Tampere 2007

"Come down the french fries are ready"

Suiciderock: Can you still remember the first time when you had sex?
Jimmy: Yeah.
Erland: If you have had it already.
Jimmy: Who wants to start? My first time happened in Canada with my best friend and we were drunk. I was 15. We were sitting in the basement, talking bullshit and I just said: Why don`t we fuck? Because I didn`t know how it feels like so we did it. The girl wasn’t a virgin anymore and after I said it she was very impressed. After that we had sex. We`ve landed on the moon.
Raffe: My first time happened at one of this midsummer festivals at the cottage of my friend. When I was doing it, some guy shouted at me from downstairs “Come down, the french fries are ready” and I popped the cherry out of myself. I was drunk and messed up.
Erland: My story is a regular catastrophy. I did it in the bed of my Swedish teacher, but it was a relative of my Swedish teacher. It was her little sister by the way. It wasn`t that good.
Simo: My first time was pretty basic stuff. I was 16 and I was dating the girl who was semi nyphomaniac. She just wanted to do it and I was just like why not. I mean we have dated for two month. It was nothing special. I hope I got better over the years.

Suiciderock: What turns you on?
Raffe: The video camera and this whole interview and you guys.
Simo: Huuuuuuuuuuu.
Jimmy: You.
Erland: Military outfits turn me on.
Raffe: I like leather and spanking.
Simo: I got turned on by a certain kind of eye contact.
Jimmy: I like voices. I like it when the girls have a rough voice.
Simo: Good asses.

Suiciderock: What turns you off?
Jimmy: That guy over there. points to his stage technician He always tells that he has a big cock, but it`s not really big. I´ve seen it many times. Also if somebody is really to self confident for some reason. She gives you the impression that she is very much into herself and stuff like that.
Erland: What turns me off? Hairy woman and Sting.
Simo: If the girl is too pushy.
Jimmy: You like to be the boss, don`t you?
Simo: Oh yes.

Suiciderock: What`s the best sex position?
Jimmy: I like it when I`m on top and I can take the girls legs back as far as I can go. That`s perfect.
Raffe: For me the best position is: Alone in the dark with my left hand.
Erland: Damn that was my answer.
Suiciderock: Oh you could share a room than?
Erland: We will.
Jimmy: They have done this already.
Simo: From behind to the breast to the mouth.
Raffe: Dirty bitch!

Suiciderock: What kind of underwear is sexy on women?
Simo: Long johns.
Jimmy: Do you know the big panties grandmas wear? They are sexy.
Simo: The ones where you can see trough.
Jimmy: It just has to fit nice. G-strings are good.
Simo: I love hot pants.
Erland: Do you know this kind of underwear that looks like some kind of elephant?
Jimmy: Hä?
Erland: You don`t know them?
Raffe: But imagine if the chick comes to your place and you ask her “Could you wear this please?”.
Jimmy: Push up boxers.

Suiciderock: What kind of underwear do you wear by yourself?
Jimmy: You wanna see?
Suiciderock: Yes if they are clean.
Simo: No.
Jimmy: This is a childrens behaviour. What`s wrong with you guys? This are our managers boxers as I didn`t have any clean ones left. Normally I wear really tight orange underwear.
Erland: No underwear.
Simo: Basic boxer shorts and fantastic four boxers.
Raffe: Is it for Hussler this whole interview?
Suiciderock: Did you ever have sex with more than one woman?
Raffe: No, but with a girl and a boy. The boy was Julius by the way.
Simo: Mine was Olli from Day Eleven.

Suiciderock: What`s your opinion about porn?
Raffe: I like it.
Suiciderock: Would you act in a porn movie?
Jimmy: No. Maybe director.
Simo: Maybe.
Suiciderock: You had this question last time already?
Jimmy: It would be about fucking. There would be no romance. If you want a romantic movie you should watch a film with Hugh Grant.
Raffe: Or a romantic porn with Steve Vai.

Suiciderock: I tell you some words and you tell me the first thing what comes to your mind.
Jimmy: We are a little bit slow.
Suiciderock: Sex toys?
Erland: Dildos.
Raffe: Yeah that hurts the ass.
Suiciderock: Selfove?
Erland: Great.
Raffe: It`s fantastic.
Simo: Saves my life.
Raffe: We are a bunch of wankers.
Suiciderock: Romance?
Simo: Love.
Suiciderock: One night stand?
Simo: They can be fun sometimes with the right person.
Suiciderock: Groupies: Pain or pleasure?
Jimmy: Both at the same time.

Suiciderock: Your advice you would give to someone who had never have sex before?
Raffe: Do it!
Jimmy: Just take it easy.
Simo: Have fun! Don´t stress.
Erland: Listen to the pope, don`t spread any semen, because otherwhise you would go to hell. I think about that every day when I look at my hands.