Munich 2008

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"Pretend or Surrender"

Suiciderock: The last time we`ve been talking about recordings you told us that you didn`t have a real plan before you went into the studio to record "Devine Insanity". What about this time? Was there a plan?
Theon: Well, there was no particular plan this time as well. The album was recorded in two different sessions. We`ve recorded four songs and than we had a little break between until we started to record all the rest. The reason for that was that we only had this four songs ready and we needed a bit of time to complete all the rest *smiles*.

Suiciderock: "Take a Shot" has been one of the most played radio songs in Finland in Spring 2008. What was it like for you?
Theon: Of course, we have been more than glad about this fact but it was also strange to hear your own song everywhere, in some coffehouse, in some bar or whereever you go. I always felt like I need to run out of the shop than.

Suiciderock: The theme of the video clip for your song "Turn" reminds on films from the 60`s. Who had the idea for the story behind the clip?
Theon: We wanted to create a story that fits to the theme of our album. The video should be similar to our albumcover. I don`t know if we`ve succeeded but I hope the video could bring the atmosphare of the album along to the eyes of the viewers.

Suiciderock: Your "Pretend or Surrender" Tour has carried you through a lot of different countries and so it will do through the rest of the year. What has it been so far? Any tourstory that kept in your mind due to a special reason?
Theon: That`s a question Sammi should answer.
Sammi: I don`t wanna tell that. You know there are lots of stories but they are not suitable for normal ears *smiles*.
Theon: Of course, there happens a lot cool stuff. We are still a rock band and rock bands want to have fun. It isn`t such a serious job. Everyone of us likes to party and so you can see a lot of strange stuff happening. A lot of money and many hours were spent but the memorie is not that good sometimes.

Suiciderock: The tour will also lead you to Russia where you will perform the very first time. What are your expectations for this two gigs?
Theon: It is kind of strange for us to go there for the first time. Even our album hasn`t been released in Russia but I`ve heard that the Russian audience can be pretty wild so I hope they behave like this when we come to rock them as well. We expect a good tour and more gigs in the future.

Suiciderock: You`ve been to Japan a while ago. You can hear very often that people bring many strange souvenirs from there. Did you bring any special stuff with you?
Theon: I bought a Japanese costume. It consists of a jacket and a pair of trousers. I wear it at home all the time.

Suiciderock: So you won`t wear it on stage?
Theon: No, better not.

Suiciderock: You`ve covered "Larger Than Life" by The Backstreet Boys. Who had that idea?
Theon: Well, the song is very funny, it`s great to play it life. So why not? *smiles*

Suiciderock: Your future plans for Lovex?
Theon: It`s quite simple. As a musician you want to make one album after another, you want to go on tour and than you start writing new songs. And between this you try to rest and relax somewhere to get new power.

Suiciderock: Any famous last words?
Theon: Come to our shows and enjoy them!!!


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