Hämeenlinna / Wanaja Festival 2012

(c) Dirk Behlau

"Never drink alone"

Suiciderock: You can look back on a very colourful band history. After you started out with the band you could be seen in an Aki Kaurismäki´s movie. In the movie you are the “worst Rock Band in the World” but it turned out to be not that bad for you in reality. Did you expect such an great success when you started to tour and make music the first time outside the movie?
Pemu: We definitely had too much Vodka during the years. That makes it hard to remember the whole story. You know? You know we had to pay everybody out there to get that far. We had to pay the organisers, the fans, simply everybody out there.

Suiciderock: Ok before we go on here. What is that Vodka thing? Why is it so important to you, is it a Finnish thing?
Pemu: No, it is Russian. It is a healthy drink. That’s all.
Suiciderock: But you have Finlandia Vodka…
Pemu: The Russian one is better.

Suiciderock: So let me guess, the idea for your looks come from the movie or from even more Vodka Nights?
Pemu: No, our mothers have been wearing this kind of cloth back in the days. Except the shoes. They have been designed by a shoemaker.

Suiciderock: You have a new album out, its again about Vodka, called “Buena Vodka Social Club”. This album is your first studio album containing original songs since 2000. Why did it take you so long for that?
Pemu: You know the theme is “never drink alone”. That kind of speaks for itself. Doesn’t it? I would answer that question if I could remember. Maybe it took so long because we are so slow. I don’t know.

Suiciderock: Until today you have performed more than 1000 life shows in more than over 60 countries. Is there anything left you want to achieve? Anything left to dream of?
Pemu: I want to buy my own Tractor. That’s my biggest dream for now.

Suiciderock: You have played at the MTV music awards, you have performed with an classic orchestra, you have been in the set of a lot of big festivals. What is your personal highlight? 
Pemu: I have to say that my personal highlight was when we played with the choir. That was such a huge thing. We weren’t so fucked up by that time. We have been younger and more innocent at this time. The world was different by that time. It was quite difficult to arrange a concert. Nowadays it is so easy. You just plan to play in Moscow for example without any difficulties. It was a big thing if you managed to play there when we started touring and all this stuff. It was still something special.

Suiciderock. Pauli is still very young. Since when are you in the band actually?
Pauli: I joined the band in 2006. So it´s bee quite a while. I have to get out of this band as soon as I can *smiles*. No, I don’t regret anything. It was a great choice.

Suiciderock: There was a Leningrad Cowboys restaurant in Helsinki. What happened to it?
Pemu: We ate all the food and drank all the Vodka that was left. So we had to close it. There was nothing left, the Restaurant was empty.

Suiciderock: We are at the Wanaja Festival, which is a beautiful festival in my opinion. Did you have fun so far? What is your festival advice to the people out there?
Pauli: Enjoy yourself and have fun.
Pemu: Have a couple of drinks. For all the foreign festival visitors: definately take the Finnish festival audience as a warning for the future. This could happen to you.


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