Tampere 2009

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"Writing Lyrics is my Passion"

Suiciderock:  The history of the band is long and eventful. What are the highlights of your career so far?
That`s quite difficult. We exist since 21 years… Maybe I can say that this 21 years are the highlight. Of course, we had bad memories and good moments. It was definitely a highlight for us when we made it to the top in the Finnish charts. That moment was very great. That happened 1 ½ month ago when we released our latest album. It`s very rare to reach that position as a punk band here in Finland. We have been in the top 10 before but this was our first number 1 hit.

Suiciderock: Even you've been asked this question a lot: For everybody out there, how does it started with Klamydia?
The whole band thing started as a project. All members had their own bands besides our project. We wanted to play this kind of 77 punkrock, which is very melodic. We played also very taff hardcore stuff and have always been a fan of bands such as The Ramones and this kind of style. So we decided to found a band. We realised quite soon that we prefer this direction instead of the hardcore punk. We started to play some gigs and suddenly there were a lot of people coming to our shows.

Suiciderock:  The band has experienced many line-up changes and you are the only original member. Why did the band have so many line-up changes?
Vesku: Maybe it was my fault. *smiles* Actually I`m not the only original member. Rico, our drummer joined the band 1´2 year after it was found, so he is in the band 21 ½ year. Jakke came in 1991. Our bass player joined us in 2000. He`s quite new. We had some changes in the 90`s. Some things weren`t that nice but everything`s alright nowadays.

Suiciderock: Nothing to complain about nowadays?
No, no we are friends. We are this kind of special band in my opinion. We are able to play a memorial gig with all of our bandmates and ex-bandmates without any bad memories. That`s a lot!

Suiciderock: You have always been seen as a humour band, but you have also very serious songs. 
Yeah, we have this stample on our heads. But we have all kind of songs. So we are not only a humour band, at least not in my eyes.

Suiciderock: How do you deal with this clichés?
People can think whatever they want. If you listen to our songs and you are able to understand Finnish you know that you can find all kind of stuff in our lyrics. Sometimes the songs include very rough humour, the press is always talking about this songs. They forget completely about the other stuff. If you take our newest album you will find 15 songs, 4 of them are humour songs but the rest is treating all themes between heaven and hell. Some are very serious, some are aggressive. Some of our lyrics are about the world and it`s situation right now. We are treating stuff, punk bands should sing about. We are not following any rules though. We do what we want.

Suiciderock: Any idols?
The Ramones, Missfits, Motörhead and Finnish punkbands from the 70`s. Some of them are still existing nowadays.

Suiciderock: The band has published a lot of records within a very short period of time.
Yeah, that`s true. If we count all the cd`s and EP`s we`ll get about 40 during this 21 years of career.

Suiciderock: Where do you take all the inspiration from?
That`s how I feel. It`s my way of thinking, that`s how I see the world. There is always something going on inside my head. It`s my hobby and my job at the same time. It`s my passion. I write songs and someone else is working on his car instead…

Suiciderock: You have sold over 500 000 records, which is a noteable number in Finland.
I don`t know why people like to listen to our stuff. You have to ask the people out there. I`m very happy about that cause it is pretty nice that people like what we are doing.

Suiciderock: But what makes Klamydia so successful for you?
We are a band that is very honest. We don`t fake anything, we are what we are, old fat boys from Vaasa. *smiles*

Suiciderock: Klamydia was rewarded by the city of of Vaasa. The band got a culture price for it's long and successful career. This aroused a lot of critism in the city.
That was funny, 50% liked it and 50% were against that. I just laughed about the whole situation. It was amusing for me and for the whole band. You could send your own opinion about that to the newspaper and you could do that 3-4 weeks. I collected all the opinions at home. It is still fun to read them.

Suiciderock: How did you feel about that?
It's definitely exiting. There aren't words how I could explain that, I just love it.

Suiciderock: How can people imagine our shows?
Well, punk and a lot of sweat.

Suiciderock: You´re also very well-known in Germany and you published a couple of records there. Is it easy for the German fans to understand the lyrics?
We have been touring in Germany with a band called Local Matador and Irex but this happened a long time ago. We have done that tour in the beginning of the 90`s. There was also a band called, Die Schwarzen Schafe. We made 4 tours in Germany. We also played in Switzerland and Czech Republic. German people are very polite. I liked it very much over there. I want to go back there but first my kids have to become a little bit older.

Suiciderock: Wasn`t it a difficult situation for you as all your lyrics are in Finnish and the audience didn`t understand a word?
I didn`t see any problems when it came to the language. I`m sure that nobody understood what we were singing but there was this certain spirit around. We had fun on stage and we transfered that feeling to our audience in the clubs. They tried to sing with us in Finnish. It took only a couple of songs and than I realised that the people started to dance even though they didn`t understand what we were singing about. We announced the songs in English and we were talking some English between the songs but that was all. Oh and we played some songs in a very bad English as well and the Local Matadors told us some German words. But only very ugly stuff. We really had a great time. *smiles*

Suiciderock: You've found your own record company. Why was it so important for you to have your own record company instead of signing a deal with an already existing record company?
Yeah we started our own label in 1991. If we would have choosen a major label we wouldn`t see any money from what we do. So we thought it is great to have our own label before someone else gets all the money. We are our own bosses, nobody can tell us what to do. The big labels would never accept the title on our album covers. It`s nothing so shocking anymore to show your naked ass on an album cover. But I guess Universal Music would never show that on any album. We do what we want. We are still kids in our minds but we have calm down a bit within the years.

Suiciderock: So no more rock`n roll parties for you?
We are all about 40 now, we have our families, drinking has slowed down a bit and we don`t have that many parties anymore. When you are in the age of 20 this is great, but we have changed a bit in this sense. Of course, I still drink but not that much anymore, the hangovers you`ll get are pretty taff in these days.

Suiciderock: Are you going to play at some festivals abroad?
We have about 30 confirmed festivals here in Finland. We are not so interested in going abroad, we have enough gigs here in Finland, I guess we wouldn`t have any time at least this festival season to play anywhere else than in our homecountry.

Suiciderock: What kind of an advice would you give a young musician?
Believe in yourself and believe in the things you do.

Suiciderock: Your futureplans for Klamydia?
To play some punk and see my kids growing. We are working on our new album. Let`s see what comes next.

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