Helsinki 2013

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"Flangered voice drowned in dark landscapes"

Suiciderock: Your debut Record „What we are is Secret” saw day light in 2012. You said it is a mixture of new wave suggestions combined with punk attitude and electro landscapes. What else can you tell us about it?
A.: It was very hard to record it because we were in the middle of a revolution, 6 months before recording we added a synth programmer (Fabio) and he changed a lot our sound, we like the record but it can't describe us well, after one year we improved the sound and our direction has changed a little bit, we are lost in the 80's.

Suiciderock: It’s not a secret what you are as people had the chance to see you life across Europe a couple of times during the last years. How could you describe yourself as a band and your music best?
A.: Basically we are an electro band who loves heavy drum machines, metallic bass, powerful synths and flangered voice drowned in dark landscapes.

Suiciderock: You could say that the band is a family project. As Alex and Adriano are brothers and not only this, you are twins. Do you think it does make a difference to be on tour or in a band with your brother?
A.: Yes it does, you can quarrel easily on everything...

Suiciderock: When did you decide that you want to do something that goes in the music direction?
A.: I think at the age of fourteen, after I listened to a Paul McCartney LP.

Suiciderock: What does the rest of your family say about your music career?
A.: They are proud of us but usually my mother usually says "Find a better job!!!"

Suiciderock: What are your influences and inspirations?
A.: Our references from the past are Bauhaus, Depeche mode, Sioux, Joy Division, Gary Numan and many others. From the present we love Iamx, Soft Moon and Comb Christ, as you can see we listen to very different kind of music.

Suiciderock: Low-Fi is not your first project if I understood correctly. You took part in various compilations already before the band was found. What kind of compilations?
A.: We recorded a cover for a Syd Barrett tribute and one song for another important national compilation about Peppino Impastato (a guy killed by mafia in the 70's). As musicians we played in a lot of bands but our main project is Low-Fi.

Suiciderock: What is the music scene in Italy like today?
A.: There're a lot of interesting bands but there's not a true scene. If you're from north Italy it is most easily to find contacts and play around, unfortunately we're from the south but after years of hard work we play in good clubs without difficulties.

Suiciderock: Will people get the chance to see you outside of Italy anytime soon?
A.: We're steadily on tour, in march we're going to play in Poland , Rep Czech and Slovakia.

Suiciderock: Your future plans for the band?
A.: We're recording some songs, I have a lot of material and we're testing new songs during the shows, next release is scheduled for the summer.

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