Tampere 2007

(Photo by Ville Juurikkala)

"Everybody does it, but nobody talks about it"

Suiciderock: Could you tell us something about the first time when you had sex?

Jussi: Yeah the girl was 5 years older than me. I was 12 years old when this happened. It was terrible for me and I think for her, too. I was so shy. I didn`t know what to do with the girl. It was really terrible. I think now I'm better, but I still have a trauma, because of this experience. I can't touch girls anymore. I'm gay. *smiles*
Janne: I was something like 14 years old. I had a girlfriend back than. It wasn't like going to some party and having sex there with somebody you don't even know. After it I was like „Yes I made it!". *laughs*

Suiciderock: Is there something related to sex what you prefer?
Janne: I've done everything. *laughs* I like all kinds of sex. Sex in general is really really great.
Jussi: Like I mentioned before I'm still suffering from this trauma.

Suiciderock: Is there anything that you don't like related to sex? There is no need to ask you, Janne 'cause you like everything anyway!?
Janne: Yeah. 
Jussi: I don't like anal sex that much.

Suiciderock: Which sex position do you prefer?
Jussi: I like it when the girl is on top and I can see her face.

Suiciderock: What kind of underware du you consider sexy on women?
Janne: I really like if a woman wears suspenders.
Jussi: I prefer normal panties. You know I don't like the bad girls.

Suiciderock: What kind of underware are you wearing by yourself?
Jussi: I don't wear any strings. Just normal boxershorts.
Janne: Me, too.

Suiciderock: Did you ever have sexual experiences with another man?
Jussi: No, I don't have any sexual experience with another man.
Janne: I also never happened to make this experience.

Suiciderock: What's your opinion about porn and could you imagine to make your own film?
Janne: There is some good porn and there is some bad porn. I could imagine to direct my own porn movie.
Jussi: Yeah, I would be the guy who keeps the microphone for the actors. I wouldn't act in that movie.

Suiciderock: Remember your first time you`ve been in a porn shop. How was it?
Janne: Actually it was pretty much the same as it is when you go to a normal store or shop.
Jussi: Yeah it's like going to the grocery store.

Suiciderock: What is your opinion about.... toys?
Janne: They are great.
Jussi: Yes. It's very good if you use some oils. I think it's funny.
Janne: You don't always have to have sex toys while having sex, but once in a while it's great to use them.
    ...self love?
Janne: Masturbation? Everybody does it, but nobody talks about it. Everybody says I don't do it, but they do it. Yeah, it's great! You always know what you will get.
Janne: It's lovely.
Janne: If it's legal it's okay, but if you have this child prostitution it's only horrible. But if it's legal like in Amsterdam for example, the women know what they are doing and it's just a normal job for them. That's okay.

Suiciderock: Can you seperate sex and love?
Jussi & Janne: Yes, of course we can.

Suiciderock: Is there a wish, which you want to become real one day?
Jussi: I think I want to taste brown skin one day. Just one kiss, because I like black women. They are really beautiful and they have a great skin.

Suiciderock: Is there any advice you would give to someone who never had sex before?
Janne: Just wait for the right moment to come. Take your time.
Jussi: Everything must be well and you should really like the person.
Janne: Don't take any pressure about it.
Jussi: Take some whiskey and cocaine than it should work out.
Janne: And if it doesn't work, you can always go to some prostitudes. They teach you how to do it.

Suiciderock: The last question: Is rock'n roll better than sex?
Janne: I think rock'n roll includes sex. If I had to choose between rock'n roll and sex I would take rock'n roll, because sex is a part of rock'n roll. Sex, drugs and rock'n roll.