have to disappoint you. We had a line up change just last year. Our guitar player Ville decided to leave the band due to private reasons. He was in a situation that work and family took a lot of his time and he couldn’t find any more time for the band. So it came natural that he left Insomnium.

Suiciderock: But no hard feelings?
Niilo: No, not at all. No hard feelings we are still good friends. It was just about that time problem. We all understood the situation very well. All good.

Suiciderock: Your last album, “Across the Dark” came out in 2011. Please tell us something about the album.
Niilo: It is a good album. Everything worked out the way we wanted in the studio. The songs turned out to be like we wanted them to be. It was the first album we have released with Century Media. Obviously this is a big thing for us. I mean Century is a much bigger label than Candlelight is for example.

Suiciderock: The band is not you only “job”. You have graduated from cultural history at the university of Turku and now you are working as program manager in Kotkas cultural Centre. How can you combine this two things and how do they get together?
Niilo: At the moment it is pretty easy. I mean you need a job to get some money into your pockets. Due to this jobs we can´t be on tour all the time. Luckily we are in that kind of situation that we can make the arrangements for that. As I said at the moment it is pretty easy to combine everything. Let’s see how this goes in the future. But I can´t complain for now.

Suiciderock: What would you say is more important for you? Making music or your work at the cultural centre?
Niilo: Of course, music is very important for me but on the other hand I wouldn’t like to see myself on the road the whole year. It is good to be at home every now and than. I need it. So this is the perfect combination for me. I’m totally fine with it.

Suiciderock: There is still lots of work waiting for you as you will be touring the rest of this year mainly through the US and Canada.
Niilo: Hard question. I mean how do you prepare for that. Of course, you have to make some arrangements here and there and you have to take holiday from work but there is not really much to prepare for you personally. You just go there and play your shows.

Suiciderock: Many people always have a crazy story to tell when the come back from some festival. Do you remember anything funny that happened to you and the band during some summer festival? Did you see any of the bands who play today here at the Möytätuuli Rock?
Niilo: We have seen some bands when we got here and we are still going to be here the whole afternoon so I’m sure that we will watch some shows later on. I don’t really have any crazy festival story to tell. I mean I have been to many festivals but everything went quite smoothly for us. At least I don’t remember any crazy stuff that happened to us.

Suiciderock: What would be your personal festival tip? What shouldn´t be left at home when visiting a festival?
Niilo: Well, don’t drink to much, remember to drink a lot of water, make sure you have some medicine with you if you are at some camping area. You might need it at some point. Just take care…

Suiciderock: That sounds very responsible…
Niilo: Yeah, I’m a responsible person. *smiles*

Suiciderock: Your future plans after all the touring is done?
Niilo: We will probably start on our new album. We have something ready but nothing to tell so far.


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