Tampere 2007

Marko Mastosaari

Artistic freedom is the most important

Suiciderock: Please be that nice and introduce Lines of Leaving for our readers.
Timo: We are “Lines of Leaving”, we play rock`n roll with a very distinguished taste. WE heard that people said we would be the European answer for System of a Down. What else? We are from Tampere / Finland and we have released our debut album in July 2007. We received some great reviews from all over the world . 2007 has been a good year for us as a band.

Suiciderock: How would you describe each song of the record?
Timo: Oh please give me one of our cd`s, I can`t remember all the songs anymore. *smiles*. Ok, I will try my best and describe all the songs in brief…
Juho-Heikki: So I go for it first. I can pick any song. Right? I take track Nr. 10, “Battle of Humanity”. The reason why I take it is that this track has the smallest amount of lyrics so that`s pretty simple I guess. It only has about two verses.
Timo: Oh I see, it seems like he doesn`t like my voice…
Juho-Heikki: No, no, no, I love the song because it is the funniest to play. There is no theme, so you have to play. It`s like jamming in the rehearsal room, it`s real fun!
Jens: I have so many favourite songs on the album. “…….” is great. I like it because I have to work a lot on my drums. It also sounds fantastic when we play it life. It`s simply a fucking cool song.
Timo: I think we all have our different favourites and this changes all the time. I will describe the songs as they are and not as my favourites. Let`s go on with the opening track “Extravagance (The Fabulous Life Of)”. We wanted to open the record with something that is pretty extra ordinary, something that has everything from the album. The second song “Fistula” was actually our Christmas single could be downloaded for free from the Internet. It`s sort of an untitled Christmas song. The song is against all this matierialism. The third track is an intro for the fourth one. If people hear the album they will understand what I`m talking about.
Juha-Heikki: It wans`t such a good song, so we had to make a good song out of it.
Timo: That`s true, we didn`t want to have the song on the album in the old version, we changed our style a lot anyway.

Suiciderock: Was there a special reason why your style changed that much?
Juha-Heikki: There was no special reason. It just happened. We used to have a keyboardplayer. When she left the band our style changed. She was more into jazz.
Timo: All of our songs sounded like British popsongs before.

Suiciderock: Ok, so let`s get back to the record.
Timo: Ok, I continue with track Nr. 6 “Sacrifice for a Greater Cause”, it`s basically the only slow song. At least we tried to make a slow song out of it.
Juha-Heikki: It`s our powerballade, It`s our Meatlove-Style.
Timo: Track Nr 8 has a very touching story. The song deals about inzest. Track 11 was supposed to be our first single but it was so different comparing to the rest of the album.

Suiciderock: Who is responsible for the songwriting?
Timo: I write the lyrics and the melodies as well. After that I bring everything to our rehearsal place where we start to play`n test them with the whole band.
Juha-Heikki: Two years ago it was a bit different. Timo came to the rehearsals and told us to play like this but nowadays we do it as a group and after six beers everybody likes it. *smiles*.
Timo: Yeah, I don`t kow how to play the drums at all. So when I have some lyrics done I go to see the guys, tell them my vision and in the end we have a ready song. So they produce the sound that I have in my mind.
Jens: Sometimes I rape his imagination a bit.

Suiciderock: You produced by yourself?
Timo: Exactly. I produced it. It was produced by our label, which is our band and I was like “the last one standing”, I was responsible for the result. We had some help from Jani Viitanen. We were supposed to work with another producer who had worked with e.g. Disco Ensemble, but in the end we decided to do it on our own.
Juha-Heikki: I think it was better that we did it that way because you can hear the signature of the producer on every song. You can hear that the record was produced by Joonas Olson… You know it`s unique but you can hear his work on the sound. We prefer it when the sound of the song is different.

Suiciderock: Why did you found your own record label?
Timo: Because we are more independet nowadays. It was very risky when we did it. It defiantly hasn`t payed back the money we put in when we started that thing. It is very hard when you are alone in the music industrie. But I`m still satisfied that we`ve done it. It was a good decision. We got artistic freedom and this is something really really special for a band. It means a lot to us.

Suiciderock: What about the next album?
Timo: I don`t think that we are going to produce the next one on our own. Nothing is written in stone but it was such an hard and exhausting process for us. Maybe we should collaborate with another producer for the next time. On the other hand the result is so good that we also could give it one more go and produce the second record on our own as well. We`ll see, we`ll see.

Suiciderock: Your recorded at the famous Headline Studios. What was it like?
Juha-Heikki: We are lucky to be able to record our debut at Headlinestuidos where Finnish bands like Apulanta, Irena, Yö or Klamydia have used for their recordings. The guy who helped us, Jani Viitanen wants like an typical artistic producer, he was always questioning us if we really want to do it that ways and so on. He didn`t tell us how to play he gave us ideas and so it worked out perfectly. We really love the result!

Suiciderock: Describe each members by using one word.
Juha-Heikki: I start with Jens, he is a “player”.
Jens: Ok, so I go for Timo. He is “the mom of our band”. I wanted tos say that he is the sole of our band. Maybe that fits better for him.
Timo: I would describe Janne as the “drunken Teen” of our family.

Suiciderock: What can people expect from your live-shows?
Timo: Well, we`ve done so many shows in 2007 so you will see an experienced band on stage.
Juha-Heikki: I know this sounds like a clichee but you can expect a lot of energy.
Timo: There is also a lot of feeling involved. It has always been our goal to get peopele into a good mood.

Suiciderock: That leads us to the next question. What was your best and your worse live-experience so far?
Juha-Heikki: I think the best show was in Oulu at 54 Special Club.
Timo: Oulu is like our second hometown. The whole club was crowded and the feeling was great. Hm, let me think about the worse… We had this anniversary gig in Porvoo. On our way back we had a real bad accident. We drove off the road and we nearly got killed by a tree. We passed it with 15 cm between the tree and us. A nice way to celerbrate. Isn`t it?

Suiciderock: Can you still recall your first musical memory?
Juha-Heikki: If singing counts… I was in the age of four and I sang two songs for my sister. The first one was from W.A.S.P. “I wanna be somebody” and the other one was “Everybody needs somebody” from the Bluesbrothers movie, I just can`t remember the name of the band right now.

Suiciderock: Did you already know the English lyrics?
Juha-Heikki: *laughs* No, not really. It took me quite long until I got to know what the songs are about. I always thought that W.A.S.P. was singing “I wanna be a BEE”.

Suiciderock: Your future plans for Lines of Leaving?
Timo: International touring. We will probably play in France, Uk,… let`s see what the future holds for us.


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