Helsinki 2012

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"A family reunion"

Suiciderock: This is Trash fest number fife already. Time flies, how does it feel?
Mama Trash: It feels great. You are right, time goes quick. We actually had six shows in all those years. But the first one wasnít a festival. It was just my first visit to Finland to meet the bands I was promoting. When I came they organised a show for me so I got to see them. About 300 people showed up back than. After that we thought ďWowĒ letís have a festival. Anssi Destruction was a big part of that as well as Jyrki 69. Thatís how I kind a get stuck with the Trash fest.

Suiciderock: Can you still recall the very first Trash fest ever?
Mama Trash: Yeah the first one in 2008 was very special. We had all kind of different people coming to see the show plus almost every band I was promoting. We also had some meet and greets going on and a lot of different musicians performing with the All-star band that evening. It was a lot of fun. But believe it or not, the first year was good but the second year was even better cause the second Trash fest sold out. That was more than great.

Suiciderock: What about this years line up? Are you satisfied with it?
Mama Trash: Well, we have a lot of great bands this weekend. This should be the best Line-up so far.

Suiciderock: Are you saying that every year?
Mama Trash: Probably *smiles*, no but I really really like all those bands today. Usually Saturday is our favourite day here at the Trash fest but when you are looking at the Ticket sales of this year you could see that it was pretty even. People did also buy a lot of tickets for the two nights.

Suiciderock: Letís talk about the tickets. They are not that expensive. One day costs 20 and the whole weekend 35 EuroÖ
Mama Trash: I try to keep them affordable. We have many people coming from abroad to see the shows. They come from around the world. Unfortunately most of my friends from the US couldnít make it this year cause the travel costs where simply too expensive. But we have a lot of people coming from Germany, the UK, The Netherlands, even from New Zealand.

Suiciderock: You came all the way from America for the annual Trash fest. Why Helsinki? Where does your interest for that city come from?
Mama Trash: In the beginning I was promoting bands in the US. It is a lot more difficult to do promotion stuff over there. It is a lot more difficult to organise shows and to get people to help the bands. Itís not that the bands over there are less talented but it is difficult to get it working with the bands and the venues. I was already working with Private Line or the 69 Eyes at that time so thatís how I got interested in Finland and Finnish bands. So I was touring in London with Acey Slade where I met Jyrki and than I came over to Finland to see all those bands like Private Line, Sexy Death, Gemini Five, all those guys. It was simply a good fit and people liked the festival so thatís why we are here today. I wanted to stop or to make some kind of break in between but somehow people wouldnít let me. So what can you do.

Suiciderock: This time you moved the date a bit from Spring to Fall. Why that? Also everybody suffers from the bad situation in nowadays music bizz. Whatís your opinion about it?
Mama Trash: Well, you know the economy is bad. Thatís a fact we all canīt deny. But we were so lucky with the Trash fest that we stayed stable. I mean we didnít get up but we stayed stable which is pretty good. We wanted to wait a couple of month longer so we could give people the chance to safe up a bit. This years pre-sales have been the most we have ever done.

Suiciderock: A festival like this has to be organised or course, isnít it hard to handle all the organisation from abroad?
Mama Trash: It is very had to plan everything from far away. Iím very stressed out this year. Iím missing half of my staff cause as I said earlier they couldnít afford to be with me today. Iím working with people I have never worked with before but they are doing a good job. Iím super excited as we have Death Stars headlining this years Trash fest. Iím friends with Skinny since 2007 and weíve been trying to coordinate that for years and tomorrow it finally happens.

Suiciderock: Even if every thing is planned to itís very detail there could always come up something unexpected. How do you deal with that and what would freak you out?
Mama Trash: Noting really happened. The gentleman here Iím working with called Juha is a great guy. We always communicate before and talk about how everything should go. When we arrive here we kind of take over and everything goes smoothly. We just make it our event. I couldnít think of any problems we have had so far. I guess the first two years we had some bands that didnít really respect the Trash Fest Rules but you have to kick them out and the show goes on.

Suiciderock: Everybody is always relating to the Trash family. Bring some light into that please.
Mama Trash: Well, every band inside should respect each other. All of our bands get along very well together. It simply has to fit and in the end you have a big family. Trash Fest is always like one of this big family reunions.

Suiciderock: We are at the Gloria tonight where Trash fest found itís home meanwhile. Did you ever try some other venue?
Mama Trash: We went to Nosturi one time to have the Trash Fest but every band wanted to go back to Gloria. The sound system here is very good. Everything always goes so smoothly and why should you change the location if you are so pleased with what you have. Everybody really likes it here. Itís a great place for the bands and the audience.

Suiciderock: As said earlier you have a couple of quite interesting bands within the next two evenings. Any favourite and what made you choose the line up for this year?
Mama Trash: The Line-up is always different. I hand pick who is playing each year. I put the set list together. They will rehearse tomorrow for about 45 minutes and than they will enter the stage in the evening. Thatís gonna be fun. It became very popular during the years. This year I got guys from Death Stars, Private Line. Nicky from V For Violence, Death Stars. So quite promising.

Suiciderock: This meet and greet thing is so American. In a good wayÖ
Mama Trash: Haha that is so true. The first year when we did them the people didnít really know how to handle them or what to do with it. But it became quite fast very known and people loved to get the chance to meet their favourite band and have some fun time with them before the gigs. But even with that I try to keep the prices low for the VIP Packages.

Suiciderock: Whatís the best about Trash fest?
Mama Trash: The best thing about Trash fest is that is more of a family thing or reunion. The bands are just welcoming to the fans during the days as well as in the meet and greets. People from around the world meet each other every year and spend a good time.


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