Helsinki 2010

(c) Mikko Aaltonen

"Even at bad nights we get people to sing along"

Suiciderock: Tell us something about the band, when was it found, how did you meet each other?
Otso: The band was started a long time ago by me and Henri. Like it mostly happens, we met through a common friend we had. We stared to play a bit and than we gained a bass player and a drummer. And so we found ourselves to be a band.
Henri: We are existing as a band about 10 years now. I started with our bass player, who probably is the oldest friend I have. And here we are and we are glad that we are still together after all this years.

Suiciderock: When it comes to define your music style I read that someone used to describe it as Science Rock for Teenagers. What do you think about this definition? Is it a good way to describe your music?
Otso: First we were only fooling around with this sentence but than somehow it got official. A friend of us came up with this definition. It sounds pretty funny. The word “Teenagers” is sort of sarcastic because our music is not that kind of aggressive, it`s nice and commercial.
Henri: And about the science part in the definition… Otso is going to be a PhD very soon so it was obviously fitting. We would describe it as Rock. It depends which song you will pick but basically it is Rock.

Suiciderock: Lucy Was Driving is your first album release. How did it feel to hold your very first record in your own hands?
Otso: It felt amazing. It took us a long time to do that album. We started to work on it on our own before we had any kind of record deal. It took us three years. When we finally held that CD in our hands it felt really great but at the same time it felt kind also weird cause it was finished and we couldn`t change it anymore.
Henri: We got something like a hang-over after the record was done.
Otso: Yeah, but now we have to do the second album and let`s see what happens to that.

Suiciderock: Do you think it will take as long as it`s foregoing?
Otso: Let`s hope that it won`t take that long. Many bands take a long time to get their first record ready in these days.
Henri: I hope so, too. We know better what we are doing by now. We are better prepared for the next record because we have lot`s of experience from the first one.

Suiciderock: Do you feel any pressure for the second album or do you just go for it?
Henri: Well, pressure in that kind of sense that we won`t take that much time to do it as we did for the last one. Of course, there is another pressure to make the next album even better but that`s a part of growing musical wise and as a band. We already have lots of new ideas that we wanna put on the next album.

Suiciderock: You have an album out since this year. Many bands spent ages to find an title for the record. You named it just as your band. Why did you choose your band name as title?
Henri: I think it was a pretty easy choice. It sounds very original and it was quite easy to pick the name.
Otso: It is some kind of an introduction to all the people out there who haven`t heard us before or hear us the first time. It fits perfectly for the first album. People see that this is the band Lucy was driving and along with the record bearing the same name they can easily identify and combine our music with us as the band. We were discussing about some other names but this was the best for all of us.

Suiciderock: Your bandname by the way is quite original. What`s the story behind the name?  Who made it up?
Otso: There wasn`t at the beginning but the story kinda developed itself. Lucy as a character sort of became a member of the band but when we came up with the name of the band it was just a name. It`s a good name that leaves questions to the listener I guess.
Henri: Yeah, Lucy is always with us in a way. She is on the graphics of the album cover and so on.

Suiciderock: The record includes 12 songs. Including also the 2nd single “Can`get enough”. You shot a video for that song at Suomenlinna or infront of Suomenlinna and the day you shot that clip was said to be the hottest with in 70 years. What was the shoot like considering this circumstances?
Otso: Yes, we shooted parts for the video on a ferry infront of Suomenlinna, it was really hot, we all got burned very badly.
Henri: Some people even swam to the ferry to ask us what we are doing and some of them wanted us to play “Paranoid”. It was a great experience.The other part was also quite funny as we went to the Stockholm ferry to shoot the rest of the clip there.
Otso: We spent 10 hours or something doing the clip infront of Suomeenlinna and than it went on there. But the ferry has changed, it`s not a party boat anymore like it used to be. There were lot`s of Asia tourists and familys around, I was kind of disappointed in a way. No, actually it is really hard work to get a video done so we didn`t have that much time to party. We didn`t even have time to go and see Stockholm, we were just working.

Suiciderock: So you will participate the So Next Season tour early next year which will lead you through Finlands major cities. You will tour with 3 other bands.  Is there a special background for this tour? How did this come up?
Otso: I think the idea about the tour is to bring something new and fresh to the audience. We are sort of a headliner on that tour.
Henri: We combine our forces with the other three bands we will start in Porvoo than go to Turku and Tampere and finally the tour will make us play in Helsinkis famous Tavastia Club. It will be the first time for us to perform at the Tavastia. It`s one of our dreams, it is legendary place.

Suiciderock: What about your lifeperformance? What can people expect when attending one of your shows?
Henri: They can expect a lot of energy.
Otso: Yeah, everybody who listens to the album will see that it is rock and punk sometimes so definitely a great show. We are also some kind of entertainers. We are not going to stand there and stare at our shoes, we want people to have fun during our gigs so I would say it is a funny rock show.
Henri: Even at bad nights we get people to sing along. That`s kind of an achievement.

Suiciderock: People could or can give their votes for you to become the Finish newcomer of the year in the Suosikki magazine. Any news on that? Which other bands are in the competition?
Henri: This is still on going. It`s a big competition cause people can vote for all newcomer bands here in Finland. So there are many many bands they can vote for. So every band that has released an album is basically in that competition.

Suiciderock: Christmas is knocking on our doors. What are your Christmas plans? Any cool presentideas? How do you spent the holidays normally?
Henri: We`ll spent it very peacefully. We`ll meet our families, eat and sit together. It`s a good time to relax and spent some time with your dearest. And when it comes to the presents… I have none to be honest. It`s one day shopping which I might end up doing on 24th… so it should be easy…
Otso: I think I have everything fixed when it comes to the present thing.

Suiciderock: Your future plans for the band?
Henri: We need to start working for our second album of course, touring maybe we can tour outside of Finland. That would be great.



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