Trashfest  / Helsinki 2012

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"That´s the way it works for us"

Suiciderock: You came all the way from Germany to be here today. However it is not your first time here in Helsinki…
Lord: No, it is no our first time. We really like the city and we are all excited about playing here tonight. Finland and especially Trash Fest is always something special for us. We are going to burn this house down tonight. It will be a great show.

Suiciderock: People might still know some of you guys from different bands you have played in before. You, Lord for example where singing for the Pleasures, a band that had a complete different style comparing to Lord of the Lost. From Glam Rock to Dark Metal?
Lord: Actually Lord of the Lost wasn’t the change. The change was in The Pleasures. It wasn’t really what I wanted to do. But at that time I was going through some difficult times and I just wasn’t in the mood to make some serious music. I needed something that takes me away from all this depressing and difficult stuff I was going through so it felt good to do something colourful and happy. After a couple of years I was simply fed up with playing that songs. So if you see it from that aspect, Lord of the Lost is what I have always been doing and The Pleasures have just been some kind of different trip I needed at this certain time.

Suiciderock: The band was a solo project at the beginning. Is that correct?
Lord: That’s true. Well kind of true I would say. I just started it as a solo project. I started to write some songs and than I started to gather musicians around me. I think that’s a normal evolution for a band.

Suiciderock: So you are living a democracy, it’s not only your band with some musicians it is a group project?
Lord: Exactly.  As soon as the other guys came in it started to be our band. The first album maybe a bit different because I did most of the song writing and everything. But that is no surprise.

Suiciderock: You also have a new record out bearing the title “Die Tomorrow”. The title doesn’t sound so positive. Tell us something about the record please.
Lord: Well, it depends how you say the words. If you say “die tomorrow” in a very negative and angry way it surely doesn’t sound any positive. But let’s say you say that you have so many things still to do and they should be done because you could die tomorrow it gets a total different meaning. This is also how it´s meant to be. This is actually the reason why we choose that title for the record. Because people could see it in many different ways. It leaves room for speculation.

Suiciderock: Some people saw the album as a concept album. Would you agree?
Lord: Not really. I mean the songs are treating a lot of life inspired songs. They are about some serious experiences we had to make during our life so far. Of course, you can see a red line within them and maybe that’s why some people might consider it to be a concept album. But it really is not that way. It doesn’t have one story to tell, there are many.

Suiciderock: You have already started to work on a new album before “Die Tomorrow” had been released? Why all the hurry?
Lord: That’s pretty easy to explain. This album came out in September. That means it was ready already in May. So we got bored between May and September. It came pretty natural that we started working on the next album right away. We had the songs so why not. That’s normal for us. We are already thinking about the next album while we are still in the studio with the one we are about to release. That’s the way it works for us.

Suiciderock: That means something like Guns ´n Roses “Chinese Democracy” wouldn’t happen to you?
Lord: No, definitely not. We like to be creative and bring that creativity out. I mean there are bands that release an album every four years. If that’s good for them it’s ok but we are totally different when it comes to that. Some people might forget you within the waiting time. I mean your hardcore fans are always staying but some really might forget you. We choose that way for us and other bands do it different. But there is nothing wrong with it either.

Suiciderock: You will sill be touring for example with a well known German band called “Letzte Instanz” and your tour calendar won’t be empty the whole next year either. What kind of expectations do you hold for the time on the road?
Lord: Yes it will start next week Wednesday. It will be fun. We have already played shows with them and the audience liked us. We were a bit sceptical at the beginning cause they are playing some medieval stuff and we are different. But it worked out pretty good. We will simply enjoy being on the road with them, having a great time with friends.

Suiciderock: Trashfest it is, which bands to see?

Lord: All of them are great. We know many of them for ages. If you for example take New Generation Superstars we have been playing with them when I was still in The Pleasures. I know them for about seven years now. Private Line is a band I really adore. I know Sammy for a long time as well. Death Stars of course…

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