Helsinki 2013

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"A lot of metal in the heart"

Suiciderock: Hi guys please be that nice and give us some basic information about you and the to start with the interview.
Rusty: Hi! I’m Rusty, guitar player and singer of  Klogr.
Klogr started in the summer of 2011 as an “open project”, basically some artists helped me producing the first record. Then, after a tour in the US and France and many gigs in Italy, in September 2012 Timecut (a trio) joined the project and Klogr became an actual band.

Suiciderock: Let’s talk a bit more about your music in general. What are your songs about and where do you take your inspiration from?
Rusty: “Till you decay” is a mix of alternative rock and alternative metal.
I love grunge and post-grunge but mainly I come from metal, let's say that all this elements co-exist in Klogr music and contribute to create our sound.
Regarding ''Till you Decay'' lyrics, Todd (our previous bass player from California) helped me out for a couple of months to release a concept that I kept in the drawer for a long time. We spent a long time together comparing the different points of view between United States and Europe, coming up with the conclusion that many of the problems are substantially similar, although there are different habits in our societies.

Suiciderock: You are from sunny Italy. How is the music scene over there? Is it easy to get your music spread there? What is popular in Italy at the moment?
Rusty: Ah...il bel paese!
The Italian scene is not very rich. Rock music is not in our culture, but in the last 10 years something is moving, the new generation is more open-minded than the old one. The rock family is not very big but is immortal, here you can find different kinds of rockers: from people that love the old classic heavy metal to people that only listens to the new style.

Suiciderock: There is a thin line between alternative Rock and Metal when it comes to your musical style. Where do you personally see yourself?
Rusty: Hard question....I love alternative Rock but there's a lot of metal in my heart! You could say that Klogr sound has the attitude of alternative Rock with the “power” of alternative metal.

Suiciderock: You are currently on tour. How is it going so far? Any interesting tour stories to tell so far?
Rusty: Everything is going well! You know, when you are at the beginning of your trip is hard to earn money from the tour and a funny thing is the amount of km!
On  the 16th of march we have a gig in Holland, it's the metal Battle; we will come back home on 17th...than we will leave again for the France/Germany tour...

Suiciderock: Your new EP “Till you Turn” is out since this month. So it is pretty fresh. What can you tell us about it?
Rusty: “Till you turn” is a transition between the first album and the new one. Last September Timecut became the new line-up of Klogr and everything changed. This change is not in the sound but in the song writing process. We kinda used “Till You Turn” as a test, to see the reaction of the audience and press, and we were very surprised by the results. It was a step ahead.

Suiciderock: You will soon visit us here in Finland as you will play a couple of shows here. Will this be your first visit in Finland? Did you practise some Finnish already?
Rusty: Ahahah! We should start practising! Or we could just stick to English or mime things as we usually do! It’s our first time in Finland and we are totally excited!
We know that your “attention” and culture about the rock is awesome! Hope to share our music and our passion with all of you!

Suiciderock: What do you expect from this visit and what can people expect from your show?
Rusty: We’ll play old and new songs. Unfortunately Ste (drummer) and Giampi (guitar player) will not come with us. Francesco (the drummer of Continual Drift...the band on tour with us) and Eddy (one of the producer of Till You Turn) will play with us.

Suiciderock: What can people expect from your show?
Rusty: Rock/Metal music, attitude, passion.

Suiciderock: But Finland won’t be the only Scandinavian country you are going to visit as you will play this years Sweden Rock Festival in the summer. You won a competition and the prise for that competition was a slot at the festival. How does it feel? It is a pretty big festival.
Rusty: We’re fucking excited!!! All our fan clubs helped to get to this and we are so much thankful to everyone. The Sweden Rock Festival is awesome! For us this is probably the biggest festival we ever played!

Suiciderock: Your name Klogr (pronounced Kay - log - are) sounds interesting. What does it mean?
Rusty: The band's name is a reference to the law of Weber-Fechner, developed in the second half of the 800s, which is known as the fundamental psycho-physical relationship (S = K log R). 

Suiciderock: What are your influences as a musician?
Rusty: We’re listen a lot of music but we have in common some bands, such as Tool, A perfect Circle, Soundgarden, Alice in Chains, Metallica, Alter Bridge.

Suiciderock: What else are your plans for this year?
Rusty: In May we are starting the writing of the new album. We hope to make the most out of our Europe shows, which all have great audience and help promote our music much more than the Italian ones. We're planning a second US tour... But not in 2013! maybe next year...

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