Klubi / Tampere 2007

(c) Jerry Hellström

"I'd like to make a porn thriller"

Suiciderock: Could you tell us something about the first time when you had sex?
Sebastian: It happened during my High School time when I was living in Heinola, which is a really small city. There was this week when I had this terme season coming up. We had to write lots of tests and shit like that. And there was this beautiful blonde Finnish girl, but the problem was we met at some festival, she was living far away. So it was difficult to date her and we kept on sending text messages. After a while she was inviting me to her place. No problem for me, but she was living in Suolahti. In case you don´t know this is 250 km away from Heinola. I didn´t have any money, but she kept on texting and she really wanted me to come over. So I hitched-hiked. The first hour was okay. I needed one hour for 50 km. You should know it´s illegal to do that here in Finland. Suddenly it started to rain. I was wet, I was cold and I felt miserable and there was no car in sight the next three hours. So I started walking towards Suolahti. At the end I made it to reach Suolahti after about 7 hours. But finally I made it to go to her place. She took me in, gave me a warm shower and made me a warm cup of tea. After that we went to her room, we started kissing a bit and we start kissing a bit more. And than it happened that we had sex.

Suiciderock: How old have you been?
Sebastian: I was 16 or 17 years old. I don´t know how it is in Germany, but in Finland we are nice boys. Anyway, but she had sex before. She was experienced. Everything was totally new to me. I knew how it worked in theorie, but I knew nothing about the practise. But one thing led to another. I was enjoying myself a lot. I guess she was too, because we had sex afterwards that as well. I must have done something right at least. She asked me if it is my first time and when I told her that it was my first time, she was really nice and teached me everything I needed to know.

Suiciderock: Did your first time also end up very quickly?
Sebastian: I think my first time „in bed" lasted about six hours. I don´t remember how many times we did it, but we did it for a very long time. I mean really long. She was teaching me how to act, what to do with the women`s body. I wish that school would have been like this. By the way, I skipped my tests. I lost my virginity, because I skipped my tests in school. I really missed every single exam in that week, but it was worth it. I have a very good memory, when it comes to my first time. I was really lucky in that sense.

Suiciderock: Is there anything related to sex you prefer?
Sebastian: Yeah I like doggy style very much. I also like it when the girl is on top. I really like it when you can feel her body very close to you.

Suiciderock: And is there anything you absolutely don't like?
Sebastian: When it hurts to much. I´m alright when the woman wants to bite me. I´m okay with this because it hurts only a bit. But too much is too much. I don´t like slapping too hard and everything related to real pain turns me off.

Suiciderock: So you don´t like sm sex?
Sebastian: I´ve tried it, but it´s nothing for me. I don´t like to hurt women. I mean I like to give her a smack on her bump, but I don´t enjoy hurting somebody. I`m a nice guy.

Suiciderock: What kind of underwear do you consider sexy when it comes to a women?
Sebastian: Oh my god. That´s a good question, because basically it depends on the woman. If she is confident with wearing whatever, it is very sexy and she can wear whatever she wants. She could also wear a potatoe sack. I like hot pants. They are very sexy when you got a nice bump. G-strings and tight jeans. That´s sexy and cool. A women is more sexy when she has underwear on.

Suiciderock: What kind of underwear are you wearing by yourself?
Sebastian: Basic underwear. My underwear is pretty tight.

Suiciderock: Did you ever had sex with more than one women?
Sebastian: I have. That experience wasn´t the best in the world. It happened at a festival and I was very drunk. You can´t enjoy sex when you are totally wasted. So it didn´t really happen to me. You don´t enjoy it at all. You don´t get the excitement and all that kind of stuff. It happened after a gig. I knew one of the girls before and the other one was her friend. We went to the hotel room, than to bed. It was really confusing for me. I had a girl on my right and a girl on my left and I was drunk as hell. I would love to try it with five girls.

Suiciderock: Would you manage five girls?
Sebastian: I don`t know. I would give it a try.

Suiciderock: Did you ever had sex with a man?
Sebastian: I think the closest experience I had with another man was combined with a woman. That means another guy had sex with a woman right next to me. But that doesn´t count. I´m sorry I don´t like the sexual side of a man, but never say never. Maybe it happens in the future. At the moment I don´t take that in consideration. I´m perfectly happy with women.

Suiciderock: Your opinion about porn?
Sebastian: I like it. It depends on the porn. I like it when it happens in the own will of the actors and if they get paid well, but I´m against that kind of forced shit. When the actors are on drugs and that kind of shit. As long as everybody is fine with the job they are doing, it´s fine. Porn is very exciting to watch. And I think women enjoy it too. I really like the films with a decent story. When it´s not like bang bang bang, having sex and that´s it. If the film has a decent story they are really fun to watch. But I really would like to see a normal film, made up as a erotic movie for example a thriller. A film with good actors, a good story behind it. Where the sex scenes are really sex scenes.

Suiciderock: Would you act in a porn movie?
Sebastian: Yeah, why not, but I would have to get something out of it or maybe I would do it for free for the first time. So if any director is reading this, hire me.

Suiciderock: What would the film be about?
Sebastian: Oh shit. It would be a mixture of a horror movie and a thriller. Blood and murders. Not a hard film, where somebody gets raped or something like that. I would like to make a porn thriller. Demi Moore would definately act in that movie.

Suiciderock: I'm going to tell you some words and you tell me the first thing that comes to your mind. Self love?
Sebastian: Me.
Suiciderock:Sex toys?
Sebastian: Me.
Suiciderock: Romance?
Sebastian: Me.
Suiciderock: One-Night-Stand?
Sebastian: Me.
Suiciderock: Prostitution?
Sebastian: Sexy. That´s the first idea that comes to my mind because when talking about prostitutes it always makes me think about Hollywood prostitutes, the expensive ones like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman.

Suiciderock: Can you separate love and sex?
Sebastian: Yeah, because sex is more like having fun, but love is serious. I mean love is fun too, but you could have sex with your friends. Sex is more like fun it´s not as deep as love is.If you are talking about having sex with someone you love you are talking about „making love" but if you are talking about having just sex you are talking about „fucking". Sex is sex and love is love. I can seperate them, but I can mix them up as well.

Suiciderock: Groupies, are they pain or pleasure?
Sebastian: Pleasureable pain. Groupies are great. I have to admire the enthusiasm someone has like when they are coming 10 hours before the gig to get the front row seats. You really have to admire this, but sometimes if you want to be by yourselve and you have a bad day and you really don´t want to talk to anybody it`s a pretty hard situation. I`m always polite if somebody comes to ask for an autograph, but sometimes it´s really hard for me. So sometimes they are pain, but the best way to describe them is pleasureable - pain.

Suiciderock: Your advice to somebody who had never have sex before?
Sebastian: Be careful when you choose your first time. Enjoy it as much as possible. Don´t take some junkie or do it at the backseat of a car. I think the first time will always stay in your mind. You will always remember that situation and it´s important to make sure it´s a good one. As long as you do it with the right person, it doesn´t matter. Use a condom!!!

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