Tampere 2008

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"Straight to the Fire with our Hearts open"

Suiciderock: Can you introduce the band and it`s memebers to start up with the interview?
Ilkka: We are Kamikaze Jesus, I`m Ile and I play the bass in our band.
Jesse: I`m Jesse, I play the guitar and I sing, we also have a drummer who`s called Otto, but he is not here at the moment.

Suiciderock: How did you guys meet?
Jesse: Ilkka and me have been frieds since we are little kids. Someday we started to jam together and we rocked on a table with an accoustic guitar and stuff like that. The band got bigger, we`ve had some of our friends with us. We`ve also had some other projects before we found Kamikaze Jesus. A lot of people came and so they left but Ilkka and me have been together since the very beginning of this band. And here we are. Otto, our drummer is a friend of Ilkkas big brother. Otto said that he would be interested in playing with us and as he is a kick ass drummer. We welcomed him in our band.

Suiciderock: Can you describe the characters of your bandmates?
Jesse: Otto is like a child. I guess this fits for all of us. We are all kind of naive but in a positive way. I really think that kids fits for all of us when it comes to describe ourselves. We always have an open heart and an open mind, we always put our fullest energy in our music and everything that we do.

Suiciderock: Your band name is very special. What can you tell us about it?
Jesse: Well, Ilkka started to think about the name. The main idea was that it has to consist of two words. We had different ideas which we sent to each other via textmessages. I don`t know who`s idea it was at the end but we turnd up with Kamikaze Jesus. We had so long discussions on the phone.

Suiciderock: So it doesn`t have anything to do with Jesus, or at least not in a serious way?
Jesse: No, we believe that there is some kind of power but it hasn`t so much to do about religion. It`s about a certain way of thinking. "Kamikaze" stands for our energy and it should show that we are not afraid of risking something. We are always straight to the fire with our hearts wide open. We try to express ourselves as good as we can. We try to keep the positive energy we always had.

Suiciderock: Your musical heroes?
Jesse: I`m very much into heavy stuff. I started to hear that music when I was a small child. I saw Korn on some Finish TV programme. I saw the last 15 seconds of the last song, it was so heavy and twisted that it put me on fire right away. I also love Rage against the machine, some punk bands, Nirvana also have been a big influence for us. I guess Nirvana is our biggest influence.

Suiciderock: Would you say that the people can find something of that bands in your own style again?
Jesse: I guess we are not a copy of that bands, but of course, you can hear some influences from now and than. We try to keep the music in our own way and style. I think every band has their own influences and they try to put it into their own little peace of music. Grunch and heavy metal stuff influences us.

Suiciderock: Who is responsible for the songwriting? Is it a common project or is their only one "mastermind" behind your lyrics?
Jesse: When I have my creative period I wake up in the middle of the night and I have this brilliant ideas than I have to jam with my guitar and see what comes out of this. I have the main idea for the songs than I bring it to the guys and we work on it. I would say that we all take inspiration out of us.

Suiciderock: What was your first musical memory?
Jesse: I guess for me it was when I heard the Korn song "No chance to Hide" for the first time.
Ilkka: Guns`n Roses are a part of my first musical memory.

Suiciderock: What was the first cd you`ve bought?
Jesse: I can remember that. The first cd I`ve bought was from Rage against the Machine. I think I was 13 or 14 years old back than.

Suiciderock: What can people expect from your life shows?
Jesse: Our lifeshows are definately full of energy, we are sweating our asses off on stage and we give everything. We give the audience all we can put out of us. We are also very funny, sometimes we are wearing girls dresses on stage. You can view the pictures from that on our myspace.

Suiciderock: A lot of funny things can happens while beeing on stage or on tour. Can you tell us some funny story?
Jesse: Yeah, there are many. Once my belt was broken when we played and my trousers kept falling. First it felt a bit strange but than there was this point when I decided just to stop caring. I put down my trousers and it was fun. Even our drummer followed me later on. *smiles* You see it`s always fun with us.

Suiciderock: While talking about shows. Will you go on tour?
Jesse: Oh we don`t know actually, we don`t have a specific plan for that. Maybe we will play some shows in Finland and Germany next year. It would be really nice to visit Germany.

Suiciderock: You`ve performd at Demo Klubi today. What was it like?
Jesse: Demo Klubi was a cool thing. It started with 17 bands and now we are in the finals. It`s just great. I didn`t expect that at all. It is a very big surprise for us.

Suiciderock: How does the system of Demo Klubi work?
Jesse: All bands will perform 3 songs which you can see on tv and later on the people infront of their tv stations can vote for their favourite band. At around midnight we will be life on tv and than we`ll find out who the winner is.

Suiciderock: Are you very excited about the results?
Jesse: Yeah definately.

Suiciderock: Your future plans for Kamikaze Jesus?
Ilkka: To make good songs, to play good gigs and we also hope that we get a record out very soon.


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