Trashfest  / Helsinki 2012

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"You can compare a band to a relationship"

Suiciderock: Trashfest Number Fife is on today. You have already played yesterday. How did it go?
Chris: It was fun playing here. Itís been a long time since we have played here last time. I guess it has been about three years since we have been playing here in Helsinki. We have been concentrating on writing our new album. This was also the first gig with our new drummer. We have been a bit nervous before entering the stage but it felt right and it was great to play here at the Trashfest.

Suiciderock: You seemed a bit nervous during the gig.
Chris: Oh I think I wasnít that nervous but I would say that I was over tired. You know we left Norway in the middle of the night or better very early in the morning to catch our flight to Helsinki. I have also been to Japan couple of days ago so maybe I was still kind of jet lagged or something. I was nervous but not more than usual. Iím still shaking from being tired and that jet leg.

Suiciderock: Your break began in 2010. You said that you have been working on a new album. So that band was only on a touring break but never on a total break than?
Chris: We felt it was necessary to take that break because we simply wanted to get back to the scratch so to say. We went to the recording studio and therefore we decided to take a break form touring. It is a lot of work to concentrate on an new album. However we havenít been on a complete break when it comes to playing. We did some gigs in Norway here and there but we just didnít go on a extended tour.

Suiciderock: Did you miss being on the road?
Chris: I missed being on stage. But as I said we felt as it was really needed. Now we are able to release our album that has just been mixed by John Fryer. The album should be out next year and than we can go out touring again and people will get the chance to see us playing live again as well.

Suiciderock: Your new album is going to be called ďThe Royal BrigadeĒ. What else can you tell us about it?
Chris: The album will be more guitar driven than our last one. It is a very good mix between slower songs and tempo tracks. I think the album presents what Malice in Wonderland is all about. We have played a lot of the new songs yesterday and the audience seemed to like them pretty much. Iím proud of the album. It is a very good album that represents our band as it is. .

Suiciderock: You said that you had to go through a hard time. What did you mean by that? Was it about the musical side or about something that happened for you personally? 
Chris: Well, it was more about the music business itself. I donít want to go into any details now but just so much that the music business has changed in some not so nice way. Than of course our line up changes have been quite hard for the band. Loosing a member is always hard for a band. There are always ups and downs. The last time contained more downs for us as a band I have to say. We struggled a lot. Our bassist quit the band and our drummer as well. It was not only about the music aspect but also about the personal aspect. If you know somebody so well and than he leaves the bandÖ Thatís not the best that could happen to you.

Suiciderock: How is the new drummer getting along?
Chris: Very nicely. He is a really good drummer. Itís great to have him in the band. You can compare a band to a relationship. Letís say our relationship is sweet again.

Suiciderock: Would you say that part of that experiences can be found in the new songs as well?
Chris: I would say so yes. The songs are about those kind of things and they surely have something to do with the stuff we have been going through.

Suiciderock: What about your band name? I heard that you simply put an M for Malice instead of Alice in Wonderland. Please tell me that it was not that simple when you invented the name?
Chris: I can calm you down. It is not that simple. It is more like a word play. The word Malice means something like ďviciousĒ. So I put Malice instead of Alice and that was quite cool when I came up with the name. That was ages ago. Sometimes you meet people who are not so pleased with the band name they have chosen years ago but they are simply stuck with it. Iím pretty fine with Malice in Wonderland. I wouldnít change it.

Suiciderock: Which bands to see tonight?
Chris: I saw Dope Stars Inc yesterday. They were great. We will make sure that we see some of the bands today as well. We will also play a couple of songs with the All-star Band later on tonight. We had the rehearsals today already and it was fun.

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